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Space Wormhole 3D is a 3D screensaver that simulates a space travel journey, making use of a space hole. Start the app, and you can travel in the space. Along the way, you will see different things, like stars, planets, space black holes and so forth. The black hole is the hardest thing in the universe. This black hole is so small, that it doesn’t even exist on the surface of the Earth. PCMag Reviews: “While it’s visually relaxing, this screensaver won’t keep you riveted to your screen for very long; it’ll only take a few minutes to get through.” Bought Now “The app is a truly immersive screensaver, even if the novelty factor never quite takes hold. The space wormhole, for instance, bends and twists through the sky, shooting you down a blue corridor with random stars of all shapes and sizes.” – CNET PCMag Editor’s Choice: “This app is a clever, if short-lived distraction. It might put you in mind of the old flight simulators, except with an awesome degree of 3D rendering, instead of a limited selection of digital planes and cockpit view.” Bought Now “It’s actually quite fun to watch the worm hole bend around, with new patterns and colors each time you pass by. It reminds me of those old 1970s Space Quest games; a very simple concept with very big visuals. The backgrounds change every couple of seconds and the colors and patterns are random, but it’s just enough to feel like you’re somewhere else. The app runs on windows XP but doesn’t take advantage of the latest hardware or video card-related features. The GPS is a very basic app with a two-degree accuracy level. Like the screenshots suggest, the worm hole never gets dull and remains a feast for the eyes as you progress around the sky. If you’re bored of the old wallpaper, the space wormhole will be a different, and entertaining, experience.” – MPSG “If you’re looking for something to watch in a dose of space-related entertainment, you can’t do better than this. There are many different settings and options to experiment with to make the journey more interesting or more relaxing; the animations are magnificent; the graphics work seamlessly. It

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Customize your next screen saver. Space Wormhole 3D Activation Code is the most impressive space exploration program. Space Wormhole 3D has a breathtaking, fun flying 3D screensaver that is completely free to use. Simply enjoy the flying 3D screensaver for endless entertainment. Get ready to dive into space! If you are looking for a nice screensaver that can completely replace your old boring desktop wallpaper, then SPACE WO-TERHOUSE 3D is for you. Space Wormhole 3D offer the following special features: • 3D animation. • Picture-in-picture (split screens), so that you can adjust the music as well as your game. • Voice-guide, so that you can do nothing but listen to the voice guide. • Self-adjustment of the animation speed. • Self-adjustment of the animation color. Space Wormhole 3D key Features: • Space Wormhole is an expansion for Space Wormhole 2, which is the worldwide best selling 3D S.C.S.E.R.M.E.R. • The latest version of Space Wormhole contains a new game mode and a lot more features. • The user interface is improved and refined. • The sound is improved. • A special collection with more than 17.000 different images is included. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 63 other followers Featured Posts Customizing the way the desktop looks isn’t a hard task. However, if you’re bored with the plain old wallpapers, you can choose an animated background instead. Space Wormhole 3D is a tool that lets you travel through a space wormhole. The entire screen becomes animated as you go further and further into the vortex. You could lose hours watching the camera twist and turn into space, or you could, depending on your disposition, get dizzy. Besides the fact that the software basically replaces the wallpaper, the app can be found in the screensaver list. When you access the app’s settings, a few adjustments can be made. Thus, the flight speed is adjustable. Alternatively, you can choose to randomize this option, slowing down in some areas and speeding up in others. The flying direction and the color scheme is also customizable. You can opt between blue, purple, orange, pink, sea 2f7fe94e24

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Spacious, just like a wormhole.The coolest app! Space Wormhole 3D will captivate you for hours. Space Wormhole 3D uses OpenGL, so it will be more responsive and not lag. The wormhole is realistic and flexible. Easy to start, hard to stop. Slower speed can be adjusted. The size of the circle and wormhole can be scaled up or down. Fun theme, soothing background. Flight mode has a random speed. Optionally randomizes the color scheme. Front view and back view. Intuitive navigation. Full instructions included. Space Wormhole 3D Icon Space Wormhole 3D Screenshots Please Note: All apps and games are free for home or personal use only. Duplication of any kind is a violation of copyright. All the apps and games here are for home or personal use only. Duplication of any kind is a violation of copyright. It is forbidden to distribute any of the apps and games to others. Categories Recent Reviews The New CheapMe App 3.5 By Original Pen Which one of you rotten bloggers wrote these phrases? “Get connected to nameless, bodiless celebrities!” “Just visit this mysterious website and tell me what it is.” I just write about these and I am supposed to get connected to nameless, bodiless celebrities? Just visit this mysterious website and tell me what it is? Hehehehe… Thanks for this wonderful app. Simpli Screen Recorder 5 By Awesome Great app. It works as expected and every time I get a not so desirable photo I just contact the developer. I recommend this app to everyone who needs a simple screen recorder. Keep up the good work and once again, I recommend this to everyone.The third annual Big Bingo Bash is just days away and many people in the USA are looking to their phones to make sure they haven’t won big. But what do you do if you are in Europe with a similar event? You get your Bingo cards and look for your card to light up. However, some people are looking to find a solution that works better. I had an interview with Bingo Canada to find out how they get people to look up for their cards

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– Space Wormhole 3D is a Space Wormhole screensaver. – A small spaceship is given the task of traveling through the wormhole. – The entire screen will show one of the life cycles of a wormhole. – The process of entering the wormhole is fairly simple: You launch the spaceship from a hill using a rope. – One of the most known natural phenomena is also used as the basis for the journey through the wormhole. – In a first step, the wormhole is opened up a little. – The spaceship automatically starts out at the center of the screen. – After several minutes, the wormhole starts to twist around, creating an „image“ of how a wormhole would look like. – The size of the wormhole increases, and, as a result, the spaceship flies away from the center. – After some more twists and turns, the wormhole disappears. – Once you reach the furthest point, you will have a „view“ of the core (center) of the wormhole: You are flying through it. – The status bar can be accessed by click. – The settings can be accessed by double click. – Different settings are available. – For example, you can choose how long the wormhole will take place. – You can also choose between single colors, color combinations, or random settings. – The rotation speed of the wormhole can be adjusted. – Also, the rotation speed can be randomized. – The option „do not minimize“ can be toggled. – The „minimize“ can be set to manual or automatic. – The flying speed can be set to normal or super. – The color pallet of the wormhole can be set to any combination of colors. – Also, the transformations can be adjusted. – For example, you can choose between blue, purple, orange, pink, green, or yellow green. – The rotation speed of the wormhole can be adjusted. – The rotation speed can be randomized. – Also, the rotation speed can be randomized. – The option „do not minimize“ can be toggled. – The „minimize“ can be set to manual or automatic. – The flying speed can be set to normal or super. – The colors of the wormhole can be set to any color combination. –

System Requirements For Space Wormhole 3D:

Windows XP or later (32-bit or 64-bit) Windows 7, 8, 8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit) CPU: Intel or AMD Core 2 Duo or better RAM: 2 GB Graphics card: 1024 MB NVIDIA or AMD Network: Broadband Internet connection HDD: 500 MB free space Hard disk space: 20 GB free space How to install: 1. Install “OneDrive Sync for Windows” from the App Store and search for “


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