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PKR-deficient MEFs infected with Sendai virus (SeV) exhibit increased IFN-β expression compared to PKR-proficient cells. Wild-type and PKR^−/−^ MEFs were either mock-infected or infected with SeV (MOI = 10) for 12 h. The cells were then fixed and subjected to immunostaining for PRV ORF47 (red). Bar, 20 µm. In all cases, nuclei were stained with DAPI (blue). The images are representative of the results obtained from three independent experiments.



AVX Codec (AVX2 and AVX512)

AVX (Advanced Vector Extensions) is the most recent extension to the x86 instruction set. It improves on the x86 instruction set by adding high performance vector processing instructions. AVX is backward compatible with x86 and has superset compatibility with SSE2, SSE3, and SSSE3.

Because it is an extension to the instruction set, AVX-enabled CPUs must support XOP, which in turn requires Intel CPU supporting Intel AVX, and these CPUs are highly uncommon.

Intel CPUs which support Intel’s AVX2 extension to Intel’s AVX include Xeon and X5550 (32-bit, E5-2600 and Core i7-2700) and the newest Xeons with Intel AVX2 (E5-2600 v2, Core i7-3770 and Core i7-4790), Core 2 and Nehalem (C2D, E5-16xx, and E7-1800).

After Ryzen 1, Ryzen 2, and Ryzen 3 were launched with Intel’s XOP and AVX2 support, AMD’s first Ryzen processors, which are based on the same architecture as the Intel XOP and AVX2 extension, have been subsequently enabled to have XOP and AVX2 support, but still do not have actual AVX support.

Because Intel’s and AMD’s CPUs do not support AVX without XOP, CPUs that have AVX but not XOP have a large performance gap with CPUs that have XOP but not AVX.

Feature table

Note:For AMD, refer to Desktop chipset, server chipset and Pentium-M support. For the compatibility table, refer to the x86 compatibility table.

See also
Instruction set architecture


External links
Official homepage of the AVX Instruction Set on the Intel Developer’s site
RFC 726: Performance, Coding, and Testability Implications of the AVX and SSE Instruction Set Extensions
. decode all version. HUAWEI PHONES. Tzu-Hua-Ching-Chi (1996). “ZigBee wireless communications protocol specification: Design and applications in the

Category:SIMD computingMultifaceted arsenite exposure causes developmental defects associated with redox homeostasis perturbation and ROS generation in zebrafish.
Arsenic (

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