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The product is so pervasive in the world of graphic design that another name for the product is “graphics.” If you study graphic design on your own, either for your personal portfolio or to make money, keep in mind that the examples and illustrations you’ll find all use Photoshop. The process of creating and editing images with Photoshop begins with the creation of a new document in which you’ll create your image. You can open an existing image, change it, or create a new one from scratch. In this book, we concentrate on working with a new, blank document, but when you’re creating an image from scratch, you save it to your computer in a format called TIFF. We go into more detail on working with TIFF files in Chapter 2. To create a new document, you must set the workspace to an appropriate file format. For example, if you want to create a new 8-by-10-inch print, you want to work in a file format that’s suitable for printing. The program divides the workspace into several folders and supports a number of file formats. To choose the appropriate file format for your new document, look for a drop-down menu near the top-left corner of the workspace that looks something like Figure 6-1. Here’s how to choose the appropriate file format for your new image: 1. Select File ⇒ New from the menu and choose either Photoshop Elements 12, Adobe Photoshop CC 2017, or Photoshop CS6. For more information on choosing a new document size and resolution, check out Chapter 2. 2. The New Document dialog box appears. 3. In the Width and Height boxes, enter the appropriate dimensions for your file. If you can’t see the sizes, press the Tab key to show them or type values. The Width and Height boxes become resizable once you make the file format choice. If you want to insert new text in your document, select it from the Font box on the left side. In Figure 6-2, the text on the top of the image has a black text box, and the text on the bottom of the image has a white text box. In the future, you can make adjustments to the text boxes just as you can to the other graphics on your image. **Figure 6-1:** When you create a new file, you can set the workspace to use any of Photoshop’s file formats. **Figure 6-2:**

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If you do a lot of photo editing, you’re going to know the program better than most. But do you know how to use all the features? Here’s an inside look at all you need to know. (You’ll also discover how to convert your Photoshop files to PSE files and vice versa, why a program like Elements is more appropriate for beginners, and the features you most need.) [Chapter Preview] Getting Started The Basics How to Save, Print and Email How to Open Windows 7 or Higher One Way or Another… How to Start How to Select Objects How to Resize Images How to Rotate Images Resize the Canvas Area for a Fit How to Straighten Images Easiest Way to Straighten a Portrait How to Cut Objects from a Clipboard Image How to Retouch Images How to Correct Glare How to Reduce Spots How to Remove a Person’s Face from a Clipped Background How to Retouch a Person’s Hair How to Invert Colors How to Color-Correct Images How to Use Adjustments How to Apply a New Layer Style How to Adjust an Image’s Color How to Add a New Layer Style How to Add a Background Image Adding a Background Image in an Image Viewer Adding a Photo Viewer How to Use a Pen Tool How to Add a Layer How to Select a Brush How to Adjust Brush Settings How to Use a Paint Bucket How to Select an Eraser How to Place a New Object on a Layer How to Add a New Layer and Select a Brush How to Fill a Shape with a Brush How to Move a Layer How to Apply Transparency How to Delete a Layer How to Rotate Images How to Draw on a Layer How to Use the Line Tool How to Use the Move Tool How to Use the Zoom Tool How to Use the Free Transform Tool How to Arrange Objects How to Delete an Object Using Transformations How to Move Objects How to Rotate an Object How to Resize an Object How a681f4349e

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