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After opening a Photoshop file, you can import an image from your computer via the File → Open dialog box. Photoshop reads the file directly from your computer, puts it in a temporary location within Photoshop, and then adds it to your image that you’re working on. Any image you import is added to a library of images you can quickly access and use without any extra steps. If you already have the image you want to use, you can use the File → File Open dialog box to import an image from your computer. You can use the New Guide option in the Edit → Guides and Grid command to create guides, or you can use the graphics tools to do so. You can also change guide preferences. The Guides option is grayed out when you import an image for the first time. You have to use the graphics tools to create or change guides. See the upcoming sections, “Creating Guides,” “Working with Guides,” and “Customizing Guides.” Creating Guides You can use the guides to help you keep your objects and images aligned. A guide is another type of layer that you can add to your image. When you create guides, you can also adjust their color, linetype, and position. (See the next section, “Customizing Guides,” for more on changing the options for guides.) You can use guides to align objects or create a reference for measuring an image. Guides aren’t the only way to keep objects in alignment. You can also use the Anchor points (press Ctrl+0 [⌘-0] while an object is selected). In the following figure, the Guides button is selected. Notice that the option button is active. That means guides are enabled. You can see the tool in use on the right side of the image. Figure 1-5 shows how to create guides. **Figure 1-5:** You can use the Guides button to show and hide guides and change their settings. You can see the guidelines as you work on your image. To do so, click the View icon in the top-left corner of your Photoshop window. You can then toggle between two options: • Guides — Highlights the guides in the image window; • Guides — Turns on the guides. An overlay, which is a variation of the layer settings, appears in the Guides window that contains the options that you can change. After you’ve created guides, you can use the Guides tools

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The best part about the application is that it is free for personal use. While some may disagree, they should consider that it is very easy to upgrade to the paid version. With the beginner’s guide on this page, you will learn how to install, the most simple Photoshop alternatives for Windows. What is Photoshop Elements? Adobe Photoshop Elements is a versatile bitmap editing software for computers. It was originally developed to meet the needs of professional and home photographers, but today it is also used for graphic designers and web designers and also as a meme creator. Adobe Photoshop Elements offers users the possibility to convert still images into videos, draw freehand, do various types of photo editing, manage images, prepare images for printing, and more. It is a very powerful image editing software and it is one of the best and free alternative for Photoshop. On the image editor’s side, the application offers the following editing features. Advanced sharpening, debossing, and embossing effects Lens correction Optimized for high-performance image editing Supports 32-bit color High-quality low-pass and high-frequency effects Colors, contrast and saturation adjustments Soft and hard brush tools Local adjustment tools Image adjustment: levels, curves, curves Filters: noise filter, noise reduction Eraser tool Adjust your colors with the color splash tool Add text, create style layers, paint in layers Blur effects Gradient and texture tools Plus, it offers options to retouch photographs and create your own memes. What are Photoshop Elements alternatives? The image editor Adobe Photoshop Elements is a very powerful tool. However, it has a very simple and user-friendly interface, which makes it very accessible for beginners. You don’t have to worry about learning a complex interface if you are a beginner. Besides, unlike the professional version, it has numerous free features that you can use. This is why many people prefer Adobe Photoshop Elements over the professional version. But, there are a lot of free alternatives to Photoshop Elements. Each has a number of interesting features and a simple user-friendly interface that you may not be familiar with. They can be used as an image editing software, even for professional graphic designers. While these alternatives have their pros and cons, most a681f4349e

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Minimum: OS: Windows XP (SP3) Processor: Intel® Pentium® III 1.6GHz Memory: 1GB RAM Video: 1024×768 Sound Card: VIA 8235 or higher Hard Disk: 700MB free hard disk space Additional Notes: Installed version: 2.50.0 Download version: 2.50.0 Built-in Coder: Xara Xtreme 1.05 Built-in Clip


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