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In the Lands Between, legend has it that an inexhaustible power was sealed within the great Ring of Elden. The Ring of Elden was entrusted to the enjoined of the Frost Ring, however, an attack was carried out by a demon army, and the Ring was forcibly sealed within the body of one of its wielders. The man who bore the Mark of the Ring was the legendary warrior Kefka. The army of demons, originally led by the wizard Galt, was ambushed by a group of loyal soldiers under the command of the high-ranking lady of the castle there, Rydia. These brave souls, without Kefka there to protect them, were slaughtered by the demons. After the battle, the only survivor, Rydia, fled the scene. Now, 3 years after the incident, Rydia has been found unconscious after being knocked into a river. After delirious Rydia awakens, she finds herself in an unknown world. She’s met with a kindly old woman, and is told by Roubal that it will soon be time for the girl to face her true destiny. Rydia journeys to the great Ring of Elden and to the one who bears the Mark of the Ring, the mighty Tarn. They journey into a vast world that lies between the Lands of Water and Stone… Play as Rydia, and go beyond the frontier and into the Lands Between! ▶ Experience the Story Through Our Website ▶ Page: ▶ Facebook: ▶ Twitter: ▶ Support: ▶ Links: Note: Game content and materials in this video are not owned by ZeniMax Online Studios, Ubisoft or Ubisoft RPG. The characters in this game are trademarks of their respective owners. The use of any trade name or registered trademark is for identification and explanation purposes only and is not an indication of association or affiliation with ZeniMax Online Studios or Ubisoft or Ubisoft RPG. All rights reserved.


Features Key:

  • A diverse fantasy action RPG created by Darkworks, the creators of the Elden Ring
  • A new fantasy action RPG dungeon exploring the Lands Between! (The more time you spend in-game, the more points you save to spend in the Item Mall. Save up and acquire any Dungeons, items, or mounts you need before you even go!)
  • Combat System Rich in Consequences Each action has an effect on your character’s stats. Every success or failure affects your points.
  • When you die you retain all of your items and equipment
  • Various Equipment, Armor, and special items can be created from Elden Rings
  • Play as fellow adventurers online to engage in Team PvP or Solo PvP
  • In “Rally” mode you can switch Visions to play a different story and travel to a different realm with your party
  • In the Main Menu you can synchronize up to two “Roams” to enjoy quick-match's
  • Surveys of Elden Ring Key:

    (From Dengeki: “THE NIGHTSHADE “Darkness flows deep in this sword forged by magic and performed by the force of blood-thirsty gods.” “As you use it, monsters will be hunted From one of the witches of the Drakengard, the ‘hands that bite down upon in their sleep’ known as ‘Nightshades’. “Each Nightshade crushed is a success, each Nightshade is crushed is motivation to the harrowing fight.”

    (From Dengeki: “BLUE AS AN AESTHETIC OF SERIOUS” “In the Blue forests of the Lands Between where the trees of life and death intertwine, a quest arises. No matter how far you go, you must face the trials of nature. “An elegant breeze of blue resounds as it breezes through the sky, and you keep your feet on the ground.”

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    I really don’t know how to say this, but I enjoy this game. To be honest, I’ve never played a game where characters were so nuanced, and I got very attached to each one. It’s a game where you can shape your own experience as well as choose your own path. For me, that really makes all the difference. Perhaps it’s the immersive graphical style that makes it stand out even among other titles. Perhaps it’s the excellent and nice soundtrack that really makes it stand out. Perhaps it’s the character customization. Perhaps it’s the combat that you just cannot help but swing your sword at those who piss you off. Perhaps it’s the ability to choose your own path. Perhaps it’s the story you can explore as much as you want. Perhaps it’s the ability to invite your friends, and travel with them. Perhaps it’s the interface, which allows you to change the game map, create, and move by simply using a simple pinch of your fingers. Perhaps it’s the fact that you can even find your own dungeons to explore. Perhaps it’s that you can develop your own skills. Perhaps it’s the combat that isn’t just all about fighting, but also involves making strategy. Perhaps it’s how the post-combat experience is always so satisfying. Perhaps it’s the fact that every single one of your actions matters. Perhaps it’s the fact that you can go visit the village, shop for items, or even follow your partner. Perhaps it’s all of these things in combination. Perhaps it’s the fact that you start as a wandering farmer, but you can unlock the story just as well as if you started as a noble. Perhaps it’s the fact that you feel like you made a choice, rather than that you simply followed the story. Perhaps it’s the lively world that you can explore as much as you want. Perhaps it’s all of these things in combination. Perhaps it’s the fact that even after defeating the big bosses, you can continue to explore new maps and dungeons. Perhaps it’s all of these things in combination. Perhaps it’s the fact that the story is really well made, especially the character designs. bff6bb2d33


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    Ancient Ruby fantasy RPG Craft weapon, armor, magic, and more! Create your own character, enhance it through customization! Fight monsters, gather, and create items! Use your summoned monsters on the battlefield! Connect to other players and play in online battles! Elden Ring (弓神谷) If you do have some question, feel free to ask in the forums! MOD EVOLUTION 2(EXTRA CHANGES-12/13) ======================= ****************************************** 04/20/2017 Update ****************************************** ————————– ■ Enchantment Master is Added ————————– The Enchantment Master (魔法師) is a helper that helps you enhance your weapon, armor, and magic. There are various Enchantment Masters that can assist you. After the usage of Enchantment Master, you can change your own soul weapon and armor. You can even enhance your magic. Magic is not only about damage, it is also about support, thus I added Enchantment Master. Such a support is of great importance. As for combat, being an Elden Lord is a battle between the total players. Thus, it is not good that a player can try to give aid to another player by setting the other player on “support mode”. In addition, there is “Enchantment Master”. As such, I added Enchantment Master to the game. By using Enchantment Master, you can change your own support mode. It is good to consider that if Enchantment Master is used, other players will also be set on “support mode” as well. ■ Rotten Stone for Enchantment Master is Added ————————– If you use Enchantment Master, the Rotten Stone will help the Enchantment Master be more effective. The Rotten Stone can be used once or twice on Enchantment Master. ■ Night Claw, Fog Claw, Darkness Claw is Added ————————– The “Night Claw, Fog Claw, Darkness Claw” are new Swords. Night Claw and Fog Claw have a powerful combined magic, so it is an effective weapon. On the other hand, Darkness Claw has a very low resistance, and it can be used at the same time as a Flame Armor. ■ Magic Scroll, Spell Book, Item Box are Added ————————– “Magic


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    1. Chaos Rings Dengeki Playstation vol. 37 “Fire Resistors”, and “Path to the North”— Beginning a new adventure in the Lands Between. • A New Adventure in the Lands Between Commences! “THE LAND BETWEEN” is an epic JRPG which takes place within the Lands Between, in an open world in which different quests can be freely undertaken. • Fantasyworld Vivid in Details and Teeming with Interesting Things The Lands Between is shaped like a ring in which the valleys enclosed by large mountains represent seasons. You can freely move between seasons via an endless sky. Each of the 8 large, lush areas is an almost open world in which lots of great activities are awaiting you. Darkness overtakes the mountains in winter, and the great plains in summer. • Bad End, Confrontation with Defeated Enemies, and Rescues by Allies If you encounter an enemy in battle, you will have the chance to interrupt with a direct attack. Once an enemy has been defeated, they will drop rare items that you can use to strengthen yourself. If you are rescued by an ally, you will receive particular bonuses. • An Enormous World, Plenty of Activities, and Unique Adventure Style Quest System The Lands Between can be explored in many ways—one way consists of exploring its levels and dungeons. Yet, for a more enjoyable experience, you can also travel through previously unlocked areas on your own quests. Battle quests can also be undertaken, depending on the circumstances of each region.

    2. Grimoire Weiss vol. 8 Guided by the Sages, the Adventure Quest. Battle Quests, and ‘Face the Danger’ in the ‘Land between’ “Four Sages: Kumon, Hyakusho, Kinku, and Tenma, will come with you on your quest for the new and 2nd Grimoire Weiss. Seven Sages: Monzen, Akabori, Shinyu, Nichirin, Asem, Senju, and Heaven Gokumo, will follow as well. Along with Kumon and Hyakusho, you will come to a time when you have to “take the lead.” Transcending your own status as a human, you’ll be spurred on to do your own thing for the good of the world. The story begins over one thousand years ago with the


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