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VectorDraw Web Library is a vector 3D graphics library that is designed to not only open CAD drawings but also display generic vector objects on any platform that supports the HTML 5 standard, such as Windows, Android, IOS and Linux. It can be executed in every major web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Dolphin, Boat and more) that support the use of canvas and Javascript, without any installation.
This means that you can show your work from many formats like DXF, DWG, DGN, SKP (Google’s Sketchup), VDML and more, on almost every Computer, Tablet, Smartphone or Laptop out there. VectorDraw web library is written exclusively in Javascript and runs on the client side, also it contains an object model similar to that of DXF and .Net VectorDraw Framework components.









VectorDraw Web Library Crack

● VectorDraw Web Library is a vector 3D graphics library. It is a complete HTML 5 solution to generate vector charts on any platform that supports the HTML 5 standard. It works in any major browser, can be executed in Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, IE or on any Android or IOS device.
● The VectorDraw is completely written in Javascript that enables the developer to create a single page application which includes all the functionality needed to generate DXF, DWG, DGN and SKP files.
● The library can be executed on any platform that supports the use of canvas and Javascript, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Android and IOS devices. VectorDraw is not browser specific, it can be executed in any browser with canvas and Javascript support, regardless of the web browser installed on the device.
● VectorDraw Web Library is a pure vector graphics library, it does not contain any raster images.
VectorDraw Web Library Examples:

● The VectorDraw Web Library has a lot of examples, graphics and open source projects that you can use to learn how the library works or to create your own projects.
● The library has modules that implement the following functions:
○ Draw 2D bars,
○ Draw 2D rectangles,
○ Draw 2D polygons,
○ Draw 3D cubes,
○ Draw 3D primitives,
○ Draw 3D spheres,
○ Draw 3D tubes,
○ Draw line and spline curves,
○ Draw contour,
○ Draw line,
○ Draw symbol,
○ Draw triangle,
○ Draw text and line,
○ Draw points.
● Export HTML5,
● Import HTML5,
● Export DXF,
● Import DXF,
● Export TTF,
● Import TTF,
● Export SVG,
● Import SVG,
● Export PNG,
● Import PNG,
● Export PSD,
● Import PSD,
● Export EMF,
● Import EMF,
● Export PDF,
● Import PDF,
● Export P3,
● Import P3,
● Export BMP,
● Import BMP,
● Export SVG,
● Import SVG,
● Export PDF,
● Import PDF,
● Export TIFF,
● Import TIFF,
● Export PNG,
● Import PNG,
● Export

VectorDraw Web Library

VectorDraw is a set of web libraries developed for displaying 3D interactive CAD drawings
on any standard web browser supporting the HTML 5 standard.

When you use VectorDraw, you can display the drawings from any standard CAD formats, such as DWG, DXF, DGN, FDS, SKP and more.

VectorDraw does not depend on any browser plugins or plug-ins such as Flash or Silverlight, so, if a browser does not support these technologies, VectorDraw can be easily used, even if the drawing is displayed with several CAD applications. VectorDraw is compatible with all modern web browsers and operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and so on.

A number of CAD objects can be easily and intuitively displayed on almost any browser, including tools, bars and pallets, but also:

D-Bus 3D – a New cross-platform, powerful and highly customizable client and server library, for creating 3D and 2D interactive applications (with plugins available to support most databases)

With VectorDraw Web Library Activation Code, you can work in CAD applications, including Google Sketchup, Dassault Systèmes, Open Caddie, Microstation, Navisworks, 3D Warehouse, Parasolid, CAD apps that use AutoCAD or maybe even AutoCAD LT, also the latest versions of AutoCAD LT 2011 and AutoCAD 2008 R2.

With VectorDraw web library, you can create and save interactive 3D CAD drawings, and you can display them in a browser on any standard web browser on any operating system.

VectorDraw web library provides the following features:

Realistic rendering

Drawings are displayed using a realistic rendering, helping users to understand that the drawings are actual 3D objects, instead of just 2D documents.

Perspective drawing

You can set the perspective drawing to display a viewing angle. When you change the viewing angle, you can see reflections and shadows in real time.

Interactive and animated CAD drawings

You can interact with 3D drawings without having to install any plugin or plug-ins and even without having to use a stand-alone version of CAD applications like Google Sketchup. VectorDraw web library, depending on the application and CAD drawing, can simulate the menus that you would use in a CAD application.


VectorDraw animation enables you to easily drag and drop any 3D object from a repository or from

VectorDraw Web Library Product Key Full For Windows

– VectorDraw is an HTML5 library that allows you to easily open and view your (CAD) objects on any devices that supports HTML5 and Javascript (Browser, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.)
– VectorDraw works on any HTML5 compatible browser, what is more: it does not need any plug-ins, script or activex object (for all the supported formats).
– In addition: you can also use it in any environment running natively on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle and Kindle Fire 7 and also HTML 5 compatible browser that supports mobile Safari (iPhone, iPad and Android).
– Only javascript and HTML5 is used
– Compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS
– Dotnet portable
– Dotnet desktop with Visual Studio 2008
– Autorotate
– SVG & VML compatible
– You can change the color theme using the Appearance panel
– In the future, it will be compatible with other formats as well as 3D rendersings (Sketchup, etc.)
– Limited demo version which it will be included in a ZIP file. After you download the demo version, you will be able to see the source code.

Java Library Angle by Mike Davis
Java Library for.NET – an interface for working with angle and vector objects in.NET Framework.
This is a simple.NET library that adds angle types and methods to.NET. It has no dependencies and it’s written in pure Java.

Java Library for.NET – BRepLibs Java Library
The BRepLibs API for the Java language is a subset of the Java API for Triangulation (JPATH_libAPI.h) that provides this library an API that is used to write a library for handling drawing objects (BRep library), such as line and polygon drawing, planes, spheres, cylinders, etc.
This library provides a set of tools to define a BRep library. For example, a “geodesic sphere” is defined by the folowing type (circle is a geodesic sphere):
Type BRepDraw::TGeodesicSphere
Param t
Param eps
Param theta
End Type
The library is coded in java and a full set of API has been included. The BRep library is available through a number of interfaces, two of them are the Standard BRep API and the Standard Local BRep API. This library

What’s New in the?

VectorDraw is a free open source vector graphics library that displays and edits DXF, DWG, DGN, SKP (Google’s Sketchup), VDML,.png and.jpg files, etc. on all major browsers that support canvas and Javascript (very likely on all browsers, and maybe also even IE).
The free & open source is the most important part. It is known that selling and opening the source code is the way that a developer/company can make money. That is true but it also means that the community has access to the code and they can change it to whatever they want.
Existing Components:

VectorDraw has a complete DXF/DWG/DGN file import component, a vector rendering component, an HTML5 component, and the object model has a component for everything. This means that you can import/export anything and do anything in those formats: draw, import, export, convert, combine, edit, move, rotate and resize. It supports a number of formats like.jpg,.png,.bmp,.svg,.pdf,.eps,.ai,.ps,.tiff,.pcd,.awg,.skp,.dwg,.dxf,.wdv,.vml,.svg,.tif,.lsp,.ps,.dng,.cr2,.png,.mov,.psd,.psb,.dwg,.dgn,.dwz,.kml,.vxl,.wrl,.vtp,.vts,.dwf,.vps,.gpx,.tps,.mbox,.tif,.gmx,.psp,.dwt,.eps,.fb2,.mxd,.sdc,.acn,.svg,.pmd,.pdf,.otf,.pdf,.sld,.dwg,.dgn,.dwz,.hdl,.idw,.dwg,.lml,.dwg,.dgn,.dwz,.stl,.skp,.dwg,.cdr,.sch,.smd,.gif,.crw,.gpx,.stc,.stm,.mrc,.

System Requirements For VectorDraw Web Library:

Windows 7 or later
Mac OS X v10.5
iOS 5.0 or later
Android 2.2 or later
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