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How and why Photoshop is powerful

The ability to alter multiple layers at once also allows you to change layers and create effects and multiply the number of different layers that are present in a picture. Also, all the layers are seen in context with the underlying layers, which means that the text layer can be seen in relation to the background layer, for example.

You can change an image’s contrast, brightness, color saturation, and color balance or use the color adjustment tool to desaturate an image. In addition, you can select and crop, change, enhance, sharpen, or soften multiple areas of an image.

Figure 6-3 gives you an idea of how a layer can help in the treatment of your images.

Image Credit: JJ Gee

**Figure 6-3:** The Layers panel provides a view of the image that allows you to work on various parts of the image separately.

Navigating the Layers Panel

The Photoshop Layers panel is your starting point when you work with the software. It lists each layer on the image along with its settings. It’s also a good place to store images and other helpful information. Figure 6-4 shows the Layers panel with several layers stacked.

The Layers panel has five primary features:

New Layer: This icon displays the new layer where you’ve placed it.

Layer Properties: Located on the menu bar, this icon opens up the Properties window.

Layer Masks: Located in the Layers panel’s upper-right corner, this icon opens up a window that enables you to create and edit layer masks.

Layer Sorting: Located on the Layers panel’s upper-left corner, this icon sorts layers by their current order.

Tools: Located in the lower-right corner, this icon opens the Tools panel.

**Figure 6-4:** Use the Layers panel to access each of the layers in the image.

You work with layers like this:

Layers act as templates that you can use to build objects.

You place the object on the image.

You apply a filter to the layer.

Each of the various types of layers has their own attributes, which determine the ability to manipulate them.

* * *

Using layers to produce new files

Creating a new file — whether it’s a copy or a new document file — often requires creating a new layer.

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What Are Photoshop Elements and Photoshop?

There are two main versions of the popular graphic editing application, Photoshop Elements and Photoshop. If you are looking for a cheap tool to use to edit images, you may find Elements to be a great option. The differences between the two are quite large, so you might have to weigh in on your own which version of Photoshop is right for you.

Photoshop Elements is described as a fully featured, affordable tool designed for the hobbyist. It allows you to do everything from basic retouching to RAW conversion. In addition to basic editing options, Elements also contains the features that are lacking in the advanced version.

However, the ultimate version of Photoshop and Elements are practically identical. The only difference is the level of complexity, with no major changes being made to the features.

If you’re looking for a reason to upgrade from the version you currently own, you will not find one. The newer versions of Photoshop and Elements have just as many features as the earlier versions, and the differences are easy to understand.

What Is Photoshop Elements?

Photoshop Elements offers a simplified user interface that is designed for the non-professional. Compared to the professional version, Elements provides a much simpler user interface with fewer options and fewer buttons.

The user interface for Photoshop Elements is organized around collections of files called stacks. Stacks are used to organize a collection of images together. By choosing a stack, you can then use the options from that stack to edit the images in that stack.

This is how you edit a single image in Elements. You start with a stack, which is a collection of images. Choose the image you want to edit, select the tool you want to use, and make the changes.

What Photoshop Elements Features?

Photoshop Elements offers many of the advanced features of Photoshop in an easier to use user interface. Some of the other features include:

Adobe Bridge: This application is used for viewing and transferring of images. The basic functions are the same as those in Photoshop, though Elements contains fewer options.

This application is used for viewing and transferring of images. The basic functions are the same as those in Photoshop, though Elements contains fewer options. Improved Image Editing Tools: Photoshop Elements contains some of the advanced features found in the professional version.

Photoshop Elements contains some of the advanced features found in the professional version. Image Editing Options: For example, in Elements you

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Brush Tool Options

When you select a Brush tool, you can choose from the following settings:

1. Brush Mode: Brush mode defines the Brush Tool’s behavior as you brush across the canvas. The following options are available:

a. Airbrush: Airbrush lets you brush the pixels of an image to apply an outline. Use the brush tool to layer paint over the pixels to add color to your image. When you finish painting, click on the paint bucket to fill in the area. Use the Eraser to remove some of the paint.

b. Blending: Blending mode defines how easily you can paint over another image in Photoshop. Use this mode if you want to create a watermark or image overlay. Choose Blending mode and change the top color to white. Drag the brush tool over the image where you want the watermark to appear. When you’re done, click on the paint bucket to fill in the image area.

c. Combine: This option allows you to blend two images. You can either blend two separate images or work on an existing image. To blend two images, click on the image thumbnail and open the two images you want to blend together. When you’re done, click on the paint bucket to fill in the area.

d. Custom: This option allows you to customize the brush tool to produce very specific results. If you use this option, you will see the Custom brush icon along the bottom of the Brushes panel. Click on the Brush icon and choose a custom brush from the Brush menu. Click the plus sign to add the brush to your toolbox. You can change the size, shape, size distribution and hardness of the brush. When you’re finished, click on the paint bucket to fill in the image area.

2. Hardness: This option determines how hard or soft you should use the brush. You can choose from a variety of these brush hardness settings:

a. 0 = no brush

b. 100 = soft

c. 200 = medium

d. 400 = hard

3. Size: The diameter of the brush determines the size of the image being painted.

4. Width: You can change the Width setting to control how evenly the brush lays pixels across the image. The width setting determines the brush’s width

What’s New in the?

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She said she asked her accusers repeatedly what they were doing on their phones.

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Chang told Kirby-Yung that he was curious why she’d make such a request

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