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urlShop is a powerful, reliable and easy to use bookmarks or favorites manager which can make snapshots of web pages.







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urlShop is a powerful, reliable and easy to use bookmarks or favorites manager which can make snapshots of web pages. Also, there is a special button which can be used to mark links as favorites to be found later. Handy tools like bookmarks, favorites and notes can also be kept in a synchronizeable web page based structure called as Library. urlShop provides a very intuitive and easy to use interface. Applying a theme to the program makes the user interface more personalized. With the password protected mode, you can keep your important personal information secret and save your privacy. Easy adding or deleting bookmarks enables you to select preferred favorite pages with ease. View all of the bookmarks made by the user in a convenient way. Lets you create a library, and choose the style that you are going to use for the database. Support color, icon, border, background, title and icon color of the selected bookmark. urlShop has an active forum where the users can ask questions and find support. After searching for a while, the Windows version of URL Shop is now available for download. This is an updated version which includes bug fixes and some new features. It is now available in the form of a download which can be installed and used. Many of the features in this updated version have been improved and are also now working more smoothly. There have been many new features added to the program in this release. Another of the new features in this version is the ability to save your internet favorites into a library. If you have a lot of favorite pages to save, then you can now do this using the library feature. You can also view the list of your internet favorites with ease in the library feature. You can now choose whether you want to save your favorite pages using the bookmark or favorites feature. You can also add notes to your favorite pages which also lets you view your notes from the page when viewing your favorite pages in the library. Using this program can be very easy since the main features are very simple and easy to use. This program can be downloaded from the home page. If you are looking for a very easy to use and powerful URL managing program, you can now download the Windows version of URL Shop for your PC. You can also use it without installing by using the web version of the program. You can view the list of links that you

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This popular browser extension will allow you to bookmark Web sites you want to refer back to later. And with a click of a button, you can also add those bookmarks to the Bookmarks, Favorites, or History button. Features Bookmark your favorite Web sites. Share your bookmarks Add bookmarks or favorites to your panel, auto-fill, address bar, task bar or mobile device. Bookmarking isn’t as easy as it seems! It doesn’t get any easier than this.UrlShop specializes in creating the most simple and intuitive bookmarking service. Visitors can save content they’d like to return to in an overview bar that has all the buttons they need for favorite and bookmarks.Save the pages you frequently go back to. Free Download for Windows. HueBook is a bookmarks editor that allows you to organize and view your bookmarks/favorites. The HueBook bookmark organizer is very easy to use. A tabbed interface makes the addition, removal and management of bookmarks very fast and easy. Free Download for Windows. The Headline bookmarking tool and company release SyncMe, a tool to manage and catalog bookmarks in any browser, including Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari. The service is freemium, supporting bookmarking and syncing with up to 25,000 bookmarks. Free Download for Windows. Simplifybook is a simple web browser bookmark manager. Simply add any page you wish to bookmark, or mark entire folders of bookmarks as favorite. Easily transfer, upload, and remove bookmarks and folders. Free Download for Windows. Boomarker is a useful bookmark manager that allows you to easily save your web links. You can select a single page or a whole folder and get it all added to your BookmarkList. The free version of Boomerang will let you save 20 URLs and highlights the favorites from your last browsing session. Free Download for Windows. Xmarks is a free web bookmarking and password manager that allows you to store all your favorite links, bookmarks, passwords, notes and much more. Provides a simple and clean way to store all your personal information in one place. Free Download for Windows. Bookmark Thunder is the best bookmark manager and organizer for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to create bookmark folders and sub folders, add, edit, or delete bookmarks, 2f7fe94e24

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—————— urlShop is a powerful, reliable and easy to use bookmarks or favorites manager which can make snapshots of web pages. urlShop features: —————- – easily add new bookmarks; – easily manage and edit your bookmarks; – hot tags; – more settings than Opera extension; – complete preview mode. How to Use urlShop: —————— – open and close urlShop by clicking right mouse button and choosing ”Open urlShop” menu; – drag and drop your favorite site into urlShop; – easily find your saved articles in urlShop; – customize your urlShop by calling ”Customize” menu and ”Customize tab”; – view your saved url and record them into ”Edit history”; – set the tag ”hot” for the urlShop; – empty ”Hot Tag” list to close the urlShop; – add bookmark for the urlShop by double clicking; – add url for the urlShop by typing; – see the web page in urlShop by using the ”Preview” or ”Go to page” option. * Feature Difference: —————— – urlShop does not utilize cache, it is compatible with all web browsers and computers; – urlShop is easy to install and uninstall; – urlShop is free. ================= If you have any question about urlShop, please email to linux@honezs.org If you want to add a website to your Firefox bookmarks, simply add bookmarks manager to your Bookmarks toolbar or the menus. You don’t need to install anything. Bookmarks Manager is completely free and easy to use. Alternative browsers: —————— 1) Bobrow BBR window: 2) None Ext browser: 3) Surfcat: Special thanks to the team from open source community, who implement Open Source Software. A browser with a browser at heart, Opera offers you an easy way to surf your favorite sites and save the URLs of your choice. With no installation or setup required. Register the program to create your personal favorites.

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* Snapshot Download. * Hash Backup. * Torrent Configuration. * Mirror and main mirror. * Preferences and user account. * Very intuitive! * High speed and good response. * Shortcut. * Support latest Java. Features: * Download Selected * Hash Backup * Mirror * Preferences * User Account * Shortcut * Search and Download * Bookmark Manager * Extract Web Page * Extract Links * Download URLs * Upload URLs * Upload File to web page * Very powerful! Supported Browser: * Firefox * Safari * Google Chrome * Opera To mirror or not to mirror? The choice is yours. By default, every url will be output to your file system, but if you are a torrent client user, you can select your web page torrent and upload to your file system. Please don’t try to link to our mirror sites, since the owner don’t accept the link. How to manage other’s torrent? 1) A list in front of you, just add a magnet link to us. 2) After saving to the file system, press Ctrl and then F and you can search and download. 3) Just press Ctrl + L to list all the torrents, just click the one you want. How to start torrenting? You must first be able to save the web page as a file. Do you know how to save web pages as.html,.php or.aspx? It’s better than saving as.htm,.php, or.asp. 1) Start the download. Click “Save as” or “Save”. 2) Make a folder for the file. 3) Enter a name for the file. How to extract web pages from downloads? The following software or configuration is required: 1) GBAM 2.4.28 and above 2) Java 6.0 and above For Firefox users: Select “Open Link in Browser” or “Open Link in App”. * For Firefox 5 users: Select “Open Link in Tab” or “Open Link in App”. 3) Download and Extract (if you have a shortcut to the.rar file, you can click the shortcut directly. If you don’t, just open the.rar file, a folder will be shown. How to input a password for web pages or folders? 1) Open the bookmark folder (it may say


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An Internet connection is recommended for optimal performance Minimum system requirements for optimum experience: Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or Windows Server 2008 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 (2.13 GHz) or better Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 7600GT or AMD Radeon HD3850 Video: NVIDIA GeForce 7200 GS or AMD Radeon HD2900 Hard Drive: 10 GB available space Internet: Broadband connection recommended



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