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Social media has not only become viral on computers, with nearly every device capable of connecting to the Internet being able to access social services. Computers users mostly rely on web browsers for this task, but applications like Social Lite bring your preferred social network to your desktop for enhanced comfort.
Enhanced social experience at your fingertips
The application comes in a small package that grants access to some of the most commonly used services today like Facebook, Twitter and your Google account. All of these features can easily be triggered with a click on the corresponding button and fills the main window with the dedicated social network features.
Connects to Facebook, Twitter and Google services
Needless to say that you need to have an account to benefit from what the application offers. The Google account feature is probably the most practical of all because it covers all Google services, including Google+, GMail, the popular homonimous search engine, which enables you to navigate on any desired web page, using context menu buttons for navigation.
On the other hand, Facebook and Twitter counterparts provide a somewhat limited approach on what can truly be done. For example, you can only get in touch with your friends by sending messages, with the Facebook chat system being unimplemented.
Good but not a pro
Another major disadvantage is the lack of a notifications feature, regardless of the active account. Even though the application can hide in the system tray, it does not come with an option to visually or acoustically warn you of received messages or posts.
Furthermore, if you want to fully enjoy the display, you might want to keep the main window frame as a side panel, because switching to a full screen view leaves a little something to be desired. However, this is only applicable to Facebook and Twitter, with Google once again profiting from a full screen view.
In conclusion
All things considered, Social Lite is a practical application that takes you on a ride with a few ups and downs. Connectivity and accommodation leave nothing more to be desired, but practicality is slightly reduced due to the lack of a notification system. On the other hand, it keeps you connected to major social networks and can be used for both leisure and business purposes.









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Social Lite is a piece of software that takes you on a journey through different social networks. Instead of a bulky mail client or a chat system, the software displays all of your social networks in a single window. You can switch to the appropriate service by simply clicking on the corresponding button.
Key features:
• Twitter, Facebook, Google, Skype, YouTube, LinkedIn, Jabber, iCal, SMS
• Text, multi-line, enter and edit messages
• Send and receive messages
• Hide profile
• Keyboard features (Fn, Home, End)
• Save/load log files
• Bookmarks and history of last used accounts
• Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
• Java 7
• 4GB of free space on your hard drive

Netstat4Mac is designed to quickly get the job done with the most common network monitoring functionality. It displays statistical and diagnostic information about network connections and network usage. The time spent in different network states can be shown and the most active interfaces can be visualized in the integrated Wireshark.
Netstat4Mac Description:
Netstat4Mac is a network monitoring tool, especially suited for Mac OS X systems. It can be used to quickly check if there are problems with a configured network adapter, available network interfaces and network usage in detail. It allows the administrator to quickly locate the source of a problem and to debug it.
Netstat4Mac Key Features:
• Network monitoring and usage analysis
• Traffic statistics
• Wireshark/TShark logs
• Socket listening
• Interface statistics
• IPv4 / IPv6
• OS X 10.6
• Mac OS X Leopard/Snow Leopard

XPNow Activator is a software package which allows you to deploy MS Windows XP Service Pack 2 and other related Windows XP updates within the framework of existing Office 365 subscriptions. This software makes it possible to activate and update an existing Office 365 subscription to the newest Windows based on Windows XP Service Pack 2 available in the Windows Update catalog.
XPNow Activator Description:
What is the Service of Windows XP Now?
Windows XP Now is an exclusive software package that allows you to deploy MS Windows XP Service Pack 2 and other related Windows XP updates within the framework of existing Office 365 subscriptions. This software makes it possible to activate and update an existing Office 365 subscription to the newest Windows based on Windows XP Service Pack 2 available in the Windows Update catalog

Social Lite Crack + With License Key Free Download [Updated]

Social Lite is an ideal communication tool that helps you synchronize all your services that require you to share your information with different social networks and Google account. Social Lite will keep all of your profiles in sync by allowing you to connect to your Google account, Facebook account and Twitter account.
Social Lite Features:

1. Google Account: with this option you can manage your Google mail account, plus gcalendar, plusdocs and plusreader.
2. Facebook: Social Lite allows you to connect to your Facebook account, plus a few more features as friend count, albums and recent activities.
3. Twitter: this feature allows you to connect to your Twitter account, plus a few more services.
Using Social Lite:

1. Download Social Lite.
2. Right-click on Social Lite and select “Install”.
3. After you have installed Social Lite, double click on its icon to run the software.
4. In the main menu bar, click the “Email” icon.
5. Click on “Google” and check if your account is activated. If it is not, click the “Create account” and follow the onscreen instructions.
6. You will be informed if it could not be connected. If it can be, click OK.
7. Before continuing with the tutorial, check if your network connection is fine.
8. Once you can connect to the Google account, you will be able to synchronize with all of your Google services like Google+ and other Google tools.
9. A little bit of a tutorial on what you can do with this tool.

1. From the Social Lite main menu, you can chose between your Google account and Facebook account to synchronize.
2. Social Lite offers you five options to connect to your Google account. Once connected, you can manage Google+, Google Groups, Google Calendar and Google Reader.
3. The five options to synchronize with the Facebook account are as follows.
4. Before you begin your synchronization process, check the option “Follow me”. This is necessary for the synchronization process.

Using Social Lite:

1. In the main menu select the second option to connect to Facebook account.
2. Once you are connected, you can do the following:

– You can send message to friends.
– Create event.
– Update profile.

3. On the option “Link me with Facebook account”, you will need to choose the option to link Facebook

Social Lite With Registration Code X64

Social Lite is a simple and lightweight application, which enables you to visit any social network and stay connected to your friends by either a chat or messaging option. The application comes in a small package, so as to offer maximum fun and the maximum possible utilization.
Key features:
* Quick access to your Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts
* Multiple social networks included: Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Circles, Pownce, Flickr
* Chat & messaging option
* Log in via email and passowrd
* Customizable notifications
* Full screen mode & side panel
* Support for Windows® XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
* Works on both 32-bit & 64-bit windows
* Ready to be activated by simply downloading it from the internet and double-clicking on the installer file
* Runs on both 32-bit & 64-bit windows
Like Social Lite on facebook:

Windows 8 New User : Apps, Tips, and Tricks

In this video i’m sharing what apps and tips i have found while being new to windows 8. If you want to have more than just basic tips, i strongly suggest you to check my playlist 🙂
If you have any tips, tricks or suggestions, please let me know in the comments 🙂

How to Access Windows Computer from Android Phone

In this video we will see how to access Windows 7 computer from your android smartphone.
Want to share files from your android smartphone to laptop and windows computer
► Use this AndroidFile Transfer app for sharing whole sd card in a few clicks
► Step by Step process :
► facebook :
► twitter :
► This video is for educational purpose only.
Please go through our discussion forum for a more in depth explanation about this topic and pointers to insights in uptodate North American and European regulations regarding computer security.

Access to Your Office Documents from Home Using Your Phone

It’s not possible to carry all of your office documents with you at all times, so you need a way to access them from home – and that’s where your mobile phone comes in.
Transcript: Office on

What’s New In Social Lite?

* Easily manage your contacts, tags and favorites from your Facebook or Twitter accounts* Easily send message to your Twitter and Facebook contacts* Easily browse or search your Google account* Connect to Twitter, Facebook and your Google account

Review Social Lite

Current version is 7.2

Auto-detected my Twitter account and Google-related stuff. Result? Works without any problems. (For a few days?) Very simple interface and beautiful. Very responsive performance.

Social Lite is a great Twitter application, the design of which is very neat. Besides just being a Twitter client, it also gives you a chance to browse your Google search history. Not bad!

In short, this is a great Twitter client and a very good management tool for Google search history. I highly recommend it!

Of course, you need your own Twitter account first. Maybe?


“It’s the best Twitter client I’ve ever seen. – WIlliam Myers
“It’s great! – Phil Savage
“Very simple, clean and feature-rich. – Matt
“Social Lite is one of the best Twitter clients I’ve used. – Jacob K.



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System Requirements For Social Lite:

Windows 7/8/10
Mac OS X 10.7 or later
Android Version 2.3 or later
Minimum 2 GB RAM
Minimum 300MB free space
Internet connection
Sound Card/Mic
Compatible with mobile phone
You don’t need to download anything else to play our games – a game installer is included.
Please check the instruction manual or FAQ before installing for details on how to update the data files.


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