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The fantasy action RPG, Tarnished is being developed and produced by Square Enix for both PlayStation 3 and PC.

In addition to the two platforms, the game’s script will be released for free to encourage widespread participation in the community.

Tarnished is a game in which a new generation is coming together to build a fantasy world of hope.

It is being born with the power of the Elden Ring Cracked Accounts.

Artwork and CGI used is the property of Square Enix.

For more information, please visit:

© Square Enix Co., Ltd.

Square Enix and the Square Enix logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. (“Square Enix”), the Square Enix group of companies including Square Enix, Square Enix Music & Pictures, and Square Enix Online Studios.

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May 18, 2016

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Features Key:

  • Freely Choose Your Order
  • Wield an Epic Armour, Demon Weapons, SteamWorks Items, and various Moonsomenos.
  • Fight Monsters and Gain Experience
  • Play and experience the game’s twists and feel.
  • Epic Battles

    In the game, the jobs of the three main characters are as follows:

    • Aberrant Dragon: preordained fate.
      Subjugate the most destructive force in the world with a weapon capable of bearing any punishment.
    • Wild Hunter: destined to fight in a war between the Gods and Demons, and to protect the lands in which the war takes place with a weapon that the Gods bestowed.
    • Sword Master: commitment to justice.
      Anticipate the capabilities of enemies, guide and build up your team, and defend your allies.

    You can free your character of their posthumous destiny by breaking the command link between the Wild Hunter and Aberrant Dragon, the Sword Master and Aberrant Dragon, or the Sword Master and Wild Hunter.
    By doing so, you will be able to experience an epic battle with powerful opponents.


    • A Vast World
    • A Unique Three-Dimensional World
    • Two Realms on One Map
    • Interconnected World
    • Random Dungeon Generation
    • Endless Walking and Exploring
    • A Battle System that Gives Measuring Contrast
    • Battle with Unique Greetings to Cultivate Your Clan
    • Battle with Unique Greetings to Cultivate Your Clan
    • A Chess-Style Number Matching System
    • A Battle System that Meets the Fundamental Needs of Special Wards
    • Equip your Destiny with a Weapon to Catastrophe
    • An Awakening System that Varies According to the Players Destiny

    Additional Features


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    ▼ Game Core


    The fantasy action RPG inspired by Dungeons & Dragons: Stormcloudia


    Enter the Lands Between and advance!


    Gather in Groups and chain your attacks to make the most of your charge-time and special techniques!

    ▼ Story

    Saga of the Lands Between

    Amid the battle between Light and Darkness, the Hero disappeared, not to be seen again. The Lands Between were later divided, and the lands of the Fallen and the Heroes came into being.

    The Hero has become a legend, but what kind of hero is it?

    When you arrive at the heart of the Lands Between and have a chance to “Buy/Sell,” you can use that new support to investigate the Legend of the Hero.

    In other words, there is no need to learn the system of the Lands Between in advance.

    It is possible to freely choose what parts of the Lands Between you explore, and can choose which battle you participate in. The possibilities are endless.

    Each individual’s character takes on the form of his or her own destiny…

    View the entire world of the Lands Between in 8 different chapters

    The character and the map are gradually revealed piece by piece. The story and world develop in a 3D graphic, rather than being animated in real time.

    A mystery, a legend, the future… All of these are connected.

    Plot introduction (Story/Setting/Admin)

    In this Fantasy Action RPG, you are “Tarnished.” Your fate is set in motion by the path you choose. Rise, Tarnished!

    ▼ Game System

    Chronologically Sorted Action RPG

    The map can be freely explored. Each time you move forward, you can choose to pursue whatever quests you like.

    You can easily change your equipment and skill to improve your battle performance. You can also create a team by assigning them to each other, creating a unique 3D-graphics action experience.

    Thanks to the positioning of teleports, you can freely navigate in the vast world of the Lands Between.

    With its real-time action and special techniques, you’ll be able to cut through monsters and clear out the obstacles in your path.

    ▼ Fight

    If the fight with a monster is lost, you will be able to save your character to the


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    As the primary hero in a procedural dungeon, your aim is to build your connection with users from around the world.
    As a college student, reading alone lacks a certain thrill.
    So, mount your horse and go on an exciting journey!
    We’re excited about that challenge you have to overcome.
    Welcome to Abzu!

    Sylvan has been locked in a tragic conflict with the Elden Ring for 4 long years and now it’s more important than ever for you to fight for your country. Will you join her and fulfill your destiny?
    All the new content and events of the enhanced version of Tyranny that come bundled with Abzu.

    Additional games in the Abzu – LuLu Tournaments are provided – Adventurer’s Game, Rules, Play-Dungeons, and Abzu Session Format.


    Where to put graphics and sound files?

    I would like to move some graphics files (.jpg,.gif,.mp3) and music files (wav, mp3) from my PC to my phone. There’s a space on the SD card slot, where people have put images. I thought I’d put the files there.
    But I’ve noticed a tendency among some other apps on the market to put the files somewhere non-standard on the card. I don’t know whether this is to make sure that your files don’t get deleted when the card is in a TF card slot, if you have a huge collection. But it occurs to me that if the device is not the SD card reader’s default place, then this may confuse the OS in some way. I worry that the OS might not notice that the file is there, and not be able to do with it what it normally would be able to. In that case, I’d rather put the files in the standard places.
    I’m on Windows 8. Are there any standard places to put images and music on an SD card? Or is it just up to the developer? When it’s developer’s choice, do they know what they’re doing?


    I think there are two general “best-practice” locations for files:

    Shareable & searchable: This is something you should probably have done in any event anyway, so this is really about enforcing compatibility with the files you already


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    – Achievements now work

    – Added a “credits” area

    – Countless small additions and minor fixes

    – Now you can choose the items your character equips from a list

    – Added a new training area

    – Easy way to find bugs and changes

    – New map, new stuff.

    – To install the patch, just unzip the game file and play.

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    Hard Disk: 4 GB
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    DirectX: DirectX 9.0c compatible
    Additional Notes: Works only with desktop versions of Web 3D components.
    OS: Windows 7,



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