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This is the official page for the PC version of the game. For information about the console version, click here: NOTE: This game is a creation of Eden Corp. All the contents and information in this website are solely developed by Eden Corp. and are not endorsed by Nintendo. © 2018, Eden Corp. © 2018, Nintendo The new fantasy action RPG that allows you to boldly forge your own destiny. (※ This game features free updates.) ◆ Description of the product A new fantasy action RPG where you take up the role of an Elden Lord and go on a journey to unlock a hidden world known as the Lands Between. The Lands Between is a world filled with secrets and untold stories, but the ground is rotten and a terrible evil is rising. The Elden Lord you choose to lead is a lonely figure who speaks to people’s hearts. 1. HARDWARE SPECIFICATIONS OS Windows 7/8/10 (32/64 bit) Processor 3.0 GHz Dual-core/4.0 GHz Quad-core Intel i5/i7 with Intel HD Graphic Memory 4 GB RAM Graphics Processor Intel HD Graphics 620 Memory Graphics RAM 2 GB RAM Hard Disk 500 GB PERFORMANCE HDR-10/HDR-14 Requires Download (about 60 GB) Recommended OS Windows 7/8/10 (32/64 bit) SUPPORTED OS Windows XP/Vista Minimum OS Windows 7/8/10 (32/64 bit) Please note that this is a game browser. The content that you download may be distributed by a server different from the one that you are using. Additionally, the game contents that you download from other people’s computers may not be downloaded directly from this server. This may affect the download speed. For details, please visit BETA LOG IN. Log in or register an account with a game website in order to play the game (BETA). [Purpose]


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Craft-based Action Combat
  • Enter a World Rich with a Tale Full of Drama
  • A Vast World Rich with All the Drama!
  • Weave Mythic Tales in an Epic World
  • Create your Own Character with Flavorful Skills
  • Create a Dark Destiny from Your Choices
  • Rise, Tarnished, Become a Power
  • Leap into the World of Fantasy
  • A Fantasy in an Age That Mourns
  • Connect, Join the Rebellion and Defeat the Demons
  • Find Yourself, Become a Great Hero.
  • Beguiling System Features:

    • Customizable and Aggressive Buildouts
    • Easy Intrigue in Fun Combinations
    • Clear, Responsive and Intuitive Controls
    • A Sci-Fi Story of Nostalgia
    • Intuitive UI Creation
    • Ensnare Your Enemies in a Fiendish Trap!
    • A Fantasy Full of Lively Colors
    • Discover the Destinies in an Epic Story
    • A Fantasy Full of Fantasy
    • Ride into a Long Journey Full of Evil
    • Engage in a Restless Adventure
    • Recruit an Army to Strengthen Your Foes!

    Collect, Equip, Enhance, Increase:

    • Treasure Locations Full of Interesting Items to Collect
    • Soluble or Ill-Edible Goods Full of Flavor
    • Make the Most of the Opportunities to Equip
    • Unquenchable Desire to Upgrade Your Weapons and Magic
    • Eat Up the Experience Points, Use Them to Improve Equipment
    • Make Your Moves Wisely the Majority of the Time
    • Enjoy the Powerful Effects of Strengthened


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      • Unique Battle and Master the Land Unique quests and important battles are a special part of the Elden Ring game. Following the player’s actions, it gives you a chance to experience a completely new battle and learn about the world and yourself. Vast World with 3D-Like Dynamic 3D-World • An Epic World where Players Collaborate with Others Explore the vast world and various cultures by following friends. By connecting to other players, you can participate in the world where it is always active. It is truly a new form of online play that lets you feel the presence of other players. An Epic Story Conceived by Men of Action An epic story that is deliberately constructed while playing, so it is always interesting. The storyline of each character is developed from a certain viewpoint and it can be changed at any time. Online Multiplayer • Join a Party of Friends Connect with friends through dedicated servers to freely create parties. Play Together Together with your friends, travel the world, engage in the storylines and quests, interact with other players, and share parties. In this way, it will be like you are playing in the same world even though you are not together. Create Your Own Adventure Become an Elden Lord and rule this land in the Lands Between. The world of the Elden Ring game is a land that is vast, exciting, and full of mysteries. Online Asynchronous Play • A Fun Play Together with Others Even if You Are Not Together Enjoy a new type of online play by actively creating the plot and characters. ‘Elden Ring’ is an RPG Game Created by a Team of Female Game Developers • ‘Elden Ring’ is a Game with a Female Lead Character Title: ‘Elden Ring’ Artist: Moa, Youngjae Lee, UJE Developer: Rumble Publisher: Jellyvelox Games Release Date: June 26, 2017 Language: English Platform: PS4 Story: A town in the Lands Between. Newly-transformed characters, who have the same destiny as the lords before them. But the fearless protector of the town, Reim, has suddenly disappeared after fulfilling his duty! What has happened to him? Meanwhile, a mysterious trap is set on a girl named Ellabelle. In order to save her,


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      Free Download Elden Ring Crack + [32|64bit]

      ## 1.Unrar. 2.Move ELDEN RING game from rar file to game folder 3.Play, enjoy! 4.Run the game as administrator 5.Enjoy!


      How To Crack Elden Ring:

    • Disconnect from internet – Disconnect your internet connection on your device so that you will not connect to the internet when using the game.
    • Disable Instant Run – Click start > select > Settings > Apps. In the window that opens, scroll down > and select Applications >Apps with no digital signature. Select Elden Ring and deselect the checkbox next to “Enable Instant Run
    • Extract – Move the downloaded file to the game directory. This step extracts the game’s files from the.ZIP file to your device’s directory of game files.
    • Run – Click start > select > run. Windows will run the setup for you.
    • Login – Enter your user name and password. You can change your user name in the INI file if you wish.


    1.Download the game from the official website and unzip the file. 2.Then Copy and paste the contents of the “Data” folder into your “Games” folder. [ The data folder is hidden, so you can also copy and paste the content of this folder straight into your “GAMES” folder; This step is not required.]

    3.Then Run the game. Now you can enjoy the game! If you find the game runs slowly, please try the following:

  • Open the INI file as the Administrator. Enter “Elden Ring” on the CONFIG page.
  • 4.Update the firmware of your PC.

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    A modern gaming PC is recommended. 1.5 GHz CPU or faster 2 GB VRAM (2 GB VRAM recommended) 16 GB of RAM (32 GB recommended) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290 or better, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 or AMD Radeon R9 380 or better Windows 10 Web Browser: Chrome (v45.0.2454.101) This title has been optimized for graphics cards manufactured since the introduction of the GeForce GTX 970.



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