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.[The combination of the topical steroid-dexamethasone and the glucocorticoid-hydrocortisone for the treatment of inflammatory dermatoses].
The range of indications for topical glucocorticoids is steadily increasing. Apart from antirheumatic and allergic diseases, the topical use of corticosteroids in dermatology is increasingly gaining importance. The general introduction of the combination of budesonide and hydrocortisone in the dosage of 0.1% and 0.05% respectively, has led to a significant improvement of the local tolerability. Although the therapeutic spectrum of corticosteroids has grown, one is still confronted with different indications. For the treatment of certain dermatoses, the combination of corticosteroids and the topical use of anti-inflammatory agents are a useful therapeutic concept.When a user buys a ticket from a travel agency, the user normally provides the agency with a full amount of money as the payment for the ticket. In that case, the agency cannot miss the money and can take necessary action. However, if the travel agency sells the user’s ticket to a third party, the agency may have to pay the money to the third party at an appointed time and it may be difficult to control the transaction or the agency has no money to pay to the third party.
For this reason, the travel agency has conventionally offered to the user a voucher which is offered to the user in exchange for the ticket. Further, the travel agency may offer the voucher for sale in a form (e.g., a pack of such vouchers) when the travel agency wants to assign or issue an amount of vouchers to users as needed.
The voucher is called in the following description. In the following description, the voucher means a financial instrument which can be used by a party other than a purchaser, such as a vendor or an operator. However, the voucher and the invention are not limited to such a use. That is, the voucher in the following description means a financial instrument which can be used by a party other than a purchaser, such as a vendor or an operator. However, the voucher and the invention are not limited to such a use. More specifically, the voucher and the invention are used for any financial instruments that are used by a party other than the purchaser for whom the financial instrument is used.
Normally, when the voucher is used for payment for the purchase of a ticket, the vendor or the operator who owns the ticket uses a financial agency to

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