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The Elden Ring Game is a fantasy action RPG developed by Mobius Digital, with the assistance of the User Research & Development Department of Mobius Digital’s ‘Mobile Division’. Mobius Digital is an in-house studio company established on May 2014, and it’s dedicated to developing the next generation of home-video game content with absolute focus on the player.

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About Mobius Digital

Mobius Digital is a studio dedicated to creating home-video games, including role-playing games, strategy games, and action games.

Also, Mobius Digital is home to Ergonomic Research & Development, and the Mobile Division. Mobius Digital is headquartered in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area and has branches worldwide.

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Mobius Digital

Established on May 2014, the Mobile Division supports the creation of home-video games for smartphone, tablet, PC, smart TV, and other devices, and specifically supports the game development of Mobius Digital’s in-house studio, with the support of the User Research & Development Department of Mobius Digital’s ‘Mobile Division’.

In addition to Mobius Digital’s existing major titles, the studio is at the forefront of advancing the creation of new genres, methodologies, and content for home-video game development in line with the mobile business environment.

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A wide Field with many open areas, challenging dungeons, and a vast world
  • Customize your character’s appearance and equipment
  • A deep storyline that will affect the Lands Between
  • Multiplayer support
  • Fight 4v4 battles and improve your team in multiplayer battles
  • A wide variety of in-game items including armor and weapons
  • An expanding toolset, new content, and new items are added frequently
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    This game combines the great naval physics technology developed by our Chinese friends with a fun story about pirates.





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    (April 2018)

    Unique online play. 3rd-person action combat.




    Combat system


    Global quest system




    And some minor systems.

    With a variety of systems, the online game would be too overwhelming. However, the story was a little hard to follow in an online mode, so I could only play this game for a couple days.

    Character system

    I need to play more for a long time to find out the best strategies to play the game. But, I found that you can improve the strength and magic by training with monsters by attacking them. I think it is fun to play the game in a survival mode, as there are also a lot of monsters in the game.

    Global quest system

    In terms of the quest, it is a mixture of the story-driven quests and the “procedurally generated” quests. The story quests are told through the dialogue, and you can also fight monsters to progress the story. On the other hand, “procedurally generated quests” are the ones with “statistic”, such as a boss monster that is impossible to get at the very beginning of the game. The bosses are tough and they have a different voice when they attack. As the game progress, you will find a series of “procedurally generated quests” that you cannot find in the story quests.


    Combat system

    As the game is a mixture of third-person action and open world, it is really challenging to use the “fight button” that does not appear on the map, or the “heal button” that does not appear on the action bar.

    The hand-to-hand combat is fun as well, although it is the secondary attack that I like the most. Other attacks function as confirmation. The attack has a high success rate, and you can attack enemies from a distance, so I can easily survive and have a high success rate with the attack.

    The best part is that you can control the aim direction by combining the weapons. I can easily hit enemies from the blind spot when the blood moon is on, since you can see their blind spot by looking at their back.

    It would be hard to hit enemies quickly, because you need to prepare a lot of ammunition. When you are using


    Elden Ring [Win/Mac] Latest


    You get to know a new land, the lands between the wall of Aludra and the Land of the Elden. This is where the world has been crushed and enslaved by Orokin – and you will become an Elden Lord to free them.

    A Myth

    The Thousand Years War between the two tribes that once dwelt on the lands between began when the empire of Orokin and the country of Elden were born. An Eternal War began between the two with their armors locked in.

    2. (A)PvP

    PvP is the part of the game where you can compete against other players. There is one PvP server (public PvP server) and one PvP trial server (private PvP server) in addition to a special PvP server for beginner players and one for spectators.

    – Public PvP server (PvE or PvM)

    Select-arena PvP mode in which you fight against other players in a bid to reach a point required to win.

    – Private PvP server (PvP)

    Bid-arena PvP mode in which you fight against other players in a bid to reach the highest point.


    In our action part you will fight battles between the darkness and the Sun.
    You have now many different types of weapons and special weapons.

    To perform special attacks, you will need to gather various kinds of Rune, which are gathered by hunting monsters.

    △ You can use a special attack by building a Rune and using it.

    1. Wall of Aludra

    On the map on the left side of your screen, you can see your current health, defense, and the amount of Rune you have gathered.

    By attacking, your health will decrease.

    At the point at which the level of your health reaches zero, you will lose.

    Even in this case, you can recover if your character has a certain number of Hit Points.

    You can move by using the following moves:

    △ A

    Horizontal directional movement.

    → B

    Forward movement.

    ▲ ← C

    Reverse movement.

    △ D

    Side movement.

    Back A

    Forward movement.


    Horizontal directional movement.

    → B

    Forward movement.

    ▲ ← C



    What’s new:

    Copyright © 2007 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

    © 2015 IP Games

    This is only an excerpt taken from the game description. Read the full article‚from Gamasutra

    Tello The roles are more fluid than we initially imagined Specifically we all thought of the game as a sandbox and that concept extends in this situation, but as you play the game you realize that you will not always be the sandbox. You will become a protagonist and sometimes the sandbox will, in turn, become an antagonist.

    Let the most fun take place



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    How to Install the EDEN RING Game

    What you will need:

    XP / Vista / 7 / 8

    You need to download the ELDEN RING Game.

    After downloading the file, open the file.

    After it is opened, you need to click “Extract All”.

    Click the button “Start”.

    After the installation is completed, you need to start the game.

    When the game is started, you need to select the language of the game as English.

    Now, follow the instructions and enjoy ELDEN RING Game.

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    Make sure you see a pop-up message informing that the game has been activated.

    Enter the game and enjoy the game!

    Enjoy Elden Ring!

    Attention! The game contains In-Game Purchases. If you do not intend to purchase anything in the game, please disable this function.

    For technical problems or bugs in the game, contact our customer support team. – No Further Distribution of this software permitted!

    For any issues about this file or your experience with this game, please let us know directly at [email protected]

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows Vista SP2 / 7 (XP SP3 or greater), Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 10 Home
    Dual-Core processor
    16 GB of RAM
    5 GB of available hard drive space
    300 MB of video memory
    120 MHz graphics card
    800 X 600 pixels
    9 inch, 16:9 aspect ratio screen
    Sound card and speakers
    3D desktop with Compiz
    Internet connection and headset
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