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The Mindquarry Collaboration Server is a set of well proven professional collaboration tools made easy to be usable for everyone. Mindquarry Collaboration Server includes file sharing with desktop synchronization and version control based on Subversion, a WYSIWYG-Wiki that allows information sharing and a flexible task manager that can be extended with custom field definitions. Here are some key features of “Mindquarry Collaboration Server”: ■ Work offline or online Work offline and at any time synchronize all files and tasks as soon as you are back online. ■ Undo/redo for your team Keep control of all changes in files and never loose older versions of documents. ■ Create a knowledge base The Wiki can be used by your team as a collaborative whiteboard, mindmap and knowledge base. Requirements: ■ 256 MB RAM ■ 100 MB HDD for Mindquarry ■ Enough HDD space for your data (e.g. files being managed within Mindquarry) ■ Java 5 (or higher) Software Development Kit ■ Apache 2 ■ Subversion as an Apache module ■ mod_perl ■ mod_rewrite (comes with Apache 2, but is not enabled on all Linux distributions by default)







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■ Version Control based on Subversion Each file or directory in Mindquarry can be in two states: ■ Stored locally (offline) – can be edited, but cannot be committed and does not appear in an IDE. ■ Committed (online) – all changes appear in an IDE such as Eclipse and can be synchronized to all members of the team (see section “synchronization in Mindquarry”) Each project can be stored in a separate folder (current working directory) or in a separate project (using the same folder for all the team members). In the latter case, all changes in all project folders appear within the “Main Menu” and are synchronized between all members. If a file is being managed in more than one project, Mindquarry shows it in one project or to the left, depending on which of the two is closer to the active position. ■ Editing Control With its visual editor, Mindquarry allows you to edit your documents easily while making sure that older versions of the files (backup files) are not overwritten. Just like any other word processor, Mindquarry can create a new file with the same data as an old one, so it always stores a copy of the old file (when it is newer than the new file). This means you can preserve your work with all the important changes (since a copy of your files is stored on the server as well). The CVS Key, which is created as part of the installation process, gives you access to all revisions of all files since the beginning of time. This means that you can always find an older revision (if you go back far enough). To do this, find the “Recent Files” icon on the left side of the window. ■ User Interface The Mindquarry Team Interface allows you to apply multiple customizations, such as company logos, color schemes, paths to documents, printers, templates and more. The changes are applied to all pages in mindquarry the first time you save them. You can also access information about the files being managed with the “File” menu, the revision history with the “History” menu and get a list of all available languages with the “Translation Support” menu. ■ Customization With the Mindquarry Team Interface, you can customize its look, behavior, user interface and document templates. You can also apply a background image or image to the tabs in the main menu

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■ Work offline or online Manage your files and tasks offline or online, everything will be synchronised at any time you are online or switch to the connected Mindquarry server. ■ Undo/redo for your team As soon as you make any change, the server keep track of all changes, and enable you to undo them later. ■ Create a knowledge base The WYSIWYG-Wiki environment allows you to collaborate with your team on a collaborative whiteboard and any folder on your computer. ■ Use any Java technology to build your own mindmap Java software allows you to embed Java technology into your mind maps, Mindquarry collaborates with Java technology and adds a Java side to the mind map. ■ Use any mind mapping environment Mindquarry works with any mind mapping software, especially compatible with MindManager and FreeMind. ■ Create and run your own web site Mindquarry allows you to build your own website without needing to learn a programming language to develop a website. ■ Integrate Task Management and Version Control Mindquarry allow you to integrate with task management systems to synchronise any changes of tasks and projects, and fully integrate with the revision control system (Subversion). ■ Create your own field definitions You can easily create your own custom field definitions for anything from text to knowledge base fields, such as tags, creators and date. ■ Use the default editing mechanism of your application Once a field is defined, you can use the same editors as for all other fields in the system, such as the WYSIWYG-Wiki editor, the Microsoft Office application, OpenOffice or any text editor. ■ Inter-Office Web services Outlook Web Services allow you to easily share documents between other Microsoft Office products. ■ Be part of an unlimited community Mindquarry uses Java technology to integrate with all other Java-based software, allowing you to easily get support from the Mindquarry community, including forums, bug-tracking and Knowledge Base. Mindquarry Collaboration Server Installation and configuration: ■ Installation and configuration is easy and straightforward Setting up Mindquarry Collaboration Server is easy and straightforward: 1. Download the XmindMindQuarry server – (xmind.org) 2. Extract the XmindMindQuarry server zip archive into your choose location 3. b7e8fdf5c8

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Here is a list of the software included in “Mindquarry Collaboration Server”: ■ Mindquarry ■ Mindquarry Wiki ■ Subversion ■ mod_perl ■ mod_rewrite ■ Java 5 (or higher) Software Development Kit 1. Mindquarry Mindquarry is a free easy to use WYSIWYG-Wiki for web publishing, especially for knowledge sharing. It’s based on the Apache Subversion source control system and it allows to keep a manageable amount of information in a knowledge base. Mindquarry is a part of Mindquarry Collaboration Server. In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of instant messaging software. You will learn how to install Slack on your computer or smartphone. You will also learn how to use Slack with a webcam. Keywords: Slack IM Client, Slack IM, Slack, IM Client, IM, Client Learn about IM tools for computer chat at IM Experts Learn how to integrate social applications into your website and make it easy for users to share content. By using the various tools and services, web owners can interact with their customers and create a sense of community. Websites aren’t just about publishing information. They are also about engaging the audience, and many social websites encourage active interaction. Social media applications can be integrated into a website in a couple of ways. The easiest way is to use a social networking site’s own API. There are lots of websites that offer their own APIs, such as Facebook and Twitter. The API is exposed as pages or even pages and posts on the website. This method is generally the easiest and most flexible, and is usually the most efficient way to integrate social applications into a website. Social media applications can also be integrated into a website using plug-ins. A plug-in is a small piece of software that can be inserted into a web page. The plug-in responds to user events, such as clicking a social networking button or sharing a link. Plug-ins are usually more complex to create and manage than a simple API, but their functionality is generally more rigid. Websites that use plugins often have complex pages or posts that encourage social sharing. Websites are naturally dynamic, so some applications work better than others. For example, plug-ins often don’t work very well when used with tables. Also, plug-ins often have limited support for asynchronous communication. This

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Version Control and desktop syncing for the 21st century… Mindquarry Collaboration Server is a fully featured yet extremely easy to use software, allowing teams to collaborate in an offline and online environment. Mindquarry Collaboration Server is extensible to a certain degree, which makes it expandable with the adding of new features and will always stay up to date with the changes being brought by both open source and commercial teams. Mindquarry Collaboration Server is a highly extendable software, allowing you to add new features or customise the behaviour of existing features. This way it is very easy to extend the software with your own custom made features, it takes only a few minutes and doesn’t require you to spend many hours to make your software customised. Mindquarry Collaboration Server will be totally free and open source. Today we are presenting the first version of Mindquarry Collaboration Server. Later this version will evolve into a fully featured version of Mindquarry Collaboration Server and will be released as open source software. It is to be used as a test platform and a base for the development of commercial versions of Mindquarry Collaboration Server. However, as it is open source, any team or group is free to use it. The Mindquarry Collaboration Server is an integrated toolset, which should not be seen only as a synchronisation platform, but rather as a set of tools that should work independently. We consider it as an operating system for teams, that can be installed and used on a server, a server-less solution, a desktop application, a web-based collaboration platform or any other way you might use them. In this first version, the user interface is separated from the application logic. This is why you will have to install the application separately. * Mindquarry Collaboration Server 6.2 – User Interface * Mindquarry Collaboration Server 6.2 – Application Logic This means that you do not need to install Mindquarry Collaboration Server as a server, desktop or web-based application, as it is software that will be installed on a server and then will work as a server. Mindquarry Collaboration Server is an integrated toolset with the best features offered by a well known server, the Apache web server. As such it supports a wide range of features, and extends with each added feature. It has been designed to work in an optimal way with a higher performance web server, the Apache web server, offering great performance

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1. Internet Connection 2. 1.35GHz CPU, 512MB RAM 3. 2.5GHz CPU, 1024MB RAM 4. 3GHz CPU, 1GB RAM 5. 4GHz CPU, 1.5GB RAM 6. OpenGL 2.0 Support, 3D Acceleration 7. 1024×768 Display Resolution 8. DirectX 10 support 9. Direct3D 9.0c support 10. 32-bit Windows XP/Vista/7 See the




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