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Take command of a powerful Elden lord,

The legendary weapon used by Great Elves to pacify goblins and challenge the land.

As your influence spreads, you can gradually master more magical skills to bring down greater threats.

Create Your Own Lord

Equip all sorts of weapons, armor, and magic, and utilize them to make an Elden lord, truly a unique character who can rise to power.

Based on the fantasy world of the popular novel series.

Cut from the world of Tarnished Soul. An epic saga with a brand-new story.

Strategic Online Multiplayer Combat

In the online multiplayer component, fight against other players with your own card in mind. Give careful consideration to the positioning of your cards, and choose a unit that provides a good attack and defense balance.

Prepare for multiplayer battles with a hearty appetite.

A turn-based strategy game where you fight. A game where you can master incredible mastery while fighting and maintaining your own army.

Take Your Game Offline

As you play, your own card allows you to enter the game as a party leader.

Discover New Content Every Week

You and your party can make progress during your days off.

Every week you will be able to discover new content, and your enjoyment will increase.

The new content is available for a limited time period.

You may also discover new friends!

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Copyright (c) 2016-2020, Tarnished Soul® LLC. All rights reserved. Tarnished Soul® is a registered trademark of Tarnished Soul® LLC. All other brands or trademarks belong to their respective owners.Q:

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Features Key:

    Use a powerful new spell of all-out attacks for each character to
    shatter doors and walls in boss encounters.

    Use the wildly powerful abilities of each character to combine
    into powerful combos and battle monsters in a vigorous assault.

    Discord, the leader of the Elden, will divide the world into four
    colors and punish those who disobey her with a terrible curse of
    catastrophic consequences.

    A major continent with a different environment is raised between
    the two sections, like the Lands Between.

    Adventure in Fantasy:

      Discover a vast world with open fields and huge dungeons
      connected smoothly.

      The landscape changes dramatically depending on how you act.

      A rich and varied world full of adventures awaits you.

      This intense, online fantasy is based on the fantasy lands
      of china and mexico.
      Attain a status as an


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      ● 88/100 by CFH LIVE!

      “If you are a person who loves to immerse yourself in stories, exciting action, large worlds, and unpredictable experiences, you will definitely enjoy this RPG.”

      ―CFH LIVE!

      ● 87/100 by GAMESPORAD

      “The most intriguing element of the game is the story, which is multi-layered, and it is very well presented. While there is an assumption of common sense, it provides a unique story to the players, and I can very much recommend it to anyone who likes RPGs.”


      ● 80/100 by RPGIdol

      “The “Explore, battle, and craft” RPG which is newly released in July, was well worth the wait. It is an RPG that offers the ideal blend of action and RPG elements. I strongly recommend this game to those who love action RPGs.”


      Elden Ring



      1. “Dragon Quest” and “Dragon Warrior” Are your Great Heroes!

      A great war was waged between the gods and dragons, and when defeated, the gods sealed them away into the Dragons’ Bank in the Lands Between. In the ensuing century, the sealed dragons have gradually awakened and are now wandering freely. They have also managed to borrow the strange and extraordinary powers called “Tarfum” and enter the Lands Between to wreak havoc. Tarnished, a noble dragon who was sealed up along with his sons, has awoken to find himself in the heart of war. He has determined to return to his home and save his people from harm. Tarnished and his band of dragon mercenaries will face various battles in the Lands Between to return home.

      ■ Card Battles That Have Stood the Test of Time!

      Tactical card battles! The overarching battle system is a system using cards and special abilities that will result in a strong sense of immersion. The various actions and skills of the game


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      • Action Battle System
      Combine magic and the elements into a powerful four-directional attack and execute quick attacks to deal incredible damage. The characters and monsters that come in from behind will appear suddenly at a certain point in time.

      • Ecchi Action System
      The lewdness and cleverness of the gameplay are upgraded by the new action system, allowing you to enjoy the “ravage of an undignified, lewd fight.”
      • Creation, Customization, and Multiplayer-Playable to a Large Degree
      You can freely customize your character with weapons, armor, and magic, making it easy to enjoy it the game. Multiplayer, a new online feature, allows you to connect to the service.
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      This issue in NOVA features the evolution and lifecycle of a bird, demonstrating the mutations that accumulate as a result of natural selection. The issue is divided into the following topics:


      Page 2

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      As previously discussed, and with the male offspring being discarded by the female, the females should only bear the offspring of the wingless male birds.

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      This bias happens with each successive season as the female bird retains the egg, and adds her own egg to the genetic pool.

      Additional Resources

      Additional resources related to this topic can be found here.

      Questions and Answers

      There are many questions related to this topic and most have already been answered. For example:

      Question: What is the difference between the evolution of the red-winged blackbirds (shown in the upper left) and redpoll (shown in the lower right)?

      Answer: Due to two periods of major climate changes (the E


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      Play as an elf trying to exact revenge on the people who murdered his parents and stop a plot to tear the kingdom apart.
      • Inciting Action – When the people of your village are slaughtered, you must revenge yourself and exact your own punishment!
      • Mysteriously Unique – An immersive world and a diverse cast of characters create unparalleled excitement.
      • New Scenes – The dynamic and changing interiors of every city in the Lands Between speak to you, and encourage you to reach out to those you encounter.
      – Developed by Atlus
      – Uses the GA Engine™ developed by Daisuke Sato, creator of the Resident Evil series

      \r\r 28 Jul 2014 02:26:00 GMTREVIEW: Greetings, Skies Below!

          Click here to read our review

      It’s been six years since The Otherworld, last of the RPG adventure games from U.I., released.        Since then, the developer has released the enhanced port of the game on the Game Boy Advance, the OTT sequel Amora, and two other hardcore RPGs in the iOS world:


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      Windows XP / Windows Vista/7/8

      Included in game:


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