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Taskbar icon, easy to use.
Handy connection configuration menu.
Simple connection configuration tool.
It’s easy to connect to your PC via LAN.
It’s simple to connect to your PC via VNC

VNC is a network protocol that was primarily developed for real-time remote connection. The reason behind this is that the standard protocol is not secure enough, therefore, it is only recommended to be used in environments where the risk of privacy violation is minimal.
Apart from its security vulnerability, VNC also has several drawbacks including flickering of screen elements and low bandwidth. However, the features offered by the standard protocol are so useful that many users are compelled to use it.
Despite the aforementioned drawbacks, it is still possible to achieve an adequate remote connection using the standard protocol.
Not only that, but it is also possible to do so by using a lightweight application such as TurboVNC Torrent Download.

TurboVNC has been designed to aid the easier connection process for users who want to access their remote desktop via the internet. And, if you are not concerned about the security of your connection, then this application is definitely worth a try.

TurboVNC Standard

It is going to be a long and technical description, so there is no need to go into details. I’ll be filling in the rest of the blanks during the rest of the article.
I’ve found this app via Pintsized Pains in my Reviews folder. It is currently at version 6.2.2.
Briefly stated, VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing, and the protocol is based on the windowing and clipboard transfer.
The reason why the protocol is also referred to as VNC is that it was originally developed for remote desktop connections. While it is only a protocol, remote desktop applications use the capability of this protocol to establish an effective connection and transfer data.
VNC is a client/server application with the client being the desktop and the server being the machine hosting the remote desktop.
The diagram below should give you a better idea.

Although this protocol is quite old, it is still considered the most secure way to establish a remote connection.
Of course, the security of this protocol is a major reason why users have so many reservations about using

TurboVNC Download

TurboVNC is a cross-platform VNC client suitable for embedding into desktop applications. It was developed to be a fast remote access tool and as a remote control application for RDP sessions.

Please be aware that there were 2 products with the name “TurboVNC” so please make sure the software you are downloading is actually the software you are looking for and not the other one.
Windows utilities
There are also a few cross-platform remote connection tools that come with Windows solutions, such as TightVNC.
Their performance should be considered equal to that of TurboVNC, plus they also have an extensive documentation base for you to consult in case of any questions. Nevertheless, the aforementioned system should also be considered.
In addition, The VNC Team also provides a very nice amount of information for you.
Choosing the Best VNC Client
When choosing an application, it is important to remember that a lighter program is usually faster than a heavier one, but it also needs extra resources.
While most of them will offer you excellent performance in the required settings, these third-party clients also require more to be configured. As a result, it is important for you to be familiar with the settings of the remote connectivity tools you have available.

In order to make your work on the remote computer proceed as efficiently as possible, you need to understand which functions are supposed to be activated in the remote desktop.

Remote control

Configuration settings

On-screen display

Also, there are a few applications out there that can be used for a quick remote control from your desktop, such as NERF Remote Desktop for instance.
In addition, the DuckDuckGo Web Search, according to the company’s blog, tries to take VNC technology for a test drive.
Remote control online
Then, you might also want to check out these tools that can be used to control a remote machine online.

While it is highly recommended that you run a local VNC server, you might also want to take a look at other software that will allow you to connect to remote machines online.

Some of these applications include VNC for online remote access and remote desktop management.
There are, however, also a few VNC for online remote access applications available online.

Remote Desktop Viewer

Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Console

VNC SIP Phone with Remote Control, developed by Sam Hamo

Remote Desktop V

TurboVNC Crack + Free

TurboVNC is a native 64-bit remote control client for Windows that works with virtually all other VNC products. It’s a lightweight, fast, and reliable VNC client that allows you to control your desktop remotely, while viewing it on the computer. The software supports the newest VNC protocol and is available for Windows XP and Windows Vista.


Jpilot is an application that provides users with the ability to view their personal documents and videos on a TV and see them anywhere with a wireless Internet connection.
Jpilot Information:
The Jpilot application can be used to view personal content or to share this content with friends, with the Jpilot online service.


KeePass is an open source password database manager that doesn’t require you to jump through hoops in order to create, store, share, backup, or sync your passwords. KeePass is a freeware application available for Windows and Linux platforms.
KeePass Features:
KeePass is a free and open source password database manager.
KeePass supports over a hundred encryption algorithms and offers password strength meters and best practices for storing passwords.
You can sync your KeePass database with KeePassDroid or KeePassSync.
You can generate random passwords or use a master password to lock your database and logins.
KeePass can store.XML and HTML documents, as well as RTF documents.
KeePass supports IPsec, FTPS and SSL VPN for encrypted tunneling.
KeePass supports Windows authentication and Kerberos for Active Directory, LDAP, MySQL and Oracle databases.
Use KeePass to generate complex password policies.
KeePass can display and edit ZIP files.
KeePass has a built-in SSH-agent for transparently access network resources using an SSH public key.
You can add KeePassDB files to KeePass using a contextual menu or a drag and drop.
KeePass provides a rich plugin system that allows you to integrate additional tools into the application.
KeePass supports over a hundred encryption algorithms and offers password strength meters and best practices for storing passwords.
You can sync your KeePass database with KeePassDroid or KeePassSync.
You can generate random passwords or use a master password to lock your database and logins.
KeePass can store.XML and HTML documents, as well as RTF documents.

What’s New in the TurboVNC?

TurboVNC is a robust VNC server for Windows and Mac OS X systems, allowing you to seamlessly connect to machines remotely. This application can be used to access multiple computers remotely, where the target computer runs a VNC server (like TightVNC, YouView VNC, etc.).
TurboVNC Requirements:
To work with TurboVNC, your system needs to run a compatible VNC server. Here’s a list of requirements depending on your target system:

Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32bit and 64bit)
Mac OS X 10.2 or later
Linux 2.2 or later

VNC remote connection tool
TurboVNC features a simple, user-friendly GUI.
Other programs have a less intuitive user interface that might be harder to navigate.
The main drawback of this application is its inability to connect to computers during our tests.
TurboVNC Screenshot:

You can read more detailed reviews about this software on the link provided above.


Same thing can be achieved with TightVNC or RealVNC.
Even the web site allows you to connect remotely.

Web Access
You can access your desktop remotely using the Web Access portal.
Simply log in using your Web Account username and password.
You can choose between using the Standalone desktop viewer, or the Grid desktop viewer.
While you’re in Web Access you can perform the following actions

Connect to multiple computers at once
Spin down and restart a computer
Select client-only desktop settings
Send a system image to a disk image
Send a remote screen session to a file

Remote Access

Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) allows you to access your remote desktop session over the Internet. RDM supports the RealVNC and TightVNC protocols, and operates over any firewall because it does not require a VNC server.
Remote Control Panel allows you to control one or more computers remotely. It supports the RealVNC and TightVNC protocols, and operates over any firewall because it does not require a VNC server.


I’m using Windows VNC Viewer.
It’s a software like an VNC viewer but actually it’s an VNC client.
You can use it as a viewer but it can also act as a normal remote desktop viewer.
Additionally it supports RSS integration and can be configured for work via the web interface.


System Requirements For TurboVNC:

OS: Windows Vista/7/8 (32 or 64bit)
Processor: Intel Core2Duo @ 1.4GHz or AMD Phenom X3 @ 2.5GHz or Intel i3 @ 2.66GHz or AMD Athlon X2 @ 2.5GHz or Intel Core i5 @ 2.66GHz or AMD Phenom II X3 @ 2.4GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GS / ATI Radeon 9800 PRO or better
Hard Drive:



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