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The Elden Ring is an online fantasy MMORPG featuring a multilayered story filled with epic dramas and multiple plot twists.

Players can choose one of four classes: Fighter, Magician, Mage, or Warrior.

Fighters excel in close-range, physical combat.

Magicians possess a wide variety of spells that can lead the battle in many ways.

Mages can also choose Mage Armor, a unique combination of three spell types, to maximize their devastating power.

Warriors have the ability to choose magic and melee weapons to combine their attacks and maximize their damage.

Players can freely develop their characters according to their play style. If you wish to be a powerful warrior, you can increase your physical strength by using ‘Exercise.’ If you wish to be an invincible mage, you can raise your magical strength by using ‘Honor.’ By purchasing equipment, weapons and armor, you can increase your class’s ability.

By equipping and combining weapons, armor, and magic, players can choose various combinations of attacks and increase their battle power. Players can freely develop their characters according to their play style.


Digimon combines powerful monsters called ‘Digital Monsters’ with game play, allowing the player to enjoy the exciting action of a fantasy game while exploring a new world. Characters can evolve and grow stronger by defeating their enemies and using items called ‘Digi-toys’ and by experiencing random events. The main character and the monsters can be communicated through objects called ‘Digivices,’ allowing players to empathize with their characters and experience the deeply moving emotions of their worlds.

To immerse the player in the fantasy action game, Digimon features various game elements such as a high-resolution graphic and interactive battle interface. To provide a deeper immersive experience, there are numerous Digimon able to grow stronger and increase in strength while exploring the world.


WILLPOWER X is an online game developed by DigiLock Inc., who previously developed the game for the PlayStation®2 under the name DASH. DASH was released in Japan in 2004 and North America in 2005. From the moment you first log in, players can begin to enjoy the world of WILLPOWER X. The game features intense battles between real characters in the game, as well


Features Key:

  • Earn EXP that can be used to unleash your full potential.

    • In Rise, the most powerful items, called PvP Items, can also be used. They are obtained after earning EXP in PvP (Combats), and are the backbone of PvP games.

    • In Search, the target object is the Elden Ring. Discover the contents of the Elden Ring. Players around the world will talk about the story behind the Elden Ring, and you can obtain knowledge about the Elden Ring while exploring the most secure network in the entire world.

    • You can search items in Rise, and the key words for the search are the Title and Item Id of the items.
  • Be blessed with the power of the Elden Ring, develop yourself, and gather strength.
    A mythical sword called the Elden Ring. The sharp sword is used to kill dragons. It possesses the power of a dragon that appeared at the edge of time. The power of this sword lets you command your fate.
    First of all, the appearance of the sword brings the ancient myth of the Elden Ring back to life. The Elden Ring grants the power that was once gained by the heroes of the ancient legend.

    • Rise: Relive the ancient legend of the Elden Ring. Summon a dragon and release its power. Survive against the enemy in Raids. Win PvP combats and earn the title of champion.
  • Explore a vast open world.
    A vast world that gives you a sense of freedom when you go on the battlefield. Get a sense of freedom as you go into vast open spaces.

    • Search through a variety of open areas with different situations, such as a large open space, and dungeons with complex three-dimensional designs.
  • Fight the enemy on the battlefield with high realism. The voice of a monster defines its personality.
    The battle scenes are all animated. The battle between the various kinds of monsters is thrilling and exciting.
    The voice of monsters reflects their traits. The bard-like voice of the Bloody Siren, the adamant voice of the Death Knight, the fierce roar of the Jackal


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    Publisher:BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc.

    Developer:TAKETA INC.

    Release Date:08.06.2014


    This game is now available on the PlayStation Store.

    Track List

    「The Elden Ring Activation Code」

    「The Elden Ring Crack Free Download」 ELDEN RING

    01. 「Let’s Go, Elden Ring!”

    02. 「I Want to Play」

    03. 「Have You Ever Seen the First Snow?」

    04. 「The Land of the Tarnished」

    05. 「I’m Ready for the Fight」

    「The Elden Ring» ELDEN RING MEDAL

    06. 「The Hall of Heroes」

    07. 「How Nice to Meet You!」

    08. 「The Heat of Battle」

    09. 「The Young Dragons Await!”

    10. 「The Sword of Glory」

    11. 「Even though I’m Tarnished」

    「The Elden Ring」 ELDEN RING

    12. 「I’m Tarnished; Let’s Grow Strong Together?」

    13. 「A New Promised Land: The Elderly Look for Dignity」

    14. 「The Elden Ring Is the True Treasure of the Land of the Elderly」

    15. 「Let’s Follow the Elden Ring.」

    16. 「I Found a Path.」

    「The Elden Ring» ELDEN RING MEDAL

    17. 「Elderly People are Worshipping the Elden Ring Today.」

    18. 「The Elden Ring has Never Been Stronger.」

    19. 「Because the Elden Ring is Causing Many Agitations.」

    20. 「An Epic Drama Between the Elden Ring, the Undead, and the Spriggan.」

    21. 「I’ve Saved the Elden Ring For the Future.」

    22. 「I’m Proud, Elden Ring.」

    「The Elden Ring」 ELDEN RING

    23. 「I’m the Elden Ring, Elden Ring.」

    24. 「I’m the Heart of the Elden Ring.」

    25. 「I’m the Power of the Elden Ring.」


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    Create a character and begin exploring a wide world full of various threats, including monsters and traps. Overcome the various conditions and difficulties on your way to becoming an Elden Lord.


    If you discover you are stronger than your opponent, attack. Strike down your opponents with all you have and progress to the next floor.


    Equip a set of items to establish a powerful synergy and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    【Developer: Stonebraker Games】
    “Rise, Tarnished” is an upcoming MMOFPS. Rise, Tarnished is an Action RPG set in a fantasy world where you lead a group of heroes fighting for the fate of this world, in a world where humans and elves live in harmony.
    The role of a “hero” is to take on these role in a world where the Elden Ring controls the power of magic, and Elves are in a dark age with an extremely weak population. You must fight battles against the great evils that stalk the darkness in this world, and not just defend your territory, but go to the ends of the earth to change this world for the better.
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    What’s new:

    Game software video:



    Intel i3 2100


    GeForce 8400

    8.66 GB

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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download the pre-patched setup from the link provided below
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  • Copied files:
    • 1. Change folder name “Crack” to “Crack3”
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  • Start game and enjoy
  • Tools Needed:

    • WinRAR
    • Administrator Privileges


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    MacOS X 10.9 or higher
    Windows XP or higher
    4GB of RAM
    8GB of RAM
    5.5 GB of free disk space
    A graphics card of at least DirectX 9.0c (compatible with newer releases of games)
    20 GB of hard drive space for installation
    1.4 GHz Intel Core2 Duo processor or equivalent
    A dual core CPU
    A dual core CPU (2.


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