Kong Skull Island English 720p In Dual Audio Hindi ✌🏿

Kong Skull Island English 720p In Dual Audio Hindi ✌🏿

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Kong Skull Island English 720p In Dual Audio Hindi

Watch Kong Skull Island Full Movie 2017 (Dual Audio). Duration: 1h: 49m. In 1978, a virus decimates the populace of New York City and the entire western world. The Skull Island represents a totally different world, and a terrifying new enemy shows up to destroy it.Q:

get related rest api from the server side in one-to-many relation

In my postgres database, i have a student table and a student_skills table. A student can learn a skill which are stored in the skills table.
Now i have the following rest api:
GET /students/{id}
GET /skills/{id}

Now i want to let my students can learn skills by GET /students/{id}/skills/{id}
Is it a good way to read those related entities into my frontend server? Or should i use a pivot table to link the two tables?
And i also have to support pagination


First of all:
I am not a big fan of relational databases. I know it is in the big data/sql playbook, but I would avoid that.
There is some performance and concurrency issues that should be taken care of first. And it can make your work in wrong ways. With ORM/SQL (in your case Doctrine), it can take your database to a platform. You should prefer the solution using proper set of NoSQL technologies (in your case: document databases).

Is it a good way to let my students learn skills by GET /students/{id}/skills/{id}

Use REST/Hypermedia API and the JsonAPI or AtomPub. And yes, a “normal” API is a good way.

And i also have to support pagination

Relational databases are not good choice for pagination. If you are using PHP/MySQL, I would prefer using MongoDB with a good MongoDB ORM (for example, Zend_Mongo_Cursor) and the MongoDB APIs (especially the php-mongodb-driver) to get the performance and the convenient.

By the way, you should avoid to refer to the student’s skills from students.
Think about it:

Would you have a skills table in the database? And if you would, your skills table should have a foreign key to students which are created



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