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The game offers a unique online action RPG that is currently being published by Marvelous Inc. ( ), the company that developed the hit games Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest X: Battle Stance.


Noah: (Voiced by Keisuke Koumoto)
A staff member and loyal friend of the Elden Lord at the training ground. He is a brave man of strong capabilities who is able to wield the strength and lightness of the Elden Sword without looking down on anyone.

Alexander: (Voiced by Tetsu Inada)
An old acquaintance of Noah. His survival instincts are above average, and he is able to maintain a rigorous attitude. His axe is an important tool for attacking in battle.

Dolphus: (Voiced by Tetsu Inada)
A young man serving as a helper at the training grounds. He possesses an unrivaled sense of balance and can ride Mount Calamity.

Cyrus: (Voiced by Daisuke Kishio)
A scholar who lives in a village called Haven. His research on the Elden Ring and its powers is extensive, and he is an investigator of the Elden Ring world. He is a person who holds a very unemotional and cold attitude.

Azure: (Voiced by Mamiko Noto)
A student at the training grounds and a classmate of Alexander. She has an uncompromising personality and is very good at the use of her staff.

Emilia: (Voiced by Sawako Konomi)
A student at the training grounds and a classmate of Alexander. Her people skills are above average, and she is very good with money.

Nadine: (Voiced by Ami Koshimizu)
A maid at the training grounds and a classmate of Dolphus. She possesses a lively personality and is very good with cooking.

Philia: (Voiced by Hiromi Igarashi)
A student at the training grounds and a classmate of Noah. She possesses an above average sense of judgment and is a diligent person.

Mia: (Voiced by Yoko Hikasa)
A student at the training grounds and a classmate of Dolphus. Her people skills are above average, and she is very good with managing small things.

Dagger: (Voiced by


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Play the story of the legend of the Lands Between without music.
  • A combination of action RPG and platform game where you control a hero with dozens of actions and a high impact battle field
  • Customize your character using hundreds of accessories and equip your character to improve your item use and leveling speed.
  • Create your own story by playing the game’s story alone or with friends

    A combat system

    Elden Ring uses an action game where various actions are performed by the simple movement of the character, such as attack, move, item and potion use. You can perform a variety of actions even while a cutscene is being shown. Your movements can be performed with one of two available at any given time: the close-up method by moving directly with the directional pad or the life sensor method. The life sensor provides a more accurate movement during action scenes and driving. It also has two types of movement: the life sensor and the quick environment detection method.

    a) Set Characters

    To easily set the character of the party, select the “Set Characters” screen and choose the character icon corresponding to your active character. The circle icon represents the closeup method and the triangle icon represents the life sensor method.

    When you use the close-up method, the upper circle is enlarged and its color correspond to the color of the character icon, and the lower circle becomes smaller. The lower triangle icon is displayed when you are using life sensor method. While using the close-up method, the icon turns red as the set character becomes unconscious.

    The character icon is displayed above the character facing the player. Various icons such as the face, arm, trunk, leg and feet color and shape are represented through emoji. If you select a different icon, the representation color of the selected character or party icon by full tint or transparent is switched.

    a) Description of Characters


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    “I came across a review on Steam about how a new Fantasy Action RPG, The Elden Ring Activation Code, was released recently. My first reaction was, “What did everyone else not like about Sleeping Dogs,” but after I started looking into the game, I realized that the game is actually pretty decent. I was pleasantly surprised by the game’s mechanics, which are similar to that of Dark Souls, but it does have it’s own spin on them, and it works surprisingly well. I ended up playing for about 8 hours, and I’m still on the 3rd dungeon.

    The game has a very close to Dark Souls way of play, but the game has a few twists that I enjoyed very much. The first twist is that the dialogue is a lot more intense than most games. There’s also lots of rooms with a lot of wall that you can break down. You have to feel the walls and push down to see the contents. The second twist is that the time system works a bit different in that you can’t save so often as you would usually, but you have to wait until your hearts fills up. You can still save at any time, but you only save when you’re about to die. Each death is bad for your EFE, so it has to be recovered. It’s also bad for your companions, so their EFE levels will increase if you die.

    The game has lots of dialogue and NPC’s constantly talk to you in the beginning. I like that a lot, it was a lot of fun to listen to these conversations. It adds to the atmosphere, and you often get hints on what’s going on. If you want a break from the dialogue, you can find a dungeon where you can attack the opposing party, which is fun because of how the game plays and the differences with Dark Souls.

    One of the biggest difference is that you can’t save at all unless you lose heart points. I thought this was a little extreme, but it really added to the survival elements of the game. It made me really pull my own weight, and realize that I had to make choices.

    The combat system was a lot of fun and the controls are really similar to Dark Souls. But, it has it’s own theme, so it’s very difficult to get used to at first. You have to learn the controls and it won’


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    Each character has a unique job, with special abilities that provide various types of buffs while in combat, for example.

    The game has three jobs you can choose from at the start: Warrior, Ranger, and Sorcerer. Warrior is the best for the early game, becoming stronger as you fight your foes. Ranger is great for taking down tough, hard bosses, being able to directly take on their HP or break their shields. Sorcerer is highly recommended for those who are experienced with the previous game, being able to use skills requiring both fists and the head.

    Classes special abilities include different powerful skills, increased stats, and various buffs. You can unlock these with EXP points from defeating enemies. Also, some classes have special EXP points acquired from certain types of creatures.

    While you battle, a superior item called an Elden Orb or an acquired enemy item called a Legacy Item will appear. You can pick them up by defeating enemies.


    The strength of the character develops depending on the number of points spent on skills. In order to increase the damage, you must collect all three attacks.

    In each skill, there is a random chance of boosting another skill.

    A sharp sword is the best attribute for a warrior, as it can be used to attack enemies of all types with its high hit rate. The boost to the STR stat will be available to all skills, including heavy attacks, skills with a strong effect on your stats, and skills that boost powerful skills. The RNG that gives you an effect on a random skill at a skill you have already learned will be different from when you start a new character, so it will be exciting to discover the skills that you have never taken a skill from before.

    Advanced skills have several effects and are more useful for dealing with a certain type of enemy. You can also equip armor with the effects of each skill, so it will be convenient to select skills that match your armor. In addition, the effects of certain skills can be enhanced by other skills.

    When you learn a new skill, it does not appear as an Ability at your character’s Statistics page, but as an “RNG: Acquisition of Skill.” You can acquire it at a skill level of 1, but the level will start at 1 if you have learned the same skills.

    You can also acquire a Legacy Item. These are items you acquire from enemies, and have many effects. You can even easily acquire all


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Elden Ring: Legends of the Gate

    Read the Elden Ring: Legends of the Gate review at Destructoid
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    1. Unpack release
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    Install options

    • Extract all folders and files from zip to any folder of your choice
    • Play now

    Install instructions

    • Burn or mount the image that you have downloaded
    • Continue the installation
    • Play


    • The game saves automatically, but this function can be disabled in the options menu.
    • Cheats, hints, and personalized game profiles can be enabled in the options menu.
    • Achievements can be enabled in the options menu.
    • The game is free to play, but to use all features, you will need to purchase the season pass which will cost you $19.99.
    • If you play the game on the Xbox One, the system will automatically detect the game once it has been installed.

    How to play ELDEN RING Game?

    • In a typical role-playing game, you can control a character whose unique attributes are set when you start playing. In ELDEN RING, your abilities are determined by items that you use in battles.
    • Create your own character to help the Elden ring defend the Lands Between in this role-playing game.

    How to download ELDEN RING game:

    1. Click the download link below

    2. Run setup file and follow instructions to complete the installation

    3. Play the game

    Please leave a review if you like ELDEN RING

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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download and install the latest version of the game.
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  • Enjoy the game.
  • How to play:
    – Click on the desired key to spawn, and move around.
    – When you enter a battle, press the required attack and ability.

    Feel free to submit your feedback and remarks on our forums:



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    Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
    2 GB RAM
    Intel HD Graphics 4000
    Version 9.0c
    1 GB available hard drive space
    Intel Core i3, i5, i7 or equivalent
    4 GB RAM



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