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Creating a polygonal shape

You can create a polygonal shape by drawing the outline of the shape on a layer.

1. **Draw the shape on a new layer.**

To make it easier to see where each section of the shape is positioned, put a light color, such as white,

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If you don’t have Photoshop, you may need to upgrade to Photoshop. Photoshop may be expensive, especially if you are using it for commercial purposes. It is also important to note that not all images are saved in Photoshop format.

Although this article will explain how to open Photoshop files, we will have a look at how Photoshop files work and of the icons used in Photoshop.

What is Photoshop?

Photoshop is a bitmap image editing software designed for use on graphic arts. It is often used for web design and to create images for newspapers, magazines and other print media. Photoshop allows for creative and artistic editing, with tools available for photo retouching, photo manipulations, making digital paintings, and creating logos.

Its name comes from the fact that most of the features in the application are originally developed and designed for the graphics industry, and Photoshop is the first software to enter this market. It was also designed to be operated on a personal computer.

It contains a large set of features, allowing you to:

edit images, apply special effects and effects, and create new images

create photorealistic images, edit layers, use filters to style photos, and create new colors and shades

add text to images, convert images into different formats, create collages and combine multiple images to create unique pictures

manage images and perform image processing, such as resizing, rotating, cropping and making copies of images

create a PDF or TIFF document, edit PDF, save a document as a Photoshop file, and more

There are several types of Photoshop files, and they come in two different versions: Photoshop (full version) and Photoshop Elements.

The difference between the two versions is that Photoshop Elements contains only the basic tools necessary for saving or editing images, while Photoshop has all the features needed for the various applications.

Additionally, both versions can be used to edit photographs or logos, as well as making 2D & 3D images.

What is the difference between graphic design and photography?

Photography is the recording of visible light waves, and the graphic design is the arrangement and placing of these waves. There is a difference in the way that these two media are put together. When creating a photograph, you can use various techniques in order to control the way that the light that hits the image modifies it.

In graphic design, the image contains the information to be displayed, and it is used

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Kenya: “We Will Not Bear Any Harm” As Political Reform Looms

By Patricia Okoye [RADIO]

Former presidential aide Dr. Narokae Otieno Kariuki has condemned the torching of two SUVs belonging to a presidential candidate as being “un-constitutional and illegal.”

Speaking to the Nation last Friday, Dr. Otieno said a two-pronged approach should be adopted by Kenyans to usher in real political transformation and political reforms.

He said such reforms would revolve around: the first is to ensure a free and fair political environment; and the second is to ensure a judicial system that is independent and free of political interference.

He stressed the need for a political system that would offer every citizen equal opportunity to participate.

According to him, this implies that political culture of corruption and nepotism should be eradicated.

“This is meant to give all Kenyans equal chance to participate in the political process,” Dr. Otieno said.

The former presidential aide said the need to ensure a free and fair political environment should be achieved through: freedom of speech; freedom of the press and the media; elimination of the habit of corruption; and enhancement of accountability and transparency within government.

“This would enable the state and citizens alike to hold the executive and legislature accountable for their actions,” he said.

“I would need to emphasise here that Kenyans must be allowed to freely express themselves without fear of harassment and hindrance.

“In other words, Kenyans are allowed to

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1. Select the Clone Stamp tool from the toolbox.
2. Open up an image where you want to use the tool and paint a rough copy in the area you want to copy. Figure 3.16 illustrates a rough copy of a new cushion.

Fig. 3.16

A rough copy of a new cushion.

The Clone Stamp tool may not work correctly on an image where the background color of the area is a solid color such as solid white, black or brown. It may have trouble duplicating and painting on such areas.

3. Once the rough copy is created, start the Eraser tool and begin erasing the area. The background color of the new cushion should match the background color of the original cushion.

Make sure that the Eraser tool is set to Free Select mode. After the Eraser tool has finished erasing the area, you can use the Clone Stamp tool to paint a new area to match the color of the original area. Figure 3.17 shows a new cushion created with the Eraser tool.

Fig. 3.17

A rough copy of a new cushion created with the Eraser tool.

You can use the Eraser tool to create whole new images or copy a section of an image and paste the section into another area. Figure 3.18 shows a section of a new cushion that has been copied to a new area.

Fig. 3.18

A section of a new cushion copied from the area of an existing cushion.

From the selection tool, you can edit or crop an image and use the Draw tool to create a new path. The Draw tool can also be used to edit paths and add and remove points. The Draw tool is useful for creating and editing the path of objects. The Brush tool is also useful for creating and editing paths. The draw tools are explained in more detail in Chapter 6.

System Requirements:

Publisher: AMD
Developer: AMD
Version: 2.0
File Size: 300 MB
Released: 2016-11-29
1.0.0 – Initial Release.
2.0.0 – Optimized many drivers and improved stability.
New features:
– Added Web Driver and Official versioning to driver manager.
– Added custom SQL compare capability.
– Added custom alerts functionality.
– Added support for graphics cards


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