RadioTelephone Tutor 10.0 Crack License Key Full Download [April-2022]

Radio amateurs who want to go one step further and obtain a General Radiotelephone Operator License, will have to take several exams. They can practice and prepare for the tests manually, but thankfully, there are software solutions out there aimed at helping them improve their skills. RadioTelephone Tutor is one of them and it will provide users with a library of predefined, multiple-choice questions for the FCC GROL exam.
Crude interface that ensures users’ attention is focused on the questions and not something else
The application carries a simple interface that is by no means impressing on any level. Featuring an MS-DOS-like appearance and minimalist menu entries, RadioTelephone Tutor ensures this way that users will not be pondering on other matters except the exam questions.
Fortunately, although it boasts such a basic interface, which most of the times is operated by using only the keyboard, the utility also supports mouse handling. This might not be such an important matter, but it will help people who are acquainted with using a mouse instead of the keyboard for such controls.
Prepare for the General Radiotelephone Operator License exam with this basic yet efficient utility
Users will be able to access a library of predefined questions, divided into several categories, which the developer considered that best represent the potential subjects for the exam. Answering the questions is simple and the application’s feedback is not the fastest, but manageable.
Additionally, if circumstances dicate and users are required to perform calculations for their questions, the utility also provides a dedicated calculator app. In its basic settings module, one will be able to configure the application to run in fullscreen mode, play sounds when initiating or select the DirectX / GDI modes.
Useful application for those who wish to make sure they will successfully pass the GROL exam
This utility addresses people who are attempting to obtain their GROL license and are about to take the specialized exam. It will offer them an array of predefined, multiple-choice questions that are aimed at helping them improve their skills and prepare for the exam. Featuring a minimalist interface that will not impress through its looks,  RadioTelephone Tutor will allow users to concentrate on the questions.







RadioTelephone Tutor Crack+ Torrent (Activation Code) Free Download 2022

RadioTelephone Tutor Crack Mac is an easy to use software for Wireless operators license which runs as stand-alone application. With RadioTelephone Tutor Full Crack you can prepare and study for the GROL license.You have the option to browse through the different topics (Only GROL specific) for to obtain your license.Each topic is divided into topics with questions for testing your knowledge.You can use the different types of questions, such as:
• Multiple Choice
• Fill in the Blanks
• True/false
• Free Choice
• Given/Given or
• True/false/ False/True
With RadioTelephone Tutor you will be able to prepare yourself for the GROL license test and will prepare your mind to focus on the exam. RadioTelephone TUtor offers a nice GUI and is designed to not require much interaction. It is a simple program with a great design.
You will be able to study and test your knowledge for the FCC General Radiotelephone Operator License exam. This allows the application to learn from the ones who have passed the GROL exam. The questions range from General Telephone Operator to Radiotelephone Communications Technology. The questions are designed and grouped according to the topics for the exam. RadioTelephone Tutor is an easy application to use, Once you have connected to the internet, the application will search for the relevant topics based on the area code.
RadioTelephone Tutor supports the mouse as the only control for navigating through the different topics and choosing between the topics. The application is not as friendly as the most of the other applications in this category, but still it is much better than the few applications out there.
RadioTelephone TUtor offers a nice GUI and is designed to not require much interaction. The application is easy to use, once you have connected to the internet, the application will search for the relevant topics based on the area code.The application has a web based administration system. There is also an option to connect to the internet from a laptop, tablet or PDA. Multiple device support is also available.
The following table summarizes the features of RadioTelephone Tutor and its different versions.
# Features GSTR 54M V1.2 1.0 1.1 1.2 Language English English English English English Features General Operators 24 Topics Radio Operator 62 Topics Radio Operator 64 Topics Radiotelephone Telecommunication Technology 89 Topics Total 821 Topics Questions General Operators 1,542 Questions Radio Operator 1

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[b]Application offers you a possibility to be exam assistant in practice. It can help you to learn spectrum, gain knowledge and experience for real exam. Program is simple and funny.
[b]RadioTelephone Tutor will help you to prepare for the General Radiotelephone Operator License by providing you with a handy library of multiple-choice questions that are predefined by the developer and are designed to provide you with an unlimited source of valuable material for the exam.
[b]This is a very easy-to-use application for both beginner and advanced users.
[b]Program is absolutely free and it can be used during for 2 years.
[b]Both new and old versions of Windows are supported.
[b]Mouse support.
[b]Program can run in DirectX or GDI modes.
[b]Can be used in fullscreen mode.
[b]Includes a calculator program.
[b]There is a built-in help file.
[b]There are a great number of themes.[/b]
[b]There is a built-in gallery of screenshots.[/b]
[b]Fully support XO Digital, R-14, R-20, R-28, R-58, R-76, R-80, R-80A, HR10A, HR20A.
[b]There are a great number of themes.
[b]See more details and buy it from:

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RadioTelephone Tutor Crack+ With License Code Download

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What’s New In?

* Can be used in programmings languages such as Visual Basic and C++
* Can be used in national language
* Can be used in other languages
* Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/XP64
* Fully auto installer
* Full Screen
* Can use mouse
* Supports the DirectX and GDI
* Unlimitted games (yes, these are supported)
* Supports all major sound cards
* Supports each and every volume, mute and volume key
* Uses only low memroy (32MB)
* Can be put in the tray
* Can run in the background
* Can be stopped from the tray
* Sound
* CNET Core 2.0
* CNET 5
How to install RadioTelephone Tutor:
* Download the archive version of RadioTelephone
* Extract it and copy the RadioTelephoneTutor.exe and the RadioTelephone Tutor.ini files to your desktop.
* Choose [Create Shortcut] when prompted.
* Place the RadioTelephone Tutor shortcut on your desktop.
* Type radio-telephone-tutor.exe to start RadioTelephone Tutor.
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System Requirements For RadioTelephone Tutor:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
CPU: Intel® Pentium™ 4 3.0 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Minimum Graphics:
DirectX® 9.0 compatible GPU, Microsoft® Direct3D 9.0
Note: The game can also be played on older graphics cards such as those that come with desktop computers that are more than 5 years old.
Video Memory: 2 GB
DirectX® Version: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Minimum Resolution: 1280×1024
Minimum Audio:


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