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Photoshop is a design program, not a painting program, so it doesn’t have the power to paint realistic looking images. However, if the actual task of your photo is to design a logo or a flyer, then you can use Photoshop for that task.

Working with the Photoshop Workspace

The latest versions of Photoshop come with a toolbox that helps you work faster. As you use the program and increase your skill level, you’ll find that you build a toolbox of your own. You start by adding a new tool by pointing to an icon in the toolbox. You click and drag it to the artboard and then place it where you want it to be in your image. You can even apply styles to the new tool.

Once you add the tool, it becomes available as a menu option from the Toolbox, as shown in Figure 5-2.

**Figure 5-2:** Use the Toolbox to access and add to your toolbox.

You can customize the tool by clicking the down arrow next to the toolbar icon for the tool to the right of the Toolbox and choosing Properties. In the Property window that appears, you can change the colors of the tool, its type, and what icons appear when you use the tool.

The default color of the tool is gray and it is a lasso tool by default. The default type is an elliptical shape. You may want to change the colors to something other than gray or add an icon to the tool.

Photoshop also has the ability to automatically lock objects in place. To do this, select the element you want to lock, and then click the Lock Selection button at the bottom of the Layers panel. Figure 5-3 shows the Layers panel with an object in the center. Notice that the Object and Selection buttons at the bottom of the Layers panel have the Locked sign in front of them. The Select Objects tool is displayed with a locked object in the center.

**Figure 5-3:** To lock an object, click the Locked button at the bottom of the Layers panel.

The Layers panel has a few other useful tools that you can use. You can add a new layer, duplicate an object, or delete an object.

You can access these other options by clicking the down arrow next to the icon of the tool to the right of the Toolbox and choosing the desired tool from the drop-down menu. Figure 5-4 shows

Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.0.1) Crack +

The software offers the following features:

Basic Photoshop functionality: Selection, layers, adjustment layers, opacity/black/white, scales, brushes, and more.

Brush Tool: You can choose from a library of ready-to-use brushes or create your own custom brushes.

History tab: You can edit the state of previously created adjustment layers or filters.

Adjustments panel: The adjustments available for a specified layer or the entire image.

Bracketing: You can combine several exposure adjustments to create a new one.

Camera Raw: The software offers comprehensive editing tools for RAW images. You can apply camera-specific corrections to RAW images, convert them to different formats and make adjustments, using 3D LUTs and 24 bit images in 14-bit and 16-bit images.

Color Filter: You can apply various color effects to an image with this tool.

Clone Stamp: Use this tool to clone out or insert an element of an image on a different location in the same image or a different image.

Content-aware Move & Crop: This feature is used to make adjustments to photos or graphics using the difference between an original and a copy.

Crop: You can crop your images using fixed or free-form-editing to a single aspect ratio.

Dodge & Burn: You can use this tool to remove or add contrast to an image.

Distort: You can warp, squeeze or stretch a photo to create interesting effects.

Exposure & Lighting: You can adjust the exposure of an image or change the white balance of a photo.

Flatten: You can convert a selection to pixels using this tool.

Image Alignment: This feature is used to create an image grid on a canvas.

Layer Effects: You can apply various effects to a layer.

Layer Mask: You can use this feature to remove or paint over certain parts of your image.

Liquify: You can apply brush strokes and filter types to improve the effect of an image.

Linear Adjustments: You can use this tool to adjust the contrast, brightness and sharpness of an image.

Make Selection: You can use this tool to select a portion of an image.

Make Straight: You can rotate your image to make it more horizontal or vertical in either direction.

Move Tool: You can move or clone an object within or out of

Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.0.1) Product Key

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