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The Samsung LinkMaster is a very good solution for setting up a mobile hotspot which can be used by other Wi-Fi enabled devices. The LinkMaster is able to share the Internet connection from your laptop through a broadband modem, to other Wi-Fi capable devices for data transfer. Being a mobile hotspot, the LinkMaster only creates a temporary wireless network which can be accessed by devices that support Wi-Fi. The LinkMaster is equipped with two Ethernet ports and a USB port, which can be used for connection to other devices. As far as the connectivity is concerned, there are also HDMI ports on the LinkMaster, which can be used to show an external TV through a monitor.

The LinkMaster has a number of features that can make it a good option for mobile hotspot. Apart from being capable of connecting to other devices for data transfer, the LinkMaster has a number of other capabilities, like starting the device as a Wi-Fi hotspot when powered on, connecting to a router that is set up in the user’s home with network settings, like WEP, WPA or WPA2 password. In addition, the LinkMaster has a comprehensive help section, to help the users about the utility. The LinkMaster is also capable of detecting the presence of other wireless devices nearby, and letting the user choose the preferred network to be used.

This application is capable of working with all the Wi-Fi enabled devices, regardless of the operating system, which can include smart phones, tablets, computers, laptops, televisions and even gaming consoles. The LinkMaster is capable of adjusting the connection quality when the user selects the desired network from the list of networks. It also provides the users with the option of selecting the networks with different bandwidths.

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The application is capable of converting the laptop into a mobile hotspot and sharing the Internet connection with the other Wi-Fi enabled devices which are nearby.

The application is capable of being used to create a Wi-

SAMSUNG Laptop To Hotspot Converter With Full Keygen

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SAMSUNG Laptop To Hotspot Converter Serial Key Latest

SAMSUNG Laptop to Hotspot Converter
SAMSUNG Laptop to Hotspot Converter is a software utility that enables you to transform your laptop into a hotspot and share your Internet connection with other nearby computers and devices. Additionally, you can also take advantage of the wireless connection and use it for other devices as well, such as mobile phones, tablets or smart TVs.
Furthermore, this allows you to enjoy wireless connectivity for your friends even when you are not at home, without having to carry a router around with you. In order for the application to function, your laptop needs to be connected to the Internet via broadband, so that the wireless adapter can be able to broadcast the signal to nearby devices.
Once the cable connection is made, you can transform the laptop into a hotspot, by selecting the desired wireless adapter to use as a transmitter. After the transmission starts, the laptop can be detected by devices capable to receive Wi-Fi signals and they can make use of them to access the Internet.
In order to connect to the hotspot, you need to enter the name and the password you have set up for the laptop, which are designed to deny access to any unwanted devices that might want to connect. The name and password can be manually changed and you can use any character combination when it comes to securing the connection.
As it may be clear from its name, the application can only be used on Samsung laptops, since it is designed specifically for the wireless adapter they happen to use and it may not be able to recognize or use a different one. Additionally, the hotspot can be disabled at any moment, in case you need the bandwidth for personal use and you do not want it affected by the other connected devices.
SAMSUNG Laptop to Hotspot Converter Key Features:
– CNET Approved Software
– Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
– Free Download (No Cost)
– No Further Installation Required
– Hotspot Feature
– Wireless Hotspot 2.4GHz
– Choose Hotspot Name
– Supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup
– Supports Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA/WPA2)
– Select Wireless Adapter
– Supports Wireless Adapter-Mode
– Supports WEP/WPA/WPA2 Security
– Supports Passkey
– Supports IEEE 802.1x with EAP-TLS
– Supports IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n

What’s New in the?

Smartphone has become more and more popular. More and more users are using their smartphones for work, sometimes it is necessary to establish a hotspot connection, so that they can keep working while they are away from their desks.
Samsung Laptop is a laptop, not a hotspot, but it can act as a hotspot, by connecting to the wireless network. It has wireless LAN (802.11) built in adapter which is called “Wireless LAN Adaptor (802.11)”. It can convert the internal Bluetooth adapter into a wireless adapter. To broadcast data, this adapter needs to connect to another wireless adapter which acts as a wireless repeater.
In Windows, the wireless adapter is available in the “Control Panel\Network & Internet\Wi-Fi” while in Linux it is available in “System\Network Settings\Wireless Network”
SAMSUNG Laptop to Hotspot Converter Main features:
Compatible with all Samsung notebook models, including Samsung Notebook 9, Samsung Notebook 14, Samsung Notebook 13, Samsung Notebook 11, Samsung Notebook 10, Samsung Notebook 8, Samsung Notebook 7, Samsung Notebook 6
When you use your laptop as a hotspot for other devices, the phone you are using can stream music from the music library that is available for your laptop over Wi-Fi.
View network information to view IP address and link speed from around the world.
The laptop is ready to enable hotspot quickly. No need to search for and activate the hotspot connection again.
You can send streaming video as well as the file share.

In addition to the conventional Wi-Fi, this feature supports your Bluetooth adapter and USB adapter.
Not only USB adapter can operate, such as external hard disk, USB flash, and external hard disk adapter.
Save and share all your important data securely, such as pictures, files, and multimedia.
Keep your laptop in a bag when not using, you can still use the hotspot for other devices.
Save your Internet connection by reducing the power when the laptop is not used.

All the taskbar icons except WiFi app will be hidden when you use hotspot.
Quick access to all hotspot related functions, such as turn on/off, change Wi-Fi password, change the name, and power off.

Technical Requirements:

SAMSUNG Laptop to Hotspot Converter Features

Identification of wireless adapter

Select the wireless adapter that

System Requirements For SAMSUNG Laptop To Hotspot Converter:

Mac OSX: 10.5.8
Processor: 2.6 GHz Intel
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel GMA 950/GMA X3100
Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
Internet Connection: 1024Kbps internet connection
Note: More than one player can join the same computer. Each player has to create an independent account.
Windows Vista SP2/Windows 7 SP1/Windows 8/Windows 8.1
Processor: 2.6 GHz


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