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Determines if a file has any image or text. This can be used to prove a text file is legit. If you have received a text file or an image from a yahoo buddy, this tool can help you determine if it is suspicious. You’ll need to make a folder for the text files you want to use in your tests. The NLCTim binary is located in a folder called nlctim in the same directory as your NLCTim.ini file. Download it with a download manager like: The following files are in the current directory: Download it by double-clicking on the file nlctim. It will automatically launch NLCTim and ask if you want to “install NLCTim or try out NLCTim?” Make sure you select the nlctim.exe and wait for it to finish updating NLCTim. When the “NLCTim 3.1.04a.exe” file is done updating, you may close the installer if you wish. You may also choose to launch NLCTim without installing if you just want to try it out or update it manually. If you run NLCTim before you install it, there is no need to uninstall it before installing it. How to Uninstall NLCTim Uninstall NLCTim by removing the folder nlctim from the NLCTim folder. The uninstaller is not very thorough and may not find all of the files and folders related to NLCTim. This may cause problems when running NLCTim the next time, which is why we recommend uninstalling NLCTim before installing it.

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================== NLCTim is a very simple (and in my opinion essential) tool, which can help you with quick sending of images and/or text files over IM, especially in channels where there is no file exchange possible. NLCTim usage: ============= 1. Launch NLCTim. 2. In the File Select dialog just drop a file into the IM chat window. 3. Press ‘Send’ and NLCTim will instantly post it over the IM channel. Versions: ========= NLCTim is available from the FireStorm project homepage ( About FireStorm: ================ FireStorm is a collaborative effort to build the next-generation FireStorm instant messaging software for mobile, desktop and web-based instant messaging services. More information can be found at Contact: ========= If you have any questions or comments, e-mail License: ========= Copyright (c) 2006-2010, Daniel Lezcano . This invention is in the area of gas turbine engine turbine disks and more particularly in the area of cooling holes in gas turbine engine disks. Turbine disks have typically holes that run the radial length of the disk. Turbine disks are often cooled to reduce the thermal loads on the disks. Cooling of the disk increases the life of the disk. Cooling holes in the disk also provide cooling air to parts in the disk, such as rotating blades. A prior art cooling hole is shown in FIG. 1. FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of prior art cooling hole 1. Cooling hole 1 has a large diameter central portion 2 that borders a small diameter circular shaped portion 3. Small diameter portion 3 has a channel 4 that is tangent to surface 5 of cooling hole 1. Large diameter portion 2 has a channel 6 that is tangent to surface 5. Channels 4 and 6 are both in fluid communication with one another and with a larger cavity 7 that is located between large diameter portion 2 and small diameter portion 3. Air that is bled from the compressor is directed into cavity 7 where it is heated by the 7ef3115324

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NLCTim is an extension for Mozilla firefox that downloads images or other files, displaying them in a window or panel. Connects with your buddies IM service without plug-ins or extra software. It uses Web Services to connect, so you can use different IM services as well. Connects: AOL / ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, MSN, and Yahoo! Messenger Tracking: XHTML, XML, SOAP, and XHR and many other protocols Send files to your buddies IM service without plug-ins or extra software, using Web Service. Multiline IM window (Windows). Select a folder to use as a communications directory. Multiline IM window (Unix). Select a folder to use as a communications directory. Multiline IM window (mac OS). Select a folder to use as a communications directory. Multiline IM window (mac OS). Select a folder to use as a communications directory. Command line interface. The command line interface is easy to use. A large variety of file formats supported: HTML files (*.html), XHTML (*.xhtml), XML (*.xml), TIFF, JPEG, GIF, MPEG, ASF, AVI, MP3, OGG, EZ, MID, MIDi, and others… Advanced – iWindowsChat is an editor and compiler for iWindowsChat. It can be used to edit message files and/or to create your own chat using the text format files of our extensible chat server. iWindowsChat Features: Small in size Compatible with IE, Firefox, Opera, and other browsers. Supports iWindowsChat files and HTML (xhtml) files. Can be used to edit message files and/or to create your own chat using the text format files of our extensible chat server. Can be used for Webcams with Flash (Windows) iWindowsChat: Play the game Show/Hide Video and Audio track! Attachments Picture – Show/Hide Attachment Print current game or chat file Your own Browser/Imap/POP3/SMTP server (using SSL ) Has a built-in data base engine for storing games data (e.g. up/down votes) Media Player – available stream video/audio files (MS WMV, Windows Media, Real Media, and RealAudio) Sound-FX

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========== NLCTim is a tool designed to help you send images or text files to your Yahoo! Messenger buddies. It does not need accounts on the various messenger services. Just install it and you’ll be ready to send files to the select people you choose. It’s easy to use, intuitive and simple. Features: ====== – Sends files or images to several users at once. – Works with Yahoo! Messenger and with or without extensions (it doesn’t necessarily use that extension). – Notifies senders when the recipient logs in. – Can specify a specific image file format to be used. – Support for sending files from the clipboard, including the ability to copy images from another application. – Supports drag and drop. – Is compatible with all major operating systems. – Doesn’t require any accounts on the various messenger services. Supported servers: ================= – Yahoo! Messenger – AOL Instant Messenger – Windows Live Messenger – Windows Messenger – Trillian – GNU – MSN Messenger – Communicator – Pidgin – OS X Mail – Thunderbird – Get Hotmail – Gmail – YouSendIt – Lotus Notes – MSN Games Installation: ============= – Search for NLCTim in the Mac App Store – If you don’t see it, check the Mac App Store because it is not installed by default. – In case you still don’t see it, go to the NLCTim download page for your platform. – Download NLCTim and unzip it. – Move the “nlctim” folder to /Applications. – To send a file, first select a file or an image to send and drag it to the NLCTim icon. – You can select the destination in the Open dialog or just select one or more buddies from the list. – Once you’re ready, hit the Send button and wait until the notification message shows a Success. Then you’ll see the file or image appear in your buddy’s inbox. – You can also share images directly from another application by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Option + I. – You can also paste images or files from another application by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + V. – You can use drag and drop to send files. – You can

System Requirements For NLCTim:

* Windows® XP * Windows Vista® * Windows 7 * Mac OS® X 10.5 or higher * Intel® Pentium® 4 1.8 GHz or higher * 2 GB RAM * 300 MB hard disk space * 2 GB video memory * Web browser installed * Internet access * Sound card * Controller Keyboard and Mouse * An internet connection is required. If you have a problem setting up your system, kindly contact our customer support team via


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