Main, Meri Patni Aur Woh Full Movie Download In Hindi Kickass Torrent ~UPD~

Main, Meri Patni Aur Woh Full Movie Download In Hindi Kickass Torrent ~UPD~



Main, Meri Patni Aur Woh Full Movie Download In Hindi Kickass Torrent

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Is it possible to redirect a PHP page from a different domain in IIS?

In my situation, there’s one server acting as the front-end of my website. I would like to redirect certain HTML pages from a different domain to the front-end. For instance, if I go to and I get redirected to it would be great. Right now, I’m just getting redirected back to the homepage from the server instead of the front-end. I know there are a lot of hoops and things I need to jump through to do this, but I would like to at least know if this is possible. Thanks.


You can’t make requests from one application to another, only allow requests from one application to the other.


Is there a way to make the OS integration with the SharePoint easier/invisible?

is there a way to make the OS integration with the SharePoint easier? as it occurs right now? I really would like to have the SharePoint ‘Head Office’ pages (ie. Public-pages) in the same way that the pages from the Products and Services.
It is very confusing if you look at an Sharepoint’s homepage and then turn to another page (internal or external) where the navigation is different (in the case of the Products and Services, in the case of any public-pages).
I do not want to have the Local SharePoint’s back-office as it is a very badly designed ‘drop-down’ navigation system with no noticeable feedback.
Thanks in advance.



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Faking dns-lookups via static ip

At my internship, we are faking dns-lookups (to get internal dns-server’s ip) by always using the same dns-server, but with a different hostname – faking it like or something like that.
Having this kind of “host-name-mocking” is somehow possible, maybe because of manual DNS-server configuration?
However, I don’t want to use fake hostnames, as we are developing a web-application and it would be sort-of embarrassing to just pick up “fake names” from nowhere.
So can anyone please tell me, if you know anything about this topic, whether or not it is possible to use a fake hostname (faking an address) instead of a “faked” hostname, and to configure the DNS-server (in our case zone file), so that it always returns the fakes address?


“faking a host name” just means using a fake host name in a config file.
The DNS server will look for records using that name as if it were a valid host name – and it will return answers based on those records as if that host name has a valid IP address.
But you won’t be able to use a fake host name to access your site, nor will the DNS server be able to use it to resolve your internal domain names.

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