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The Chicago Cubs entered Sunday morning’s game against the Washington Nationals with a small lead, but came within two outs of blowing it in a blowout loss.

With the bases loaded and no outs in the seventh, Nationals closer Sean Doolittle ended the game with a groundout to escape with the victory. The game was tied, 1-1, in the seventh when closer Brandon Kintzler issued a leadoff walk to Nationals second baseman Daniel Murphy and the Nationals loaded the bases before Doolittle came on to get the victory.

“I don’t think you should use that word, ‘blowout,'” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said to reporters as he was leaving the field, according to Pro Football Focus.

“I think that if you watch the game, it’s not a blowout. You have to remember that he did good to run and close that game to get to the ninth. Things can still happen.”

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Kintzler allowed one hit in the final two innings, but also recorded four strikeouts. It was his first save opportunity of the season.

The Cubs committed three errors in the seventh, including a home run that led to a run for the Nationals, their second of three runs they scored.

The Cubs got the lead in the sixth inning when they scored two runs on Kintzler throwing wild pitch and fielding error.

The Cubs’ bullpen has been lackluster this season with the likes of the 11.1 runs per nine innings by the starters in the bullpen and the 5.2 runs per game allowed in the bullpen.

“I mean, this is a bullpen that’s had an exceptional year and can’t be judged by one game,” Cubs President Theo Epstein said. “Just one game doesn’t tell the whole story of where their season is at. We have a solid bullpen. Kintz is a big reason why we’ve been good this year, and relievers are just as important to a team as a starter.”Q:

How to make a text object on a video form visible at the beginning of the video

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how to open a specific page in angular 9

I have a login page, once user login and open another page. Now I need to open a specific page in angular.
I am doing like this :

But I can’t access it. I am doing it in angular 8.
NotFoundComponent =
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You can add it in your path, example:
{ path: ‘route’, state: { to:’somePath’}},

If the default path is ‘/’, and the default state is ‘home’ then you can use this:
{ path: ‘route’, state: { to:’somePath’}},

The Panties and the Plunge

The Panties and the Plunge, or Ursula and Ellen are a pair of American comedian siblings, who launched a sex toy business in 2014.

The Panties and the Plunge began as a comedy skit on television and then, after the success of their skit, a business name and website. Their comedy involves revealing secret family secrets and showcasing their accomplishments in real life.

Early life
The sisters were born and raised in Troy, New York. Their father played football at SUNY New Paltz and their


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