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Create your very own games and play them with your friends and the world!Roblox Corporation is the leading developer of free online games. Players can create their own games or play popular sandbox games such as CityVille, Sims, Pirates, FarmVille and many others. Explore a virtually limitless universe full of games and players by using the Roblox website and mobile apps to create your own game or join a game that others are creating. The official Roblox client is available for free for Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, Linux, and web browsers.
Players can also use the Second Life® client to create and play games. The Second Life client is compatible with the Linden Lab® account system. All games created in Second Life can be accessed from within the Roblox client, further empowering players’ creative freedom.
The company’s headquarters are located in San Francisco, California with additional offices in Europe and Asia. Roblox is a privately held company and generates most of its revenue from in-game advertising (e.g., the virtual currency known as Robux) and microtransactions. In June 2013, Roblox had 36 million registered users, generating $43 million in revenue for the year.
Roblox Virtual World Description:
Games allow children to develop thinking skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity. Using these skills, children can help them learn about the world and how to be compassionate and kind to others, build friendships with people they like, and learn responsibility and perseverance. Experts believe that playing video games can provide benefits for learning, health, and even academic performance.When playing, children are more flexible, creative, and imaginative. This can apply to real-life play as well as video games, according to Dr. Daniel J. Levinson, a behavioral and social psychologist.
Playing games also fosters social skills in children. Children are typically more responsive to a person’s voice when using a video game. Another study by Prof. Andrew Przybylski and Prof. Eric Von Hippel of the University of Michigan showed that children who played more video games had more friendships and were more likely to play with others.
So if you want to have fun and exercise a lot, you can learn a lot, and you can exercise in a new environment (virtual).The answer to these questions is that the answer is “Of course, why wouldn’t it?”
The answer is yes, children can learn something from playing games.


Features Key:


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Roblox is a free online game that is free to play and offers in game payouts for reaching different milestones throughout the game. Some of the things you can do in this game are; play games, create your own characters, and explore the universe.
If you are enjoying playing this game, you can buy Robux with real money to help you with in-game purchases such as; buying new characters, more robux, and building your own house. Or you can just keep playing and playing free robux!
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Make a world on Roblox

Not many people can claim to be one of the most wanted games in the world because of the sheer amount of love and excitement that is generated by this application. It is the only game application that brings together so many other different types of different individuals all under a single roof. When it comes to realisation, there have not been any other applications or games that have managed to define the sort of end results that this game has actually created for its people. As we have already pointed out, the only thing that makes Roblox exciting is the various ways that the people can enjoy the game. It has also made everything possible for people to customize themselves in ways that a few years from now, when you start reminiscing about this time in your life and you start contemplating your past, you will begin to appreciate a lot more about how amazing of a game that Roblox was.

Play Free Games on Roblox!

Welcome to the home of the Roblox Gaming Platform

Roblox is a platform for all ages and the games on it cater to all ages. Play games with your friends, race games, what ever game you want to play or create. More than a video game, Roblox


What’s new:


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Roblox is a game that includes bots that many people play. These bots need robux, and robux is needed to play the games. There are many ways to get robux. Sometimes, these are free. But, there are ways to get robux for free. A few of the methods include:

Robux Trading
A person will be contacted in the game by another person that asks for robux. The person then has to transfer robux. This is often called robux trading.

I was being recruited for robux trading. When I walked up to the man, he gave me a completely computer generated personal ID. It looked like this (picture).

When I logged into Robux online, I could click on the link to this thing, which would then give me robux.

Yes, it was shady.

Facebook Robux
There are many people who play Roblox that are fans of facebook. Sometimes, a person will upload a screenshot of their in-game facebook profile. The profile will have a single button on it which is supposed to be the Robux Link. The person will then have to click on it. Once they do, they get robux on their account.

This usually doesn’t work too well because it’s not the facebook link you expect.

Robux Generator
There are bots that will generate robux on your account. This can be a bit tricky. There are programs that can generate robux on your account without permission, but those are illegal. There are also things you can do to make them bypass the check.

The key thing to remember here is that these bots come from a human, which means they are trying to scam you.

You can see the bots can go up to hundreds of robux per second.

So, although they can be easy, they are illegal, and they could hurt your account.

As long as the bots are asking for robux on your account and you are happy to give it to them, then they are not a scam.


Roblox is getting free robux just through time, without any hidden ties to your account.
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[Update] Robux now available

12/12/2016 Roblox MOD APK

12/12/2016 Roblox Hack or Roblox Money Hack

How To Hack Robux

Afternoon guys, i would like to introduce a new update to this great app. This version contains lots of new features, improved player profile, a new currency and i would like to invite you to help me test this feature.

This version has minor changes in the look, I think the new user interface is not as good as the old one, I’m constantly trying to improve it. Nevertheless its fine. Please always write me in the comments what you think, if you can.

All you have to do is go to Mod page and download the APK. Extract them using any archiver, since there are files to be extracted. You will see a folder called Android.

You will find there many levels to the game, many commands and keys.

Map of all free access levels. You just have to find the path that’s right in your corner.

Level is saved when you enter, so you’re not limited to the 5 you see here.

Level 1. Just type “level 1” at the console.

Level 5. Just type “level 5” at the console.

All those levels have been published for people who want a quick route. I will surely add a tutorial for that soon as well.

When you enter a level, just look at the keypad. Look for the first 4 keys on the right, if you manage to tap them, you will get access. If you want to go to level 2 and so on you can push the up or down buttons.

Some keys get no effect. You have to go through a level with this key to activate another one.

If you wanted to go to level 4, just write “lvl4”.

Level 25. “lvl25” will open level 25. But this one is limited to level 25 only. You can see the mod menu above.

You can also get in easily by searching for “level 1”, “lvl 25” or even “lvl 25 mod”.

When you play the game and you already own some stuff,




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