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by Chuck Queeny

If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know that this is the deadliest movie ever made. And if you’re a former soldier, you’ll know that when we say “deadliest”, it means that most people in the theater will survive. But at the end of the movie, not even the star quarterback will survive, as the bullets that killed him ricochet off of the walls and kill the one with the ball.

Well, if we use the wisdom of the movie to make us more effective people and leaders, we can apply that formula in our lives, for when a dangerous situation arises, we should be ready for the worst, so we can be protected from the most lethal outcome, which is our own death.

If you didn’t know that the movie was made in 1946, the year that the Russians, of all people, gave us the most deadly weapon in the world, you’d

Midi Qasidah Gambus.eu midi qasidah gambus.rar Download With Full Crack It is a genre of Indonesian qasidah, of the type known in the neighboring countries (including Malaysia and Jepara), and also known in Java itself (where it is called.Moving on!

May 10, 2009

On Saturday, I got my first US Post Office package!

I was totally shocked, surprised, and excited!

I was impressed by the efficiency! I sent mine off at 8:00am and got a confirmation email at 9:15am! I was there at 9:20am and they had already started shipping! I have been listening to, and have been in shock with every step to the mailbox. When I saw the finished package! I could not have been happier!

But it’s not all the mail and packages. I have been swamped with work.

(I’m on a roll!)

I was at work at noon today, checked email, got a call at 2:00pm. My other roomie got a call from her mom and had to drive to pick up her brother. I also just got another email from a potential girlfriend, with (what I assume) a link to an awesome video she got. So…I couldn’t leave, except to go home, and eat a bag of doritos.

So I might be doing this, again, next week. *sigh* I just don’t know.

Last weekend I went to the doctor, got a biopsy and an ultrasound. My gal’s results were what I expected, great! I have a healthier baby than I would have guessed. It probably does not help that my organs are basically healthy, and my organs are very important.

My most recent mammogram was a success…but then my doctor decided to go “a little bit further”. At first, I really didn’t want to do this. I am very fearful of this test, cause I could not do it two years ago. The first time I felt like I was having a seizure, my ears were flushed, my head was spinning, and I felt like my heart was going to break. I took a nap and came back to the office the next day. The second time I had a huge memory loss, had to take two naps and was weak. I could hardly walk. The last time I did it, I lost the feeling in my

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