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DeviceID USB Port: Necessary Tools: SingleClick Configuration: You’re welcome to ask more specific questions in the comments! A: You could get a list of all files in the installation folder with the *nix command find, which is just the operating system’s equivalent of Windows’ dir. This command also has an option to recurse into directories, so you could get all files within a folder tree. #!/bin/bash n=0 function getList() { while [ -d “$1” ]; do echo $((++n)) “${1}/” done echo $n } getList $PATH Note that #!/bin/bash means your script must be in a sh-compatible script format. You need a #! in the first line. This is sort of an odd way to answer a question because it doesn’t answer the question you asked, “How do I get an array of all of the files in the folder?” If you get an error about single-quotes in the PATH variable, try export PATH=/somewhere/else:$PATH instead. Q: Does InDesign CS6 require any user authentication to connect to a printer? I’ve just started using InDesign CS6, and I’m a bit unclear about whether the printer I use requires any additional authentication before I can use it with InDesign CS6. I have a Brother MFC-L2750DW, and I am a friend of IT. The Brother is shared over a LAN with a Windows 8.1 machine with InDesign CS6 installed. I have confirmed that I can print from my Windows 8.1 machine to the Brother, without issue. InDesign CS6 is setup to connect to the printer and print to it, and uses the IP address of the Brother in the IP settings. My question is whether InDesign CS6 requires any user authentication to access the printer, or can it just use the IP address? A: I work at a printing office with a network share printer. All we needed to do


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