Armandoveneromatematicabasicapdf PORTABLE 📤

Armandoveneromatematicabasicapdf PORTABLE 📤



But I get this
HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error
X-Powered-By: PHP/5.5.38

Any ideas why?


Check that you really have the file at that location, that seems to be a typo, a space.


Делить данные по часам

У меня есть запрос к БД:
DATE_FORMAT(date, ‘%Y%m’) date_date,
SUM(amount) amount
`address_id` = ‘$addressID’
AND `tish` = ‘$tish’
AND `city` = ‘$city’
AND `date_date` >= ‘$timestamp’
AND `date_date`  .
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How to configure chrome extension to login to specific sites?

I’m trying to develop a chrome extension to open link in an given browser and login using a.p12 certificate. Something like a bookmark for each login site (in that case the extension could open the link to google, facebook, yahoo, etc and login each one).
I’ve found this:

and can get the certificate and access token.
When the user clicks the button the extension have to open the new tab and login, so there would be new login every time he clicks the button (and it has to save the certificate and the access token in localstorage).
After the user is logged in, the extension could start downloading the site’s content.
I’m new to this, and it seems I don’t understand what the chrome extension is and how to configure it to do what I want.
Is there someone to tell me how to do this?


I’d suggest:

Your extension injects a pop-up
The iframe contains a that points to the given site
The webview loads the site in context of a popup and the document is loaded as.html file
The iframe also contains a button that opens a new tab, which automatically sends a request to using ajax (from the same domain of course)

You can access chrome.runtime.sendMessage() to send messages between the background page (that injects the iframe) and the extension page (that loads the site).
For the ajax, you can see:

Possible Duplicate:
php_er_to_utf8.dll error

i get this error when i try to load the Armandoveneromatematicabasicapdf.xml.php.xml.pdf it just wont load
The Admins of this site can you please help me get it going again.


I think you have open_basedir issue.
check the error log.

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