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# **Saving in a Formal Way**

You can save your images in a formal way by using any of these two-steps:

* Saving as a file
* Saving in a particular format

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The History of Photoshop [Videos]

Step By Step Learning Guide to Photoshop [Videos]

Table of Contents

Features of Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the leading photo editor for images. It allows people to save and share their images using different creative editing tools and techniques. They can perform different color adjustments, cut-outs, add text and other effects.

Features of Photoshop:

– It has a large variety of professional editing tools (16 bit or 32 bit color depth).

– It has a large collection of brushes, filters, styles and templates.

– It has a built-in editor to create and edit images.

– It has sophisticated RAW and JPEG file format readers.

– It has a large collection of seamless patterns to use for background.

– It has the feature of layer masks.

– It has an extensive set of text and font tools.

– It has powerful selection tools.

– It has the capability of creating masks and working with selections.

– It has extensive tools to create and edit vector graphics.

– It has color, pattern and texture painting.

– It has advanced effects.

– It has a large number of artistic filters.

– It has the ability to make multiple-image-from-one.

– It has the feature of vector graphics.

– It has the ability to blend shapes, pictures, patterns and text to create new images.

– It has an excellent long-term memory.

– It has the ability to print, create PDF files, and share your images.

– It has the capability to create Web design files and HTML.

– It has the ability to create 3D graphics and animation.

– It has the ability to import special files like GIF and BMP.

– It has the ability to create vector and PDF formats.

– It has the ability to create snapshots.

– It has the ability to create and edit PDF, EPS, SWF, GIF, TIFF, PICT, JPEG, and other formats of images.

– It has full support for both JPEG and RAW formats.

– It has the ability to use calibration tools.

– It has the ability to use undo history and undo support.

– It has the ability to use Smart Sharpen

– It has the ability to

Download Gradient Gold Photoshop

layout: page
title: Fetch API

# Fetch

## Overview

This module has no new features, but provides an easy-to-use and well-tested interface for fetching content from remote URLs and transforming it into another format, for example, PDF, XML, or a number of other formats.

Currently, this module has no dependencies except [Groovy]( 2.0.0 or higher.

In the future it may depend on (at least) the following modules:

* [Apache Commons HTTPClient](

## Examples

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The 13 Most Clever Computer Math Tricks You’ve Never Seen

Make your desktop crash. Get a copy of Windows to do just that. In short, you can do some pretty neat things with programming. Mathematician and professor of computer science, Eric Petazzoni, took a look at some of the many and varied computer mathematics tricks that even the simplest programs contain.

We’ve taken the liberty of culling his list of the 13 most clever and perhaps slightly nerdy tricks. See how your favorite program on your PC crushes them.

1. Time warps

The future will be waiting for you. It’s currently just a few clicks away, thanks to C++’s built-in time utility, clock(). Typing the command in a template program will do the work for you.

2. 8-bit music

Music is the most common programming language in the world. It has a very logical structure, with melodies of varying lengths and rhythm. A computer can hear the notes and calculate their duration for you.

3. The rasterizer

Much of the computer graphics hype that takes place before major game releases is an attempt to show off what the rasterizer is capable of. It’s basically an algorithm that converts the 3D data into pixels, usually for display on a monitor or projector.

4. The power of F#

Take a look at the ‘Exponent’ snippet in F#. It looks like a long, tedious set of calculations, but it isn’t. It has only one mathematical operation inside, the exponentiation. You can do the same thing in other languages, but the F# version is easier to understand.

5. The C pre-processor

You’re probably not using it, but the C pre-processor is a powerful addition to the C language. Most programmers don’t know about its powers, but anyone who’s written a few programs can appreciate its importance.

6. Negation

Saying “no” is much easier than saying “yes.” It’s also much easier to implement than it appears to be. For instance, you can create a “no” expression in C.

7. The DeBruijn sequence

The DeBruijn sequence is a 4-power recursive function. It’ll spit out the numbers 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512… you get the idea.

System Requirements:

For best results, players should use a Microsoft Windows PC running Windows 7/8.1/10.
For best results, players should use a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or above, AMD Radeon 7850 or above, or Intel HD4000 or above. (Note: With recent driver updates, graphics-processing units (GPUs) and discrete graphics cards may need a minimum of 2GB video RAM.)
For best results, players should use an Intel Core 2 Duo or higher.
For best results, players should have at least 1GB of video RAM


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