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This is done by using the Json::encode() function. (See the PHP docs on this.) So if the JSON has a “foo” property named “bar” (or any other custom property), the final encoded value of the object would look something like: {“foo”:{“bar”:”…”}}
Since you don’t have that object, you would need to re-encode the final Json. A simple re-encoding method in PHP that works would be:
$json = json_encode($myJsonObject);
$desiredJson = json_decode($json);

And that should give you the original JSON and all your custom properties back.
Edit: You could also do the re-encoding yourself, but this is a very simple example of how you could find/manage it by searching the original JSON before encoding it.

The self-described “Greatest Show On Earth” looked like a jumbled mess of twirling, spinning, dancing and streamers on Wednesday, but even as the final fireworks show began, organisers were saying the event was a smash success.

The NFL X Games came to the Peak District after a year featuring extreme snow sports and skydiving.

But even as the fireworks began its 15-minute display, many were enjoying the relatively warm conditions and the extra space they could afford.

Fun-seekers climbed on homemade snow slides and chairs to reach the top of Moel Siabod.

Geoff Hayden was playing in a sandpit with his children and said he had waited a long time for such a good night.

“This is probably the best night of the year in the Peak District,” he said. “Even though the weather has been so terrible and terrible for skiing it was worth getting here tonight.”

Claire Dorrian, from Hattersley, was enjoying a stroll along the Golden Mile, one of the main routes around the town centre.

She said: “It’s been so lovely, there is something about walking down here with the mist rising off the river. It’s quite magical.”

Claire Dorrian, and her husband Jim, from Manchester, were enjoying the warmth and smoke haze of the firework display at the Peak District Football Centre.

Janet, from Kent, was walking along the rim of the gorge along the 5.5-mile walk

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I get a syntax error for ”=”, which appears to be the = in the header. I’ve tried to set the delimeter with to:
var lines = value.split(/\r?
lines[0] = lines[0].replace(/^[^:]*:/i, ”);
var datastring = lines.join(“,”);

but I still get the error.


You are getting the error due to the following line:
lines[0] = lines[0].replace(/^[^:]*:/i, ”);

^ means string beginning so it is matching the start of the line, [^:] means character which is not : or. so you need to escape the :
lines[0] = lines[0].replace(/\^[^:]*:/i, ”);

JS Fiddle example
I noticed that you were trying to return all lines, add a return at the end:
data = “line1,line2,line3″;
lines = data.split(/\r?

function list() {
var lines = value.split(/\r?
lines[0] = lines[0].replace(/\^[^:]*:/i, ”);
var datastring = lines.join(“,”);
//return datastring;
return datastring;

For demo, see updated Fiddle

If you want a classy bracelet, you should try it on! Why? Well, because there’s no way to assure that the bracelet is going to fit on your wrist when you try it on at home.

Most websites will allow you to see how your bracelet might look on other people, but the problem is, that’s just a sample size. A bracelet may look perfect on you, but when a few hundred other women try it on, a lot of things can happen – and if you order it without trying it on, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise.

If you don’t have a good-sized wrist, you may also have a hard time closing and fastening this bracelet. If this is the case, you


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