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How to change the attribute of an object in a list by a list index from another list

Thanks for your help. I have 3 lists.
in list1:
elements = [ {“a”:1}, {“a”:2}, {“a”:3}, {“a”:4}]

in list2:
index = [1,0,0,0]

I want to change the element in the first list by its index in list2.
So I want to do something like:
element = list1[index[i]]

But I have this error:
‘list’ object has no attribute ‘__getitem__’


list1[list1.index(element)] = element

This works because the index works on lists, not the dicts (so element = list1[1] will return the list [{‘a’: 1}, {‘a’: 2}] instead of {‘a’: 1}), and since dicts are lists, list1.index(element) returns a list with the index of element in the list as its first element.

List.index(x) Return the index of an item, if it is present, else raise a ValueError. If the argument is not present in the list, it returns -1.

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