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Asset Tracking System is created to keep track of what you have, who has it, and where it is. To get started, enter client information in the client editor, site information in the site editor, and equipment information in the inventory editor.
Then select Check Out, click on what equipment is being checked out, click on who is checking out the equipment, and click on where the equipment will be used. The check out information will be displayed on the main ATS screen. Double click on an entry in the right view pane to display the loan record and, if desired, check the equipment back into inventory.
Asset Tracking System comes with twelve different reports to help manage inventory. These reports provide detail information on assets (inventory), clients, companies and sites. The most helpful report being the ‘Assets On Loan’ report. On the report screen the option to select all records or select specific records is provided, thus offering significant flexibility.
When checking out inventory/assets the option to print a loan agreement is provided. The loan agreement displays all items being loaned out and is designed to have the client sign.


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ATSM and SLS work for you. ATSM comes with 12 different reports. It is a very powerful system. It works for a small business or a large company. If you have a small company and you want to increase your sales, what are the best ways to do it?
ATSM is the solution. With a small investment you can get instant help!
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Asset Tracking System Registration Code

Asset Tracking System is a time and labor saving system for tracking inventory items, assets, etc. for use in rental and rental sales companies.
Inventory items can be entered into the system from paper warehouse or computer inventory list. They can be added to or removed from inventory electronically, recorded, and updated.
A records system is provided for keeping detailed records on all transactions. These records are easily retrieved for any period of time. The records are designed to help prevent errors, allow faster payments, and make inventory records available on demand for all companies.

On The Table

On The Table Description:
On the Table is a database driven on-line forms/contact management application designed specifically for restaurant, bar and retail sales transactions. Designed as a standard form application, On the Table was created to replace paper forms and manual processes.
On the Table (OnT) is intended to streamline and eliminate the necessity of handling paper forms, file folders and coffee-stained, grease-stained, and ever-so-faint-smell-adhering-to-paper registers or other manual processes associated with running a bar, restaurant or retail store.
On the Table is built on years of experience in the restaurant and retail industries.
The program is intended to provide adequate management of contacts, customers and transactions, ensuring maximum profitability for retailers and managers of restaurants and bars.
The On the Table program is targeted at small and medium-sized businesses (restaurants, bar/lounge, retail stores). Although it can be used in any similar type situation, the software was written and designed for use in the restaurant and retail industries.
On the Table is compatible with Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, Windows® Vista. The application can be used in a client server configuration, so that client computers may access databases through the Internet.
On the Table includes an extensive customer credit management component as well.

At Your Service

At Your Service Description:
At Your Service is a retail database system that provides the functionality, flexibility, and benefits necessary to manage the relationship between a business and its customers.
At Your Service is designed as a software solution for a retail business. It is a comprehensive system that provides retailers with an effective method for gathering and recording customer information, communicating sales information and managing customer relationships.
At Your Service is a complete solution for the sales or service desk. It provides the functional, helpful, and intuitive features a sales person needs when servicing customers or managing inventory.

What’s New in the?

Simple, flexible database driven inventory management tool
Supports client-based (individual) and company based (shared) accounts
Large number of reports
Functional reports and printable loan agreements
Complete solution for Inventory Management, Cost Accounting, AP & AR and File Tracking
Asset Tracking System can be purchased in the following editions:
29.95 Purchase
$ 29.95
Do you have a QuickBooks Listing?
If you have a quickbooks listing you will be asked to enter your details at the beginning of the Asset Tracking System setup process. You can then import your list from within the Asset Tracking System. If you have multiple lists with multiple accounts then you can import only the list you want to use for Asset Tracking System.

HTML-based Help & Customization
The IBM Asset Tracking System comes with an HTML help system, complete with links to web-based tutorials and customization features, which greatly increases the utility of Asset Tracking System.
The tool is meant to be flexible and easy to use by varying types of users.

Other Help Options:
The Asset Tracking System helps organize your inventory records and manage client loans. Clicking on an asset or client will display a list of everything related to that object. You can choose to check out any of the items on the list.
Once you have completed the initial check out, you can click on the loan button at the top of the screen. This will bring up a loan agreement.

Loan Agreement
The loan agreement is a critical part of Asset Tracking System. It is based on the invoice/invoice payment form that comes in any IBM sale. It is designed to assist you in completing a loan agreement.

If you click on any asset from the checkout list it will display the related inventory, client and loan agreement. If you click the Print button at the top right you can print a copy of the loan agreement, the check out form, the asset list and/or the inventory list.

One of the most powerful features of Asset Tracking System is the ‘Assets On Loan’ report. This report will show you how much a user has checked out, and for how long, and who is currently in possession of the items.

A Simple Loan Agreement is a non-finance loan agreement. Your customer is typically required to pay you the full purchase price plus an hourly rate for your time in completing the agreement. The following are the two simple loan types that are provided in Asset Tracking System:

System Requirements For Asset Tracking System:

OS: Windows XP
CPU: Intel Pentium II 1.6 GHz
Memory: 128 MB
Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card
DirectX: 9.0
Additional Notes:
60 FPS Visuals: DirectX 9.0 graphics card
CPU: 800Mhz Processor
RAM: Minimum 256MB
Hard drive: Minimum 50MB
Network: Broadband Internet Connection
Online Play:
Offline Play:


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