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Enjoy! . . You can also download from my website:  . Download Archicad 15 (32/64 bit) crack Torrent – Graphisoft ArchiCAD.Grant Winslow via Getty Images Cannabis businesses in Oregon and Nevada, two of the most well-regulated states to sell cannabis, are proving their worth as the federal government considers rescheduling the substance. WASHINGTON ― Federal officials are studying the benefits and risks of marijuana under a new legal framework that would roll back federal criminal charges and even eliminate some penalties for people caught selling the drug in states where recreational use is allowed, but not for adults under the age of 21. Early indications are that pot has a growing business-friendly appeal. In Oregon and Nevada, two of the most well-regulated states to sell cannabis, companies are proving their worth. In Salem, Oregon, a company called Trulieve is one of dozens of medical cannabis dispensaries that currently operate under state rules for production, distribution and dispensing. Trulieve’s marijuana customers have included entrepreneurs looking for products for retail sales and growers hoping to get a slice of the market. According to Portland Press Herald, Trulieve has seen “a steady rise in revenue,” and expects to hit $45 million in annual revenue this year. So successful is the company in Oregon that executives have indicated Trulieve is trying to buy a dispensary in the neighboring state of Washington. “Every state that has legalized marijuana has benefited,” said Chris Walsh, the executive director of the National Cannabis Industry Association. He pointed to “a huge potential for innovation and industry development, especially in the early years” when the market is young and relatively unsophisticated. Data from Trulieve’s state operations demonstrate the potential for the industry to reach even greater heights. In 2017, Trulieve sold just over $43 million in pot, and this year it has already surpassed that, according to Oregon state records. In all, the company sold $296 million worth of cannabis last year, and expects to top $500 million in sales this year. In Nevada, a company called Curaleaf might be the industry’s next big success story. A little over a year ago, the new state of Nevada offered companies the chance to apply for a medical marijuana business license. In February, Curaleaf beat out five other companies to win approval. e79caf774b

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