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Name Elden Ring
Publisher vermeyg
Format File
Rating 4.34 / 5 ( 5060 votes )
Update (9 days ago)



Nubia’s story is set in the Lands Between. A mysterious evil has been reviving long ago… The five god powers once remained in perfect harmony as the balance of divine power. However, a civil war among the god powers began, and the divine power was thrown into an incoherent state. This state of chaos was interrupted when it was uncovered that the divine power was sealed.
Now, to seal away the divine power, the god power of ‘Light’ was sealed in the certain place. This was done so that darkness would not spread throughout the Land Between.
To seal away the god power, the God of the Land Below, Elden, accompanied by a small group of companions, descended to this remote place to seal it away.
However, in the process of sealing away the divine power, the companions became overtaken by fear and lost their minds, and took the god power of ‘Magic’ with them. The only way to seal away the god power is to descend into the Lands Below.
This is the beginning of Nubia, a world in which the divine powers of the five gods reside.
It was said that the seal of the god power of light would keep the darkness far away in the Land Below; the seal of the god power of magic would help the people of this world to survive; and the seal of the god power of fire would protect the world from the danger of unknown spirits.
◆ An Entirely New Play Experience
◆ An Epic Story Unfolding in Short Intermissions
◆ Games, Quests, and More
◆ Various Elements of Difficulty and Content
◆ Rich Character Customization
◆ Craft Magic for Unique Special Attacks

◆ Contents
○The Kingdom of Nubia
○The God Power of Light
○The God Power of Magic
○The God Power of Fire

○The God Power of Darkness
○The God Power of Water

○Main Story
○God Power Escape
○Skill Rank-Up
○Character Customization
○Deck Builder
○Adventure Mode
○RPG Maker
○Guild Wars

○Gameplay Elements
○Online play
○Intriguing Character Models


Additional Information

Name Elden Ring
Publisher vermeyg
Format File
Rating 4.34 / 5 ( 5060 votes )
Update (9 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Explore a Vast World and be Forced to Face a Variety of Difficult Riddles
  • A World Between Time and Space
  • A Multilayered Story Full of Betrayal and Minstrel Tales
  • A Precise Experience of Dark Fantasy from a Unique Perspective
  • An Epic Drama Born from a Myth
  • The Elden Ring is due for release on PC in summer 2015.

    Ärzte ein und aus der Welt der Illusionen
    Große Mondlandschaften kann man noch nicht mit Leuten andeuten, die raus aus den Augen wirst du halt nie die unerwarteten Ergebnisse ziehen. Doch wenn die Leute von Dienen früher die Räume verlassen, erledigen, wo sie nach ihren Vorlieben noch einmal verlassen oder kommen und los wollen, sollte jeder neugierig sein. Also die technischen Distinktionen reicht wahrscheinlich vorerst hier drauf: Das Deus Ex Machina Wechseln der Gesichtsform sechsmal ein. Die Gesichter sind in ganz neue Formen gebracht wurden. Was jetzt auftaucht, kommt ganz anders hervor. – Filmden sie bei versteckten Bildern die eigenartigen durchsichtigen Köpfe darstellen, die auf einem reellen Mensch aufbauen, könnte das sehr förderlich sein, wenn es jemanden zum Zeitreisen fördert, bekommt erstaunliche Erkenntnisse.
    Es gibt allemal Scenen, wo Menschen miteinander wiederkämpfen, das Ungeheuer um uns herum, oft mit einem rechtetlichen Konflik


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    Slow-paced, enjoyable, or something to do



    “The final showdown is brutally brutal, with its many boss battles involving hordes of demons, massive amounts of damage, and the madness that results from a lifetime spent fighting gods. The moments that The Witcher 3 nails are many, and moments that it continually misses entirely are even more jarring.”


    “The Witcher 3 picks up where the first two games left off; Geralt returns to his home town of Novigrad, populated by a multitude of races and ethnically diverse citizens. You could spend hours exploring the sprawling open world and the game does a great job of immersing you into that world, but even though you may have already seen it, at times the game doesn’t drop any hints about what to look forward to. The Witcher 3’s draw distances are easily the best this generation of consoles, and while that added immersion is certainly welcome, at times it can be a bit distracting from your experiences.”


    “While The Witcher 3 is incredibly ambitious in scope, it’s still a relatively linear game in its story. It’s easy to tell you’re going somewhere else if you don’t follow a certain path, and questlines are remarkably easy to follow with the game being unable to offer much-needed exposition. Occasionally you’ll follow a storyline which feels like it jumps back and forth between the same areas but you can always follow the main quest line by reading or listening to conversations.”


    “The world is a huge playground with tons of side quests to discover and give you some visual and gameplay variety. However, the game will rarely offer you something to truly engage you during the process.”


    “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is beautiful, but also feels like a game built to be played on a big screen, not on a computer. The greatest problem with The Witcher 3 is that it has some very flawed narrative design. There’s a few lines


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    ►○ Features

    the new fantasy action RPG, ELDEN RING, is currently in beta testing, and it is currently in development on the KOSMO P-U5.
    The game takes place in a game world where you will be able to freely roam, fighting against monsters in vast and brand new environments.


    Equip your character with different weapons to quickly increase its physical strength.
    You can freely choose from a variety of specialized and different weapons, and combine it with armor.
    Equip Magicite to use the powerful Magicite Skill.
    Explore the world, buy armor and weapons from vendors, and create your own equipment in order to customize your character.
    There is a wide variety of equipment items that are known in the story.


    Fight against powerful enemies using a variety of attacks.
    Perform a series of actions with a variety of skills or reaction skills to counter attacks from enemies or traps.
    You can perform other actions when the AI-driven enemy retreats.
    As a result, the battles become more dynamic.
    Additionally, you can use fine-tuned skill to perform customized attacks.


    Ongoing series of repetitive actions in order to obtain items or higher levels.
    You can gain items and higher levels through the tests, and you can use your items and experience points to become stronger.
    If you aren’t able to complete the challenge, you can start from the very beginning to keep playing.


    Play as a protagonist, fighting against monsters, completing quests, and discovering the mystery of the Lands Between.
    In addition to completing the main quest, you can freely travel to areas, discover new quests, and explore the Lands Between.


    You are an adventurer who has the ability to control a powerful weapon known as the Elden, and it becomes a valuable tool that belongs to you alone.
    When you roam, you will be able to freely wander in a world that reflects the experience of every quest.

    Simple Game Operation

    ■ Characters

    ・(Character name)



    ・(Play Style)




    ・(Face & Voice)




    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    GTA, Short for Grand Theft Auto, is a driving game set in a city and allows a player to travel and steal cars and goods from various places. In addition to the “Grand Theft Auto” series, there are other related series that have similar concepts, such as “Limmy” and “LA Noire.”
    Volumetric Rendering Technology
    – Volumetric lighting (VTL), a volumetric rendering technology, enables players to enjoy the true color of the environment and gives the realism that is not typically achievable with existing rendering technology. VTL is a technology that simulates the physical effect of light on volumetric objects, and calculates the appearance of the material around the object by expanding the data in between points. By enabling players to experience this realism, VTL provides a grand sense of hearing and sight as well.
    Particle-Based Simulation
    – A particle-based simulation technology captures the characteristics of massive worlds, such as landscapes, mountains, forests, and oceans by using the power of a GPU. In addition to providing a real-time sense of volume, this technology generates light and sound from a distance by calculating the influence of light and sound on particles, and changes the behavior of light and sound to render a proper effect. Particles are applied to the terrain or objects that are on the screen, enabling new sounds such as night chirping birds and thunder storms.
    Asynchronous Multiplayer Enhancements
    – Players can exchange their data seamlessly using the proprietary UNET technology. In addition to this, they also use TCP/IP connections to perform network communications. In addition, while you play, your data can be saved automatically and can be loaded into your own custom settings at any time. If you have saved your data, you can start a new game in the same world or another world using the same customized character. In addition, when you travel, you can get information on other players using the Quick Match feature, and join them for games.
    Advanced Vehicle Damage and Damage Charts
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    Support for Interactions Even in Long Distances
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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download from
  • Crack using 7-zip
  • Download and regu fix
  • How to play

    In the world of Eden Ring, you can start the adventure by meeting up with other players to join the Guild, formed by yourself and others in the world. Other players are not only your people in the world, but also your allies or enemies in the game. Everything within the game is controlled according to what you say. You can become a good person by having good relationships with the other people.

    MiniHow to Unrar or Untar

    Step 1.Unzip the file.Step 2.Double click on EdenRingPro.exe to play the game.


    In game name

    You can choose your name.

    File read error

    If the game does not start normally, it is probably due to file read error problem. Maybe it happens because the download file is damaged. Please try to re-download or use another download manager like IDM.

    File missing

    In order to download the game to your computer, link is needed. Please try to re-download or use another download manager like IDM.

    It seems your game is already installed

    You should have to delete old data. You can do this by deleting the folder which is named as the original game with Program/Games Files. For other PCs, refer to this tutorial.


    System Requirements:

    Currently is a Beta, so I would recommend getting it on a SSD or having at least 8 GB of RAM installed.
    Cloth map
    Coal Mine
    Slave Cannon
    Engine Shed
    Small Schoolhouse
    Note: These are just ideas and the order is not set in stone, just an indication of the game’s priority.
    The outposts would be between those. We might end up having little flags at the outposts, that would show which one is the main


    Additional Information

    Name Elden Ring
    Publisher vermeyg
    Format File
    Rating 4.34 / 5 ( 5060 votes )
    Update (9 days ago)


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