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Players embody adventurers, known as “Knights”, who have been summoned to the Lands Between by the Chosen God to protect the sacred land and defeat the invading monsters. The chosen land is the only place where the gods’ power has remained intact, but it is challenged by the onslaught of monsters. The Chosen God, Elden, has tasked the player with defeating the monsters and restoring the sacred land.
◎ Simple, Easy to Learn Combat System
Players control the main character in battles in the midst of a real-time action. The combat system is easy to learn, and the system combines elements from 3rd and 4th person action games.
◎ A Multilayered Story
The story is divided into four stages, or Acts, that will unfold over time. The story is relayed in fragments, so the player has to gather information and resolve many situations. Each stage is connected to the prior one, and the stage following it will carry on where you left off.
◎ Eight Classes
The game features classes for every role. You can choose from seven classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, such as “Warrior”, “Rogue”, “Magician”, or “Thief”.
◎ Actions through Combinations of Masteries
Each class has several skill and attribute combinations for actions, and by equipping items you can change the functions of the masteries. Combinations of the masteries are very important to make your character unique, and with the right combination of masteries and items, you can have a very powerful character.
◎ Powerful Items with Limited Number of Uses
Some items have limited numbers of uses, so it’s important to use them wisely. Use items in the right combination to synergize with the action of the masteries, and upgrade the item for better results.
◎ Extensive Content
Pre-rendered cutscenes with a unique look of the Lands Between complete with effects and animations.
◎ A Devotion to the World of Art
The staff is devoted to the development of the visuals, as evidenced by the large-scale work completed for its cutscenes. The item graphics, animations, and environments are designed to fit with the fantasy world.
◎ Worldwide Content Creation
The game is entirely created by the team of V3Games, which has developed highly anticipated titles such as “Dragon Nest”. The developers’


Features Key:

  • Innovative Action RPG Play
  • Create Your Own Character
  • Where Worlds Intersect
  • Mercy and a Drive to Seek Out Evil
  • An Epic Drama Born from a Myth
  • Online Multiplayer and Versus Modes
  • Features

    • 2nd class 3D SRPG where you can create your own character from head to toe
    • Discover the evil’s grudge toward the Lands Between
    • Marvelous story written by Koizumi Tose
    • Leveling System that fits the ‘1st class’ Multiplayer Playstyle
    • Gorgeous richly detailed graphics of Land of Shadows
    • The device required to view the game is also a gameplay device. Please choose whether you can view the depths of Land of Shadows from the beginning of the game.
    • Enjoy the play of a device that is close to the heart, without compromising the crystal clear graphics of the Wii Home Menu.

    Award Nominations Gameplay Play

    Game Director: Koizumi Tose

    Network Division: ACT Corporation

    Art Director: Ushio Yasuda

    Planning: Koizumi Tosa

    Technical Director: Tsuji Hisashi

    Producer: Koizumi Tosa

    Funding: Edition S Image Recruitment Limited

    System Developers: Wright, Sagan

    Character Designers: Hikari Totsuka, Tsuyoshi Tanaka, Yoichi Yamamoto

    Music: Koizumi Tose



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    With the power of the ring and the flexibility of your character, rise to the top with your allies to become an Elden Lord.


     Live Events
    The ultimate test of whether you are truly ready for the higher ranks is the beginning of the “Puzzle Game,” a 12-hour long live-streaming event that uses the real-time element of the game. The participants can use the elements together with the audience to form a conclusion. (Puzzle Game 1st Stage, April 20 ~ 25)

     Social Media
    To encourage more people to participate in the online game, you can share your progress on a wide variety of social media platforms. Share your achievements as you climb the ranks and gain recognition. (Social Media Campaign, May 1 ~ May 14)

     Further Enhancements
    With new features as well as adjustments to previously implemented functions, the ELDEN RING Online will be increasingly stronger. (NEW FEATURES, etc.)
    Update Schedule
    The ELDEN RING Online will be periodically updated as necessary.



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    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    ・Key Features
    1. Online PvP Mode
    You can fight and challenge other players in a battlefield before your eyes.
    2. Access to a massive world
    Explore your own battlefield endlessly, and it will never end.
    3. Open World Map with Huge Dungeons
    Enter the dungeon of the enemy and learn new skills, get new armor, and move to the next region.

    ・Game Picture

    X –> Jump Start
    A –> Jump Start
    R –> Jump Start
    S –> Jump Start
    ► Kick –> Switch to options screen
    ► Switch to online mode
    ► Switch to Fighter mode (recommended)
    ► Switch to Thief mode

    ・What is Online Mode?
    In Online Mode, you can use another player as a helper, and you can exchange skills via a conversation.
    Let’s take this opportunity to meet and experience the Lands Between!
    Let the server know your nickname

    ・Verify your online status
    ※Be sure to check your status first.
    You need 500 credits to create a new character.
    Good to know about our new Community Plan
    New Community Plan

    ・Players on the community plan can access only the F2P Battle*/Fighter* Module
    A new training mode called Battle* will be available for players on the Community Plan.

    ・Selected games such as Exterminatus, the new Tak×to game, and Abyssal Sire will have special prices



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    1. Unrar.
    2. Burn or mount the image.
    3. Install the game.
    4. Play the game.

    How to play ELDEN RING game:

    1. Run the game.
    2. Start the game and the main menu will appear.
    3. Choose “Options” from the menu.
    4. Change the settings as desired.
    5. If you have an internet connection, you can go online to play.
    6. Play the game.

    Elden Ring is made by American independent company, Cloudcrown Games LLC
    If you like the game, please rate it 5*



    Before the game was released, i tested the online play with myself.
    Online play is like face to face play, but you can’t see your opponent, but only see him moving with the game.
    Online play is for when you want to see another player’s play while you can’t, you can play online.
    On PC, you can play on the internet if you have proper setup.
    If you want to play online, you have to select Server, or the player to connect to.
    Press the connect button and it will prompt you to pick your server.
    Do that, and you are now logged in.

    Random server doesn’t guarantee you get a good server, but one that is free does.
    I am not sure about ps3, but i believe i remember it taking ages to generate a random server.

    Server List:

    ATTENTION!!! If you play regularly, you will be logged off if you leave it on overnight.

    server feature LIST:

    • Going Online to play or serve in games
    • Check your ping
    • Swap players with other players
    • Build messages for players
    • Change languages

    Server Settings:

    • Difficulty: e1, e2, e3 or e4,
    e1 makes the game easy,
    e2, e3, e4 make the game hard,
    e4 is intended for killing time.

    • Password: Must be a common word.

    • Password: Your password is used for various things,
    such as switching players, verifying yourself, etc.

    • What server to play on: Select the server you want to play on.

    • Manually create a server: If you


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Unrar.rar
  • Extract the.exe file.exe
  • Install the game and start it (After installation, you will be prompted for LaunchPath. Select your Brothersoft Entertainment latest game)
  • Click Activate product
  • Enjoy the game!
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    No. 99-10791
    Summary Calendar




    CRYSTAL BOEHM; KARMA, Matheson St. Mary, Chadwick Police
    Baylor Hospital, College Station, Texas; JUDITH D. BOUGHTON


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 7 SP1 64bit / 8.1 64bit
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU
    Memory: 3GB RAM
    Graphics: AMD Radeon HD6490/NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GT
    Storage: 1 GB available space
    Additional Notes:
    Important: Do not update to this version until you have completed the mandatory 72-hour update for Windows 10 version 1703. For further instructions, please visit this support article.
    Supported OS: Windows 7 SP1 64bit



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