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For the purposes of this book, we are using Photoshop CS5. The CS5 tools and options will also work in earlier versions of Photoshop.

Importing an image

Photoshop CS5 is compatible with the Photoshop Importer that allows you to import your images into Photoshop directly from the operating system, network, CD, DVD, or other file sources. For digital images, the most common image formats are as follows:

JPEG: This is probably the most common format and is available in the majority of image formats. JPEG files generally do a good job of capturing photographs in their original size without losing quality as you might see with GIF files (explained next). JPEG files are easy to manage but can have a significant file size.

GIF: Often useful for creating animation frames, GIF files use an eighth-bit color system (many colors) in lieu of the 24-bit color system for most other images.

Perhaps the best compromise between image size and quality is the TIFF file. It is a 24-bit color file that can be compressed into a smaller file size. TIFF files generally are large and can cause Photoshop to slow down as they open and save.

TIFF files are also supported by many other image tools, such as Lightroom and iPhoto.

The JPEG and TIFF file formats are more commonly found on digital cameras and can be imported directly into the camera via the JPEG option on the computer. You can also import them directly from other file formats, such as GIF or PNG.

Most operating systems have a program called a file browser. When you connect your digital camera to your computer, you should be able to locate the image files on your computer. The file browser is usually an icon on the desktop or in a folder on the desktop. You can select the file and drag it to the Photoshop Importer window on the Photoshop workspace. The interface for the drag and drop feature can be found on the Photoshop workspace (Window → Workspaces).

Converting files to PSD format

Sometimes you need to import certain types of file formats into Photoshop. For example, when you use a free online service to scan a document, such as Canvas, you often get an image type that only Photoshop can open. Rather than save the file in other formats or send it back to the scanning service, you might want to open it in Photoshop.

In the past, this could be done by saving the file in the Photoshop PSD format,

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This guide contains all you need to create a new image, edit an existing image and for both, learn some of the Photoshop techniques and techniques in Elements.

If you want to learn more about Photoshop and other Adobe products, you can check out my other Photoshop series which covers photo retouching, post-processing, graphics design and much more.

Getting started with Elements

Before you dive into the editing features, you need to make sure you have the latest version. To do this you can go to Adobe’s website and download the latest version.

To open an image, double-click on it to open the image in the main window or start a new image.

Click on the small arrow icon and select an image from the main window.

The image is now loaded in the main window.

You can select an image from a folder, which is useful when you have many images to work with.

You can use Photoshop shortcuts, such as Alt + Shift + Spacebar, to open a new image.

If you want to create a new image you can click on the icon in the top left to create a new image.

Some of the tutorials and articles will also use a new image. To create a new image you can click on the orange plus icon in the top left of the image window. You can then type in the name of the image and the size you want.

Once you are happy with the settings click OK.

A new image has been created.

Using the open image

To open the image you just created, click on the small arrow icon in the top left.

Click on the image and it will open in the main window.

You can now work with the image as usual.

When you are finished with the image you can close it by clicking on the red close icon in the top right.

You can also delete the image by clicking on the trash can icon in the top right.

Adding special effects

You can add special effects to your images by using the Filters and Adjustments panels.

There are a variety of effects, as seen below:

To add an effect to your image, open the effect from the right-click menu.

You can rotate the image in the filter window using the arrows in the top right of the window.

Use the sliders to move the

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