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The 15th and 16th century saw a drastic rise of industry. This, combined with the birth of the printing press, put the vast majority of the population into the hands of the scribal class. They watched, furiously, as the feudal aristocracy prospered and spread through Europe, while the king’s coffers filled with war spoils. The Pope, meanwhile, headed the other great western superpower, the Holy Roman Empire.

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“The great nations have built their strength on liberty; the


Space Moth DX Features Key:

  • 30+ unreleased final game levels for breathtaking 3D movement and balancing
  • Time Trials mode for unlimited bonus levels
  • Ship Control game type for the game shortest game time but most difficult game play
  • Long gameplay for more hours of game play
  • Innovative “Tiny Time Trials” game mode for very short game play
  • Full Game Alarm clock / Timer from any days of the week
  • Full Screen Display support for better enjoyment
  • Fully customizable interface for hours of game play
  • Modern Flat Design and Sound
  • Background Music
  • Text Font size: Huge and small
  • Text Style: Normal and Bold
  • Seperator Color: Black and White

Technical Data

Content Rating:

  • Input devices: Keyboard, Mouse, Touch Input

System Requirements:

  • Computer: Minimum Processor 600 MHz should be enough for the game
  • RAM: 512 MB at least
  • OS: Windows 7, 8.1 or Windows 10
  • DirectX: Minimum DirectX 11

How to Play’s 

To play Space Moth DX game without Steam:

  • download Windows 10 ISO file on the web
  • start game from
    Microsoft Store

  • Create a simple.ISO-File
  • Open the.ISO-File in your burning software and use the image called: Windows 10 key
  • Burn the.ISO-File and boot your PC


Space Moth DX X64 [March-2022]

– All the classic Space Moth gameplay, with sleek new space ship designs, and a whole new game experience.
– Dozens of new medals and achievements.
– New additional planets, races, and levels.
– Gameplay updates to cater to the new space ship models.
– Amps now support ‘Pop, Clicks, and Riffs’ on guitar tracks.
– Improved Keybind Support (Includes 3 new Keybinds).
– A number of fixes and optimizations throughout the codebase.
– New Music by ‘Chet Tran’ and ‘Chad Foley’

If you’ve enjoyed our previous Space Moth games then you may be interested in this, the Lunar Edition of our most popular game. The Lunar Edition comes with all the classic features of Space Moth DX, plus several new features and areas to explore. You’ll get to play across new planets, new races, and new levels. And the in-game keyboard support has been completely redone to meet the needs of today’s keybind requirements.

Space Moth DX: Lunar Edition – Features

Gamespace & Level Editor: No longer do you need to create and assign your own levels. Download our software and create a level, then paste it right into your game. Each level can have multiple custom backgrounds, screen sizes, enemies, and behavior settings. You’ll also be able to import your custom level from here directly into the game.

Create Your Own Space Moth DX World: What if you could get your own Space Moth, fully personalized? Now you can! In the Space Moth DX: Lunar Edition, you get your own customized Space Moth, with two customizable soundtracks. You also get a number of premade backgrounds, with each one customizable to your liking.

In-Game Keybind Support: Did you ever feel like those keyboard bindings didn’t work very well in our previous games? Well now they do! They’re not only working 100% like they should now, but you get to change their exact location, their command, and even their key mapping. Check out our keybind guide for more information.

You Also Get: Our standard Space Moth DX Credit: You get a new build of Space Moth DX for free, with up to a 50% discount off the regular price. This includes all of our previous content: levels, backgrounds, and sounds.

Space Moth DX: Lunar


Space Moth DX Crack (Updated 2022)

Lunar Edition is the most detailed and beautiful version of the great Space Moth DX ever.

Enjoy the same great game play, new improvements, and great enhanced visual effects.

The Lunar Edition features three new levels to test your skills in the most alien environments ever.

Improved graphics and lighting, new engines, and top of the line animations.

The Lunar Edition is best played with a game controller.

The Lunar Edition is available for download at, or at It will be available for download at the end of June, 2017.

Lunar Edition will feature

Full Game

Complete Review of the Core GamePlay of the Space Moth DX

Improved User Interface

New Graphics and Lighting

New Avatars

Improved Game Mechanics

Improved user experience

New Levels

Three new levels to Test your skills.

Progression Guide

New engines and effects.

And More!!

Note that the Lunar Edition will not include the Visualizer, Touch controls, Mi Band, or the core game play.

The Lunar Edition is available for download at the end of June, 2017.

Download and Play Here:


For more information on Space Moth DX, visit or Follow us on Twitter at @NekoGames and @Microbitorg.

Space Moth DX is a hand-held game using the Microbit platform.

By using the mouse, a number pad, or game controller, players can

pick up and play this unique puzzle game instantly.

Space Moth DX was created by artist Jack Llewellyn (

Space Moth DX is funded by the not-for-profit

In Space Moth DX, players control a humanoid-looking space moth

with a large head and black body. Players must guide the moths head

through a series of twisting and turning levels to avoid obstacles,

collect diamonds and avoid creatures.

Each level is broken down into different segments:

(1) the arena, (2) the airways


What’s new:


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