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A: I found your files on a different website: They were there for at least a few weeks already. Physicochemical investigations on the behavior of a nanocrystalline β-Ca2MoO4 and the influence on the release behavior of herbicides. In this work, the influence of the crystal size of β-Ca2MoO4 (CMO) on the dissolution behavior of selected molecules was investigated. The dissolution of two herbicides, 2,4-D and Fluroxypyr, was observed within a simulation of a simulated gastrointestinal digestion experiment including a pre-digestion of samples with pepsin and gastric acid. The enzyme employed were pepsin and pancreatin respectively. It was not possible to pre-digest the CMO below a certain weight-average size (d21). With increasing size of the CMO, there was a decrease in the release of the herbicides. The release of the two herbicides demonstrated a concentration dependent release. The release profiles demonstrated different profiles of the different herbicides. There was no correlation between the dissolution and the dissolution tests.mathbf{F} + \frac{\mu_n}{T_{rep}}\mathbf{S}(\mathbf{r}_0, \omega_0) + \frac{\lambda_{1n}}{\omega_0} abla_{\mathbf{r}} \mathbf{S}(\mathbf{r}_0,\omega_0) + \frac{\lambda_{2n}}{\omega_0}\mathbf{S}(\mathbf{r}_0,\omega_0)\,.$$ The detailed derivation of the equations can be found in [@Keller2015]. The frequency dependence of the conductivity $\lambda$ was taken into account by including its second order term, which was also the case in the MIT experiment [@Keller2015]. The current produced by the electric field is $$\mathbf{I} = i\omega_0\int_S e_x \mathbf{E}_y dS + \frac{i\omega_0}{c_n} \int_S \mathbf{e}_x \cdot \mathbf{j}\,dS\,,$$ where $S$ is the surface


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