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Comes out of an innovative culture that spanned ages,
the game allows players to continue evolving their ancient mythological culture into the fantasy world of today.
The game is designed to combine the proven gameplay of TRPG with the ideas and innovations of online games.
Game Content
• An intriguing storyline
The game presents a new action/role-playing game that features an engaging story.
Players can choose their own name, class, background, and name.
The game also supports a variety of player-made dungeons.
• A rich RPG element
The game is filled with RPG elements, such as the ability to strengthen monsters and increase your characters’ attributes.
The game also includes a rich formula that is conducive to strategy.
• An unforgettable experience
A diverse game world with expansive dungeons can offer a sense of confidence and excitement to players.
Players can also enjoy the pleasure of meeting dozens of characters that support them in their adventure.
While tackling their adventure, players will explore the Lands Between from the location of Aldimbor, which can be accessed from any of the character’s World Map.
The game presents a large-scale online action that allows you to directly connect with other players and travel together.
Naxussoft is a video game-creation studio that is committed to delivering the best games possible. We create action-adventure games that revolve around the excitement of working together.
Our games are influenced by the many challenges of providing convenience, comfort, and fun while putting safety as a top priority in terms of game content. Our games are always innovative, approachable, and fun to experience.
Our games are developed in hopes of providing players with new experiences, and we actively seek partnerships with manufacturers of hardware and software such as smartphones, tablets, consoles, graphics cards, etc.
Naxussoft is a subsidiary of the mobile game developer Company Naxus.
Mobile game developer that is producing games for major platforms.
Company headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
Corporate structure: 3 departments including game development, mobile platforms, and operating
Naxussoft is a subsidiary of the mobile game developer Company Naxus.
We are located in Tokyo, Japan.
Company headquarter : Tokyo, Japan

Company structure: three departments including game


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Gameplay Systems
    • 3 large game worlds with hundreds of dungeons and territories.
    • A fast-paced fighting system where dynamic movements can gain momentum, allowing for powerful attacks.
    • A skill system where you’re able to use different class skills depending on the situation.
    • A world where numerous events occur around you, resulting in various consequences.
    • A world where training characters and raising monsters result in success.
  • Playing Style
    • Create your own character by adjusting your equipment.
    • Travel across the country using your character’s mount.
    • Gather your allies and hero troops during multiplayer and online gameplay.
  • Main Characters
    • Exalas, an imposing Elden Lord who took control of the Lands Between.
    • Nale, a scholar and member of the Exalas household guard, who endured torture and got stabbed by Kevena.
    • Aschlur, a warrior from the neighborhood of Aton, who fell for Nale despite the fact that they were enemies.
    • Kitten, a mysterious girl with superhuman powers who crossed over to the Lands Between from the Al-Kharjar Empire.
    • Kevena, a silver-haired paladin from the Al-Kharjar Empire who was stabbed by Aschlur.
    • Aschlur, a tough warrior from the Al-Kharjar Empire. He has been different from the rest because he doesn’t believe in the Elden Council.
    • Beowulf, a gruff warrior from the Highlands, who will protect you with his life.
    • Yseult, a young noblewoman from the Highland palace. She’s war-weary, but can’t betray her father.
    • Ricken, who rules the territories in the southwest. Ricken is the appointed guardian of the Elden Council.
    • Eden, a mysterious Elder who resides in the Sands Below.
    • Kevena’s twin sister, Emerina, who’s stuck in the feudal era and covets the throne of the Al-Kharjar Empire.



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    The new fantasy action RPG that’s bursting with excitement, is filled with the best elements from other systems such as character creation, buffing, equipment, and gameplay.“This game with a unique work, is a game that hopes to convey the most special feelings.”
    “If you are looking for a game that has a significant improvement, I recommend to try this out.”


    Rise: Tarnished, a Fantasy Action RPG, is a game with a wide scope that makes the RPG elements easier to grasp than any other action RPG you may have played before. It delivers a cohesive fantasy experience with a wide scope as well as an epic story for RPG lovers.

    RISE: TARNISHED features an expanded game environment, fighting and equipment featuring ‘Crafting’, buffing and various approaches to satisfying your preferences, and a variety of varied quests. This new Fantasy Action RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    PATCH 1.0.0

    -Relm is recruited

    -A Letter System that allows players to contact each other

    -The basic and martial arts have been added


    -Confusion when starting a character

    -Some confusion when creating a character

    -Too detailed information displayed during the creation process

    -Character change screen in-game screen is not user friendly


    Crafting is a feature that provides rare and powerful items at a low cost. In this feature, the player can dismantle and combine items at a crafting station. The player can give a high priority to the rarity of the item to be produced, and display the high quality version and the remaining combination materials.

    When you craft, you select a class that will yield a different process, and select a class type. You can then select the item type for that class type. When you are crafting, you can select an AP (activity point) amount for crafting. The AP may be used to improve the amount of items of a high quality, and you can use the AP within a certain period of time. The AP is locked during the production of items of the same class type, however.

    Combinations of items yield different


    Elden Ring X64

    – Character build play style system, such as muscle strength, magic, weapon type, class specialization, and others.
    – A vast world full of excitement!
    – Design of game events and dungeons.
    – The possibility of placing a variety of NPCs while playing.
    – “Objectives” to unify storylines and flow.
    – Asynchronous online play, where you can feel the presence of other players while the story develops.

    The game world is one giant, open world that you can freely navigate at your own pace.
    By collecting skill levels that you gain from quests and events, you can develop your character according to your play style.


    I know that everything in RPGs is more than just visual, but this is most of what I thought of the visuals at first. A vast, three-dimensional world that is full of wonder.

    The Nexus, Mirion, Divinity, and her past as a key figure in this world are all at your fingertips as a reward for playing the game.

    A drama in fragments that are all part of the overall story of the Nexus. The character of Chaos and Chaos’s character and the history of the Lands Between, and also the relationship between the two are all told through these fragments.

    The World War is under way, and the lands are being overwhelmed by evil. Only the character of Chaos can save the world…


    – Character build play style system, such as muscle strength, magic, weapon type, class specialization, and others.
    – A vast world full of excitement!
    – A story that embraces the fantasy genre and follows the beautiful [world] that I imagined in my heart as I was developing the game.
    – An epic drama born from a myth.
    – Multiple endings, such as a happy ending, a difficult ending, and a tragic ending, among others.

    I know that everything in RPGs is more than just visual, but this is most of what I thought of the visuals at first. A vast, three-dimensional world that is full of wonder.


    – Unique online play that connects you with others.
    – In-depth character development.
    – Storyline that you can live through in order to become


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    We hope that you enjoy the game!

    Please find the link below at our website and register your email address!

    Current News

    Development Team

    Dev. Lead: Kohsaka Kaito
    Anime Director: Senou Namba
    Art Director: Nakanishi Densetsu
    UI Lead: Miyata Yaichi
    Animation Director: Nakanishi
    Lighting Director: Matsuzaki Eiji
    Music Composer: Sakamichi Ami

    UI Lead: Miyata Yaichi
    Graphics Director: Okazawa Yousuke
    Art Director: Hosoya Iori

    Software Lead: Endou Morimasa
    Design Lead: Makari Kenji


    [03/16] Release date announced
    [04/22] Website open for sign-up
    [05/22] Website maintenance work
    [06/04] Release of the first Beta version
    [06/04] Announcement of the ending of the Beta version maintenance period
    [10/16] Release of the first full version
    [11/16] Open for Beta version sign-up
    [11/30] Release of the second beta version
    [12/19] Release of the second full version
    [12/26] Open for Beta version sign-up
    [12/30] Release of the third Beta version
    [01/14] Release of the third full version
    [02/16] Closed for Beta version sign-up
    [02/24] Third Beta version release
    [03/04] Third full version release



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