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Online Image Editors

There are several online image editors that enable users to edit and manipulate images. These websites offer various tools for editing photos, designing logos, images, and images, as well as a batch uploader for adding images to websites. Some offer options for advanced editing and have tutorials for beginners.

Here are a few of the most useful sites for more in-depth image editing:






## Using the Automatic Blur Tool

The _automatic blur_ tool is useful for correcting images with _perspective distortion,_ _focal blur,_ or _out of focus_ images. You apply the tool to the left edge of an image and it automatically corrects the image.

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This Photoshop tutorial is about the basic parts of Photoshop and basic editing techniques.

What is Photoshop?

After you do a search on the internet, you will see that Photoshop is one of the most widely used graphic software in the world. In fact, Adobe Photoshop was the first software that allowed creating photorealistic images. Adobe Photoshop has many powerful features and helps you create professionally high-quality images.

This software is powerful and it has the ability to create the most realistic images. So, you can say that Photoshop is a photo manipulation software.

If you are already a graphic designer, there is a good chance that you already know Photoshop well. If you are a beginner or something in the middle, you will find it very easy to learn.

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful tool that helps you perform many tasks and can be the best way to work with images. To use it, you can either download the software from Adobe or use a Mac or a Windows computer. You can also use any of the following programs like GIMP, Paint, CorelDraw and many other online based graphic designers.

The Adobe Photoshop tutorial helps you create high-quality images and it can teach you how to perform other tasks. So, it is a very important graphic designer’s tool.

Basic Photoshop layout

The Photoshop interface

The Photoshop interface contains many tabs, document windows, layers, adjustment layers and filters. Let’s see them in detail.

General tab

You can use this tab to work with the basic settings of Photoshop. These settings include brightness, contrast and much more.

When you open an image, it appears in the workspace. You can see the default size of the image in the Dimensions section. There is also an additional section for your image which is different for every image you open.


You can save many projects in the folders and also open the projects that are currently saved in your computer.


You can also find the new images and open it in the file from here. You can also create a new file and open it from here. If you keep the file in the same folder that you opened it, the image will not be saved.

Image Browser

You can easily find the images that you have already opened. If you do not find the image that you want, you can search it from here. For this,

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Table View Controller with segmented control

In my iPhone application, I have a tableViewController on whose selection cell has to add new views (say, A,B,C).
There are two scenarios:
Scenario 1: The user clicks on a cell, there should be a UISegmentedControl with two segments (A/B) which takes the user to the new view with the label ‘A’ and ‘B’ to be displayed.
Scenario 2: The user clicks on a cell, there should be a UISegmentedControl with two segments (A/B/C).
The user should be able to go back to the original tableView by tapping the new views.
How should I achieve this?


The simplest way is to implement the delegate method for UITableViewController’s didSelectRowAtIndexPath: method and handle the segment control selection in there.
If your view is simply a set of labels, you can use the tableView:titleForHeaderInSection: method.
If you want to create a view on the fly, you have several ways to do that, but generally you should read up on UIViewController’s initWithNibName:bundle: method or viewWithTag: method to get your view into memory and then retrieve it and instantiate it in the next step.

[Pulmonary involvement of sarcoidosis in a patient with bilateral choroidal osteoma].
We report the case of a 31-year-old woman with bilateral choroidal osteoma associated with pulmonary sarcoidosis. She presented with hypercalcemia, pulmonary infiltrates, and lymphadenopathy. The choroidal osteomas had appeared since the age of 20 years. Corticosteroids led to regression of the infiltrates and of the hypercalcemia. The neoplasm appeared to have metastasized to the eyes and lungs.Q:

I have an error in this code, it says that “object not initialized” at “for line”

I have a problem at line 20 in my code. It says “object not initialized at line 20”. Can someone help me?
public class maxGap
public string input;
public int max;
public int min;

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Brittany Patterson

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Personal bests

International competitions


External links

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What did that really mean?

“Every nation has its favorite child, the one upon whom it dotes the most. He is the one chosen to give foreigners a second chance, the one whose kindness and understanding are on display for all to see. The one chosen to represent the nation to the world at large.” –The Prince/**
* @param {string[]} resArray
* @return {boolean}
export const isEmpty = (resArray) => {
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* @param {string[]} resArray
* @return {boolean}

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