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16 pings can be played simultaniously. Each ping will be mapped to a different key, like in a drum-layout.
Each ping has a parameter for frequency, duration, panning, distortion and amplitude.







OnePingOnly For Windows [2022]

You will only be able to play one ping at a time

To switch ping, press s while holding one of the mouse buttons. For example, press s and hold down the right mouse button. s will play the next ping in the drum kit. There are 16 pings in this drum kit.


4 Features

Setup Isolation
Start the “1 Ping Only” setting in the sound mixer by pressing the NumPad+1 or NumPad-1 key. This allows you to mute the instrument if the MIDI effect needs isolation from all the other sounds.

Mute Each PING
This also works from the midi keyboard or from your sequencer, but in your “Mute Each PING” from the sound mixer, only the drum kit gets muted. You can still hear the other part of the track. All you have to do is, press the NumPad+1 or NumPad-1 key and you can play all the drums at the same time.

Setup Total Isolation
This setting is similar to the “Setup Isolation”. In order to have a total isolation from all the sounds, start the “1 Ping Only” setting in the sound mixer. Then mute all other sounds from the sequencer or from the midi keyboard.

Setup Total Isolation (Show video)

Setup Total Isolation (A picture and drum mix)


1 Ping Only

It’s one of the more difficult to learn, but can be a powerful tool for when you want to isolate a drum track from a bunch of other instruments.
You can set up total isolation by just muting all your other instruments. Pressing 1 simultaneously mute all the instruments, except the kit you are trying to isolate.
There is no real set up involved in this, it’s just a case of turning of one pedal on one channel and turning it on the other channel, and that’s it.
As this is a drum kit, there are 16 combinations of settings to get the right sound.

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Produce only one ping, regardless of any other ping
NoDeadZone Description:
Never lower the pitch below D
No looping
NewRange Description:
Produce new range
NewVowel Description:
Produce a new vowel
Multitrack Description:
Produce several pings at once
NumBeats Description:
Use the song’s BPM as frequency
Produce a slightly higher or lower pitched ping
Pan description:
Indicate the left, right, or center pan, or disable panning
Processing description:
Indicates whether pings should be placed on the left, right, or center
Rate Description:
Produce a ping at the specified rate
RateLyrics Description:
Produce a ping at the specified rate for lyrics
RateReversed Description:
Produce a ping at the specified rate for the reversed song
RateScript Description:
Produce a ping at the specified rate for the specified script
SelectiveOutput Description:
Produce only the specified ping
Sfx Description:
Produce a sfx ping that is played before each song
Sharp Lips Description:
Produce a sfx ping that causes lips to vibrate on the notes played.
SharpPeriod Description:
Produce a sfx ping with sharpened period
Produce a ping 10% skips ahead
SkipLyrics Description:
Produce a ping 10% skips ahead for lyrics
Produce a ping that can’t be heard
SkipDuration Description:
Produce a ping with 10% duration skips
SkipIndex Description:
Produce a ping that skips the specified index
SlowDown Description:


If you play many pings simultanously, it will not complete all pings, but only the first ping.

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What’s New In OnePingOnly?

This function will return a unique ID for a ping. It will then stop pinging that ID, and will instead start pinging the next ID in the list. This function will return an error if called before the FirstPingTime, a returned ID or a call to this function is unsuccessful.
Return the time in ms at which this function will be called.
Return the ID of the ping that will be called on the next successful call to this function. This function will return an error if a call to this function fails, or if the callback is not called successfully after the NextPingTime.
Return a callback function that will be called after each successful ping. This will occur exactly after the NextPingTime unless the ping fails, or the callback is not called before the NextPingTime.
Each Ping Parameter:
The parameter of the ping.
This will be the duration of the pong. The ping is then played with this time added to the first time it is played.
This is the frequency of the ping.
Pan left,right, or neutral depending on the amount it is shifted.
Distorts the audio by the amount specified.
The amplitude of the ping.
Return all of the ping parameters in an array of objects.
$$value for frequency in $$c
$$value for duration in $$ms
$$value for pan in $$c
$$value for distortion in $$c
$$value for amplitude in $$c
$$value for ping id in $$c
$$value for callback in $$c

These four parameters are also available in the JSON string returned by the SendUDPPing function, and the parameters of the response are also available in this JSON string.
This will return the JSON string of the response from the server.
callback will be called after the ping with the arguments: value for ping id, the server response, and the ping parameters.

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System Requirements For OnePingOnly:

Pre-requisite: Microsoft® Windows® OS, Macintosh® OS 10.5
Operating System:
Macintosh: OS X 10.5
Windows: Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
A multicore 2.5 GHz or faster processor
Dual GPU setup is recommended
Version 11
Version 4
Additional Notes:


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