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You can download Adobe Photoshop CS4 from the CD that accompanied this book, but I suggest you use the boxed version available on the CD-ROM instead because it offers much more. Playing with the different views of Photoshop Photoshop is a very powerful program, so it has a lot of different view modes and tools to enable you to operate on a photo. For instance, you can view your photo as layers (the default view for most people), as a composite (a.k.a. clipping path, a.k.a. watermark) image, or in a preview. Here’s a quick reference for the different types of views in Photoshop. I talk more about the various views and modes throughout this chapter. Layer view (refer to Figure 2-1): With this view, you can see all your layers, choose which one you want to work on, and edit it. You can toggle between the different view modes by using the View drop-down list on the top-left of the workspace (refer to Figure 2-2). Just click the View drop-down list and choose your preference. Figure 2-1: The default view is showing all the layers in the image. Figure 2-2: Click the View drop-down list to toggle between various view modes. Layer view: With the Layers or Layer Tools command (the green eye icon) on top of the image, you can toggle between layer view and regular view. Just click the green eye to show the layers, and click the eye to hide them. Layer stacks: When working with layers, you can arrange them in stacks so that you can see the individual layers without their parents. Click the layer stacks button in the workspace and select which stack you want to see. (See the following sections for more on stacks.) When you’re creating layers, you can use Adobe’s Auto-Blend Layers feature (refer to Figure 2-2). Click the Auto-Blend Layers icon to turn on this feature, which blends all layers on top of one another. Non-Photoshop View: This view gives you an overview of your image. In addition to your layers, you can see your histogram and an area called info from where you can view the image’s resolution and more. The preview that appears in this view mode (refer to Figure 2-3) is a wireframe representation of the

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It is important to note that the user interface may differ between platforms. For this reason we’ll go over the features in detail by platform. We will also go over the tools available on each platform and the way they work. Getting Started with Elements We will now guide you through the steps to get started with Elements. 1. Sign In First, you will need to sign in to your Adobe account. Elements lets you access all of your Adobe tools and creative projects via your own account. Make sure to set a secure password for your account and change your password every now and again. 2. Create a Custom Workspace Elements is set up with default workspaces for both professional and beginner users. While this is the most logical place to start, if you wish to tailor your workspace to your use, you’re welcome to do so. 3. Upload Photos In Elements, go to File > New > Load from Device. Select the computer where you would like to save these images. After a moment, Elements will open and display your loaded photos. Click on the gear icon at the top right to go to the Options. After you have tweaked your settings, click on the Edit button. 4. Edit Photos There are a number of ways to edit photos in Elements. Select the photo in the photo editor and use the sliders to adjust the brightness, contrast, brightness and exposure. Click on the Edit button to display the Adjustments panel. Use the Adjustments panel to apply different effects (Blur, Smart Fix, Gradients, etc.) to your photo. Use the Adjustments panel to apply different effects (Blur, Smart Fix, Gradients, etc.) to your photo. Select the Lens Correction tab to apply custom lens corrections to your photos. At the bottom left of the Adjustments panel, you will see the Image Effect tab. Click on this and you will see all of the effects available for your photo. Note, many of these will not be available depending on the photo. Also note, each effect comes with a warning about the effects it can have on photos. Note, many of these will not be available depending on the photo. Also note, each effect comes with a warning about the effects it can have on photos. The tab at the bottom right displays the image you have selected. Click 05a79cecff

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Welcome to the third and final installment of our 4 part series: Learning to Create App Shells with HTML5 and CSS3. In the first part, we learned the basics of the web development skills we’ll be using in this series. In the second post, we looked at the basics of scripting within the browser. In this final post, we’re going to look at the basics of how you can use the DOM and JavaScript to create what will be an app shell. What is App Shell? App Shells is a term that was made popular by a certain company (name mentioned in our first post). They created a tutorial and a very helpful course that I recommend you checkout if you are looking to learn how to make apps and want to learn a new skill. As a beginner, you should have a basic understanding of how HTML and CSS are put together, so this tutorial isn’t going to be too hard for you to follow. However, it does assume some knowledge of programming. We’re going to use the canvas object to draw on the screen. This will be the main focus of this tutorial, as we are going to draw a blank screen, and then add an image to it. I’ll have more in-depth posts after this and the next two, but if you want to skip the in-depth posts, the very short version is that the DOM contains all of the code that makes up a webpage. This includes images, links, text, tables, etc. Creating the App Shell First, make sure you have an image from Google called pebcak.png in the same folder as your HTML document. In the HTML document, remove all of the content that is currently there. There should be nothing in the body except for the and the tag. (Optional) If you’d like to edit the style sheet, you can right-click on the file and choose Edit HTML > Edit With External Editor. If you’d like to use a text editor instead, you can just open the file in Notepad and then copy and paste the HTML and CSS. Next, add this code to the of the HTML document: This is simply telling the

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You must be able to download and run the game. Supported OS: Windows (x86/x64) Mac OS X Linux Minimum Specifications: CPU: i5-3570 or equivalent RAM: 8GB RAM Hard disk: 70GB space Graphics: GPU capable of running Unity 5.5.0 or equivalent Windows: 1920×1080 Mac OS X: Linux


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