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This is what he did when he was out of the classroom, which was probably where he did most of his damage. Evidently he picked up the local dialect, because he didn’t understand the meaning of m’arrêt, when it came to him. Naturally, he had his own way of completing an English phrase, and his version did not make a lot of sense.

One day, a French boy from a neighboring school asked Mr. Hardy to “help him” speak English. He wanted to ask why, being the “expert” at French, he couldn’t get by in English. Mr. Hardy said that he had no French language skills, and he asked why the English boys didn’t want to help him.

“Who knows! Maybe they just wanted to be beaten up,” Mr. Hardy said. “So I figure if I could beat them up in English, that would make them help me.”

A French boy watching Mr. Hardy was taken aback.

“What,” he said, “just kill them?”

“Of course not,” Mr. Hardy responded. “I mean, if you could learn English, why wouldn’t you?”

“Because no one would teach me,” the boy said.

“Well, don’t you think we should teach you?” Mr. Hardy asked.

I can’t wait to get to new tricks, and see how many new people there are out there.Q:

Best approach to wait for data from table before inserting in sqlite

I am using SQLite database and trying to insert data to table. I am calling API to get list of items, which might takes a little while.
Thus, I want to wait for getting all items before inserting them to database (for performance reasons

File source:


Remove the square braces
Generic mapping rule:
{n} {c, C, d}


any character n

Generic mapping rule:

Anywhere you see a special character, you can escape it with a backslash.


This is a PHP problem, not a regex problem. Notice the “” inside the square brackets? PHP doesn’t understand that, it sees it as the end of the character class.
So a workaround would be:

Since each of the square brackets is a character class, this is equivalent to:

So it simply includes any character between $ and A-Z or a-z or 0-9 or _ or – or letter.
I’d also note that you don’t need to escape the’but the unescaped ‘. If you want to use the variable $variable, you can write \\$variable.
So your regex would be:

Again, as there’s only one’you don’t need to escape it, so it’s:

Regulation of glucose transport in skeletal muscle. Effect of insulin on the phosphorylation of glucose transporter proteins.
The stimulation of glucose transport by insulin is associated with a rapid increase in the phosphorylation of intracellular (4) aspartyl protein in skeletal muscle. We have investigated the relationship between the insulin-dependent phosphorylation of (4) aspartyl protein and the kinetic properties of the glucose transporter. The initial rate of glucose transport is highly dependent on its initial concentration, but the Hill coefficient is 1.7, which indicates that the transporter is regulated by a single (4) aspartyl residue and not by conformational changes in the transporter molecule. The order of binding of substrate and stimulation of transport by insulin is

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