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As more and more ways to hack your electronics become available, digital security should become a real concern even to unexperienced computer users, since prevention is almost always better than cure. Although there are a thousand ways for a hacker to compromise your security and get its paws all over your precious documents, encrypting them is a solution that will at least make them inaccessible. Virtual Safe Professional can help you do just that. Easy to install This application can be quickly deployed on the target computer, as the installation process is no rocket science: you just need to select your preferred language, accept the License Agreement and choose a destination path on your PC. Of course, if you'd prefer to benefit from its capabilities without installing it, you can easily do so, as this app comes in two flavors: with and without an installer. The portable version only needs to be extracted from the archive in order to work. Simplistic interface Virtual Safe Professional packs an interface that is intuitive enough to be used even by novices without too much of a headache. The main window is organized in a bunch of sections: a central one where you can view created safes, another one where you can open or close the safe and a sidebar that enables you to access additional functions. Those include a file shredder, a safe merger and splitter and a backup manager. Also, if you're into cool sound effects, whenever you lock or unlock your virtual safe, an appropriate audio effect will be played, so make sure your speakers are on. Create virtual safes on your PC As its name strongly suggests, this application can be used to create virtual "safes" on your computer, where you can hide your most important data so that it won't be accessible to potential harm-doers. The concept is pretty simple: you create the safe from within the program, define a password for it, open it, populate it with various documents and then lock it. If you want to access your documents, you just need to select it, provide the app with the password and open it. Handy vault for your files' protection All in all, if you would fancy having a virtual safe on your computer where you could lock your files effortlessly, you should definitely give Virtual Safe Professional a try.


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Virtual Safe Professional 2.5.838 Crack + Incl Product Key [Mac/Win]

Virtual Safe Professional… Softonic review: Virtual Safe Professional is an easy to use and very useful application for file encryption. What is new in official Virtual Safe Professional software version? -Changes in this release: Protect your documents, photos, videos and other files with Virtual Safe Professional! Start your Free 14 day trial. Take advantage of its all-in-one character and log in from one single account. Virtual Safe Professional Price: $29.95, Windows 2003/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10Platform: Windows Virtual Safe Professional (Virtual Safe Professional) is a powerful and easy-to-use encryption tool. All in all, this app lets you create and manage safes, securely encrypt your files and protect your PC against hackers. Furthermore, this application lets you shred confidential files to protect against identity thieves. Virtual Safe Professional’s interface is straightforward and easy to use. Moreover, there is an option to add an advanced functionality: the option to perform a backup. The application lets you perform incremental backups of your encrypted documents. Virtual Safe Professional offers an interesting set of functions. For example, there is a file shredder, which lets you protect your documents against anyone who might need to open them. However, Virtual Safe Professional doesn’t protect your data using a proprietary method, so your data may be decrypted using the right decryption tools. Summing up, Virtual Safe Professional is a powerful and easy-to-use encryption tool. All in all, this app lets you create and manage safes, securely encrypt your files and protect your PC against hackers. Furthermore, this application lets you shred confidential files to protect against identity thieves. Virtual Safe Professional Main features: A file shredder: it offers you a powerful tool for securely erasing your documents, photos, or other sensitive data. A file merger and splitter: it lets you merge or split large files into multiple files and vice versa, without the need to decrypt and recover them. A password management utility: it lets you create and manage a list of password-protected safes that you can easily access, without having to enter your master password. Virtual Safe Professional, a powerful and easy-to-use encryption tool. All in all, this app lets you create and manage safes, securely encrypt your files and protect your PC against hackers. Furthermore, this application lets you shred confidential files to

Virtual Safe Professional 2.5.838 Product Key Free [32|64bit]

Virtual Safe Professional is an easy to use solution to protect all your confidential files with just a few clicks. The program puts each selected folder or file in a secure container, where each file and folder can be encrypted to prevent its access. Besides, you can delete a particular document so that even if somebody accesses it, the person will be unable to read it. Virtual Safe Professional also supports protecting your data with your virtual safes, thus offering you a variety of file security options. You can create safes with a specific location, set a password and then hide the documents inside of it, so that only the owner can open them. The application provides many other features as well, such as an option to resize the containers, allowing you to store more files in a single one. Moreover, you can create a file shredder in your virtual safes that will automatically delete the documents after a pre-selected amount of time. Fully compatible with many Windows OS versions Whether you use Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, Virtual Safe Professional will be able to operate on all them. Besides, the program is able to protect files of any size, from as small as 2 KB to even 300 GB. An easy to use and intuitive interface Virtual Safe Professional provides a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, requiring you to make very few settings. You simply create a new virtual safe from within the application, pick where the safe will be stored, enter the access code and then you’re good to go. Of course, you can always manually change the safe’s default location if you’d prefer not to use its pre-set default. Take advantage of integrated document manager If your documents are not stored inside your virtual safes, you can take advantage of the integrated document manager, which lets you keep all your important files in one single place. Of course, you can create as many folders as you want, add them to the list, set their properties, set whether they are being stored as read-only or not, and more. The program also enables you to import files from your computer to protect them from any unauthorized access. Virtual Safe Professional Downloads: Virtual Safe Professional (incl. Full Cracked) : Mirror #1 [8.85 GB] (link down below) Virtual Safe Professional (incl. Full Cracked) Portable : Mirror #2 [11.48 MB] (link down below) 2f7fe94e24

Virtual Safe Professional 2.5.838 With Key [Win/Mac] [Latest-2022]

Virtual Safe Professional is the next step in the security series. It is the most functional and easy to use software for virtual safes. Virtual Safe Professional Premium by N.K.Software Download Now Strictly for the year 2004 Functionality is probably too limited for VSPP July 10th, 2004 Name: Virtual Safe Professional Version: Version 3.0 (Premium) Language: Virtual Safe Professional has a file manager similar to Windows Explorer. It can create and open safes and provide you with a secure way to access them. You can access your safes by opening them with a password, or copying and pasting the safe link into your browser. Virtual Safe Professional is a file-shredder that helps prevent any data loss. With Virtual Safe Professional, you can securely delete files in order to prevent any unscrupulous users from accessing them. Virtual Safe Professional is a fast safe that can be easily accessed from the main window. If you want to access your files from a remote computer, you can use Virtual Safe Professional’s firewall feature to prevent unauthorized users from accessing them. Virtual Safe Professional is an easy to use safe that’s convenient. It’s a file-shredder that provides the fastest secure file deletion in a safe. It also provides you with multiple safe locations, allowing you to keep important data safe and secure. How Virtual Safe Professional works: Once it is installed on your computer, Virtual Safe Professional creates several safe file locations. Safes can be locked down so that they can be accessed only with a password. You can open a safe, and the files are immediately available. Virtual Safe Professional provides you with a Web interface that you can use to securely access your files from any computer. Virtual Safe Professional lets you automatically save copies of your files to the hard drive or network drive. You can also view your selected files in their safe locations. Virtual Safe Professional uses a custom file manager that resembles Windows Explorer and provides you with a comprehensive folder list. Safes can be opened and closed from the folder list. Virtual Safe Professional has an easy to use interface. You can easily open or close safes from the main window. Virtual Safe Professional uses a single interface for all of the file functions. You can manage safes, view them and open them from the main window. What’s New in Virtual Safe Professional Premium: [*]New features

What’s New in the Virtual Safe Professional?

Virtual Safe Professional is a portable, easy-to-use PC-based safe, which allows you to keep your important documents and private files in a safe, secured environment on your computer. Any time you open your virtual safe with Virtual Safe Professional, you will have the opportunity to access to your data and documents. Your data will be safely stored by Virtual Safe Professional in a secure safe directory. You can either synchronize the safe with other Windows-based operating systems or export the contents to a secure location. Each file or document will be encrypted with strong encryption standards and stored with an unalterable password. Virtual Safe Professional installs in seconds, and it comes in two versions: a portable version that can be run from a USB Flash Drive, or a full version for installation on the target Windows computer. Virtual Safe Professional Features: Create a password-protected virtual safe Keep your private and sensitive data safe and secure. Virtual Safe Professional will create a password-protected Virtual safe and secure directory on your computer where you can safely store your private and sensitive documents and data. Select files from your computer, and open the safe Open your Virtual safe with Virtual Safe Professional and see all the details of your safe. You can also select specific files and open them in a separate process. Each of your files and documents is stored in a safe directory with an unalterable password. Select files from your safe You can easily select and open any of your files in your safe. To do so, simply open the directory where your files are stored, and you will notice a search field on top left corner of the folder. There you can type in the documents or files you wish to open. When you find it, double-click on it to open it directly. Large file support Virtual Safe Professional supports the largest file extensions of the Windows system. Up to 1 GB of data can be stored in the safe. Set high file encryption standards Virtual Safe Professional uses strong encryption standards: AES, Triple DES and 3DES algorithms. Each document or file is encrypted with one of those three algorithms. Secure remote files access Virtual Safe Professional can synchronize your safe with other Windows-based computer systems or export the contents to a safe directory. View details of your safe Browse the details of your safe on Virtual Safe Professional’s main window. You can see information about the created safe, access the files stored inside, view and delete information about each file and much more. New! Back up

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Minimum: OS: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 Processor: 1.2 GHz Pentium 4 Memory: 512 MB RAM Hard Disk: 1 GB available space Graphics: Microsoft DirectX® 9.0 compliant video card Recommended: Processor: 1.5 GHz Pentium 4 Memory: 1 GB RAM Powered


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