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An action RPG game for the PC, previously announced for PSP® (PlayStation® Portable).

The game features an original mythological story and a vast world of unlimited possibilities. The story starts with a hero who has been enchanted by an evil wizard. This hero embarks on an adventure through a vast world full of blood-chilling monsters, and a band of companions, to destroy the evil wizard.

The game’s fantasy and action RPG contents are finely crafted with the “HD” graphics that the new PlayStation®4 can offer. The HD effects will bring the fantasy and action of the game to life in spectacularly vivid ways.

This game is currently in development for PlayStation®4 platform and the PC.


The story takes place in the world of the Lands Between.

The Lands Between are a world of nightmares, where true evil lurks. A young man, Tarnished, travels alone to a vast world filled with adventure to destroy the evil wizard responsible for the enchantment.

The story of the game will allow players to discover the truth behind the Lands Between.


An impressive musical soundtrack, drawn from the epic fantasy and action genre, will immerse the player in the incredible atmosphere of the game.


An action-RPG game with huge dungeons. Various elements of the action RPG genre (Sword & Board, Weapon Variety, Party Formation) are blended together and enhanced in this game to create a deep, immersive, and fantastical experience.

Following the style of an action game, the “Action RPG Card Battle System” is adopted to allow players to enjoy a seamless, and fun, card battle experience.

Players will enjoy a seamless action and battles featuring a variety of weapons drawn from the action RPG genre.


Player versus player online mode

Joining or “Alliance” with a friend

A player-vs-player asynchronous game mode where players will be able to battle with each other in different situations.

Players can be placed in a party with up to six friends to play the game together via the online mode.


Cross collaboration between groups, such as an RPG and a Casual game, or a social game and a card battle game


Customizable UI and world


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Typical RPG game features.
    – A vast world full of excitement.
    – Play the game in all kinds of landscapes.
    – A vast variety of dungeons and challenges.
    – Battle your way through the world and meet various characters.
  • Extra features and monsters introduced.
    – A bombastic story and scenario full of unmatched charm.
    – High quality game graphics and voice acting that reflect the high quality of the story.
    – A direct adventure through content absent from many Japanese RPGs, such as a dungeon where you can battle a massive dragon.
  • Difficulty and variety of content.
    – Designed for both beginners and experts alike, the game offers a large range of content to be experienced in.
    – Experience the dense and powerful story through simple game play.
    – If you get overwhelmed by combat or boss fights, there are a variety of skills and magic to utilize for an easier experience.
  • (1) will be added. (2) is on schedule.




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    [Review by GAGARIGA]

    The Tarnished Prince (Review by Choko)

    But wait—a new Ivalice? What could that be, now that the previous one that I loved dearly has been abandoned by Bandai Namco? Ahem! I already talked about it in my Tarnished Prince review, so I don’t have to repeat it here, except to say that I liked it. Thus, for the new Elden Ring, I have to sit down and talk about something else: Bandai Namco’s decision to abandon the old game and replace it with a new one.

    The announcement of the new Tarnished Prince was very exciting for me, not just because I am a big fan of the series, but also because it was announced on my birthday.

    So I was playing the new Elden Ring whenever I could, and after a few days, my excitement kind of dwindled. The reviews started getting released, and while some of them were positive, I could see that they were negative in a lot of ways. I am glad that I didn’t read all of them before I played the game, but I wasn’t surprised that the reviews were mostly negative. I mean, it’s not just that a game has to be amazing to be a success. Even on the development side, I think that the quality of a game is always a factor, but I believe that it should never be the only factor.

    It is because of the way that my mind is, though. On one hand, I read everything online, and I am afraid to read anything. Even if it is good, I tend to look at it critically, to think of it as an enemy and how I could improve it. On the other hand, I will watch movies without doing so much reading before the movie is out and enjoying it to the fullest, ignoring all the bad reviews that may have come in.

    Of course, this is also something that has influenced my video game reviews. On the one hand, I don’t play many games, and I tend to treat them as movies, where I will prefer the ones that I think are better than the others. On the other hand, I won’t play the worse games in the world, either, and while there are good ones out there, I would be too disappointed if I were to play the ones that are bad, because


    Elden Ring X64 (April-2022)

    • The first title to be released under the Rockman X-Change name

    • Unique take on the action RPG genre using the fusion of mobile and console development techniques.

    • Fully optimized for mobile devices so that you can play wherever you are

    • Features a strategic turn-based battle system with an excellent user interface and easy navigation

    1 player

    1000MB minimum save size

    “Hitman Trilogy”


    Play the original story of the Hitman: Deadly Shadows games.

    A new era of playing Hitman starts here!

    Create your own disguises and manage your weapons and abilities.

    Popular Hits

    Play by yourself, or challenge friends in local multiplayer, on your mobile devices.


    It’s the “Hitman” that people expect from you!

    You’ll experience the game in a new way by creating your own disguise and viewing the perspective of your target.

    The Action Game

    Experience the pain of a target’s death in a realistic interactive environment.

    -Play as Agent 47-Prepare a counterattack from any position or angle with a variety of weapons.

    -Analyze your situation in real time, taking advantage of the various viewpoints and taking into account enemy movements.

    -Use the environment to your advantage and prepare for every situation.

    Explore the Game

    This action game is full of excitement, and looks great with a variety of equipment.

    -Create your own character -Equip weapons and equipment -Distinguish yourself in all aspects with the variety of skills.

    -Create your own story. -Choose your starting location, equipment and level of difficulty.

    -Choose your own map, and play in the real world.

    Game Contents

    The Game

    Agent 47

    -Play as Agent 47 and take on the role of an assassin. You can disguise yourself, take action from any position and angle, and counterattack.

    -You’ll experience the game in a new way by creating your own disguise and viewing the perspective of your target.

    -You’ll be able to choose your equipment and prepare a counterattack from any position or angle.

    -You’ll be able to distinguish yourself in all aspects with the variety of skills.

    -You’ll have to memorize different paths to avoid interference from the enemy.

    -You’ll be able to take advantage of the various viewpoints


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Please note that the free 1 month premium trial will expire on the 30th of September.

    At the moment of this post, the 1-month premium period is still valid, so if you are unsure of the free trial, you can try the game for 7 days and determine how you feel. We will be pleased to hear your feedback, so please let us know!


    • Find out more about the storyline by experiencing the first draft cutscene and special chapters
    • Chapter 2 – Rise to a New High
    • Chapter 3 – Fight in a Rival World!
    • Chapter 7 – Your Knight’s Fate!
    • Chapter 10 – Won’t You Please Travel With Me?
    • Chapter 14 – You Are a Game Master in a Living Story
    • Chapter 21 – Forget the Legend, Tell a Story
    • Chapter 26 – Leaf Blossoms, Dragon Claws, and Flower Morns!
    • Chapter 33 – Just What in the World Can This Be?
    • Chapter 48 – “Those who do not protect the peace cannot be conquerers! Those who do not fight must be enslaved!” – Ryge

    Go to and follow the updates.

    Tue, 14 Sep 2017 13:15:00 +0000 Beta Bugs


    Free Elden Ring Crack + X64

    1 – Extract with 7zip and install the game
    2 – Copy the content to the games directory.In the example, follow the next steps:



    3 – Play the game
    4 – Exit the game and hit the keys in the private desktop.

    Your private desktop will open.In the example, it is the desktop where you copied the ELDEN RING folder.

    5 – Open the folder and extract with 7zip
    6 – Unzip the file. In the example, the file is named:


    7 – Rename the mission to missionname.bsp
    8 – Copy the missionname.bsp to the game directory.
    In the example, you have the missionname.bsp in the ELDEN RING folder. It has the extension.bsp.

    9 – Resume the game
    10 – After loading, select a mission in the map, choose the missionname.bsp and click on “open”.

    Now the game will load.
    11 – Explore the map and solve the missions.
    12 – Exit the game and hit the keys in the private desktop.

    Your private desktop will open.

    13 – Open the folder and extract with 7zip
    14 – Unzip the file. In the example, the file is named:


    15 – Rename the mission to missionname.i
    16 – Copy the missionname.i to the game directory.
    In the example, you have the missionname.i in the ELDEN RING folder. It has the extension.i.
    17 – Load the mission
    18 – Explore the map and solve the missions.

    Once you are done, the game will exit.

    19 – Close the game and hit the keys in the private desktop.

    Your private desktop will open.

    20 – Open the folder and extract with 7zip
    21 – Unzip the file. In the example, the file is named:


    22 – Rename the mission to missionname.bsp
    23 – Copy the


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • 1. Extract archive with WinRAR

    2. Insert the program.
    3. Run the game.

  • Generate System Code

    4. Run the game and finish the tutorial.

    5. Make a backup of /scripts/CustomScript before making changes.

    6. Open a command prompt and type (copy and paste):


    7. Select the language that you want to generate.

    8. Select to generate a script for all characters and proceed.

    9. Open the folder %USERPROFILE%\documents\program files\blizzard entertainment\warcraft iii\client and paste the files generated in Marle_Interface.lua into Marle_Interface.lua.

    10. Back in the game, open the Referee window.
    11. Open the "Most Common " window from the "Referee" menu.
    12. Select "Update Marle's Actor Interface".

    13. Once the update is complete, return to the main world window and either step away or select "F2".

    14. In the text at the bottom of the window, next to "F2", click on "Configure Marle Mode".

    15. Select "Advanced Options".

    16. Click on the button "Add Marle Mode".

    17. Select "Simple Mode" or "Scripted Mode" from the drop down menu and then click on the button "OK".

    18. Add the script associated with your characters that you wish to have the "Simple Mode" and &qu


    System Requirements:

    You will need a computer with at least a 2.4 GHz CPU (See below). In addition, you must have DirectX 9.0c or greater, and the game may not be patched.
    We cannot support running on older versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows XP.
    Macintosh OS X:
    You must use Mac OS X 10.5.0, or 10.6.
    Supported Platforms:
    Windows 7 or later:
    OS X 10.5:
    PlayStation 4:


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