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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
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Using the custom made engine of the the company, we developed a fantasy action RPG. It is a dark and immaculate experience of a new fantasy of fantastic and mystical charms.

Delighted at the unfolding of what is hidden in the world called dream, the player is bound to the ancient cycle of the destiny of the world, a myth called the “Elden Ring”. Be prepared for a theme of the adventure!

Game Introduction

■ Story

An ancient legend about the country Elden at a time called the “Elden Ring” existed before the myth called the “Elden Ring”. When you set foot in this story, you are guided by divine powers with your own imagination and actions.

A dark and immaculate journey begins.

■ Development

We aimed for the best in terms of visual quality of the game and appeal to the senses. To the game, we applied an RPG game style as a basis, and aimed to maintain unity in the game.

We also made efforts to make the game a fantasy action game.

■ Online Game

We are delighted at the idea of connecting the game that we are creating through the Internet. With the cloud computing game development, we aim to make it possible to enjoy the game from anywhere.

■ Features

● A Time of Kings

A Legend of Darkness

Unique Style

A smooth graphical style with a dark atmosphere

Online game

More than 30 players can join in multiplayer

Individual Style

You can freely custom the appearance of your character

Story: The Elden Ring is a mythical country in the south of Elden. It was once regarded as the Elden’s main country. Once the people had evacuated it to Fafnir City or Splendor in the far east, it had the atmosphere of a town. Fafnir Town had been destroyed. The people began to fear they would be delivered from Elden, but the prophetess Phalanx, whom they called “The elder”, continued to maintain the residents of the Elden Ring. The prophecy of the Elder began to grow weaker. People in Fafnir City had been delivered from the destruction that was about to come, and had been wondering if there was something left in the Elden Ring. However, the Elder had continued to be awakened. The people in Fafnir City had been bewildered when the Elder told them that as long as there is life


Features Key:

    • A vast world full of a variety of situations spread out in the Lands Between, where the Elden Ring is the only way to leave the lands.
    • Numerous story modes based on the game’s intricate story, featuring several characters and an overarching story.
    • Play story mode by following the main story. Or, chain through story mode.

      • Throughout story mode, the characters you meet each day are unique characters with their own personalities, who form part of a larger story.]
        • ●Follow the main story of the course of action in story mode, and choose different stories along the way! Every time, the story will be unique, and you will encounter new characters and situations!
    • A large number of impressive battle soundtracks, music, and voice over. The game allows many choices in all of the settings and other additions.
    • Complete weapon and armor combinations that you can freely combine.

    • One of the most powerful weapons is the dagger, which can change the form of a technique mid-fight. Make it into a rifle, muzzle rifle, bug gun, flamethrower, etc.
  • Elden Ring download and instructions:

    WASD For Movement
    ESC For Quck Quicksave
    R For Quick Load
    F for Point Look
    x(2) x(2) x(2) x(2) x(2) (+) Auto Focus (+)

    Anyways it seemed like it was going well, it’s just a small bit weird. For example after you finish a dialogue for the day you get that awkward feeling that you never did it, and it gives


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    Character Creation

    • Open World Exploration
    [W]orld Map: Begin exploring! The world map you can freely move around.
    [R]unners: Battle with monsters in the world, and defeat various types of enemies.
    [F]un: Acquire members of each race to become stronger, and carry out various quests.
    [A]ttribute Customization: Put on the armor and weapons of each race to create your own unique character.
    [M]etrics: Perform battle actions that reflect your skills and characteristics.

    Character Management

    [A]ssign Spells and Magic: Learn over 100 spells and 90 different types of magic to face unexpected situations.
    [P]lay Online Battle: Participate in an online battle where you can work with other players.
    [I]mages: Travel to battle grounds to receive additional bonuses in battle.
    [N]ative Support App: This is an app that will give you even more powerful support in your battle!
    [N]etwork Battle: This function will be provided in the future, and it will be easier to connect with other players.


    [S]tandart: Acquire a standart for each race in your own shop. Choose from a variety of weapons and armor as you play.
    [P]ower: As you level up, the power of your equipped skills increases.
    [G]old: Gold earned from the battle is stored in your metal equipment and your standart.
    [O]mage: Learn various types of magic.
    [C]apacity: Use a variety of magic with your magic capacity.

    “Elden Ring” Gameplay/Adventure

    [F]ashion: Using a variety of resources, the world map will be brought to life through various costumes, outfits, and decorations.
    [B]uild: Build various types of buildings and use them as bases to set out in adventure.
    [R]emoove: The entire world will undergo changes when you forcefully change them to a new map.
    [N]oire: Get overwhelmed by disasters and acquire an enemy.

    A World Full of Thrills

    • A rich world with a variety of unique battles.
    [I]Spell Train: An unlimited amount of classes are available to freely alter your playstyle.
    • A World where a variety of battles are joined by the characters on


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright 2015, Cybeast(TM) Construction Corporation.


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    -Install game:

    Click the Download button

    Select the folder to download the game

    Open the game

    Select “Play”

    Click “Install”



    Click the Download button

    Select “Copy”

    Click “Browse”

    Select folder

    Click OK

    Click “Open”


    -Activate game:

    Click the Download button

    Select “Extract game files”

    Click “Extract”


    -Run game:

    Click the Download button

    Select “Play”

    Click “Install”



    Click the Download button

    Select “Copy”

    Click “Browse”

    Select folder

    Click OK

    Click “Open”

    Click Start


    Problem 1:

    If you have a system that can’t run the game

    It’s because your DirectX version is too old.

    We recommend to download the latest version of DirectX and run the game again.

    Click here to download the latest version of DirectX

    Problem 2:

    You may also encounter this problem:

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    To fix the problem,

    Click on Start button > type “regedit” in the Start Search bar

    Locate “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\microsoft\


    Right click on “System”

    Click on New > DWORD (32 bit) Value

    Type “DisableDriverSigning” in “Value data”

    Click OK

    Click Apply

    Exit “regedit”.

    Problem 3:

    The game does not run.

    Press “ESC” to exit.

    If you need to relaunch the game,

    Click “ESC” or “Start” and then press “P�


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Version
  • Fix Bugs
  • Corrected the game file
  • Added the function to read and write ads from the default file
  • Corrected the file name match and the text displayed
  • Gave an occasional error can be fixed and corrected
  • Improved stability and performance
  • Now it’s easy to crack the game in 2 ways

    1. Re-downloading using the command-line tool provided on the game wrapper page

    # wget

    # unzip

    # touch et-nonzero.bat

    # taskkill /F /IM et-nonzero.bat

    # start et-nonzero.bat

    2. Use the provided v2.0.12.exe instead of the game wrapper tool

    # wget

    # unzip

    # taskkill /F /IM et.exe

    # start et.exe

    We supported a new version of the game and we moved the game and all the files to the new folder to avoid some problems when cracked the game.

    How to Crack the game

    It is the simplest installation method.
    1. Download the ZIP file from the game wrapper page.
    2. Extract the game

    3. Run the portable version of the game.
    4. After launching the game will be launched with the name of “ETnonzero.bat”


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista Service Pack 2, Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.1.
    1 GB of RAM (2 GB for 32-bit applications)
    2 GB of available hard disk space
    2 GB of available swap space
    DirectX 9.0 graphics card or equivalent
    5.1 sound system (55.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 32 kHz and 22.05 kHz)
    Sound card compatible with DirectX 9.0 or



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