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Get ready for a deep and immersive experience like no other and be blown away with this zombie game. Killing all the zombies in the game won’t be easy and you will have to deal with various locations with story in each location.
Multi-choice dialogue
Full experience with a realistic turn based experience
Wide range of zombies and their abilities
9 different locations (only 1 in game)
Various NPC characters
Full Gameplay Experience!
How to Play
During the gameplay you will be required to move the character in order to look for weapons and other needed things such as food and water etc.
Throughout each location you have to read the dialogue and make your moves right according to your choices.
During the journey you will come across various different situations.
You will be required to make choices that will lead you to one of 9 locations (only 1 in the game)
Traversing through different locations you will need to walk and fight different sets of zombies.
It will be a fight for life and you will need to use your own strategies.
You will be required to search for weapon and other things in the environment and it will be a fight for survival.
You may need to fight zombies or talk to people.
You will be required to use your own abilities and strategies to win the game.
The game is divided into 9 different chapters or locations with story.
During gameplay you will have to find various weapon which will help you in fighting the zombies.
Through the environment you will get various options to select for your next moves.


Move the character using your ability to search for weapons and other things.
Rear your cover and hide from the zombies
When a zombie gets close to you, ready your gun and kill them
Attack and kill the zombies in every location
During the journey you will face different challenges of various types.
During each chapter in the journey you will face various different choices and its up to you to choose your character.

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1out of5


Oct 18,2017

I never did finish this game it it was a bit of a slow starter when it came to weapons and getting past the tutorial I really liked the game once I unlocked all of the weapons and the different types of zombies it got much better. I’m unsure what they were going for with the starting location with the zombies in the cage holding them down and with the big teeth they had


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      Gonne Wrong Crack Free Download

      Gonne Wrong is a zombie story shooter game. It will take you to different locations in the United States, Russia, Ukraine and Australia. The game has a stunning story and high levels of fun.

      1. Features

      • Smooth real time gameplay with no need of loading times
      • Stunning graphics using the state of the art rendering engine
      • Realistic sounds and dynamic voice acting
      • Local multiplayer support (play with your friends)

      2. Screenshots

      1. All The Pre-Loading Rigs you will need to get your Hands on Gonne Wrong:

      2. How to Play Gonne Wrong:

      3. How to Unlock Weapons in Gonne Wrong:

      1. Class System

      You can choose your weapon according to the class that you want to be. This class affects your gameplay style and your mission in the game. You will have two basic choices

      1. Gunner

      – Shoot fast moving zombies
      – Smart zombies in normal mode

      2. Attacker

      – Smart zombies in hard mode
      – Slow moving zombies

      3. Gunner vs. Attacker

      You can choose to play by the Gunner or the Attacker.

      4. Your Survival

      – Fast zombies
      – Hard zombies

      5. Your Mission

      You have 3 different missions in this game.

      – Story Mission
      – Harder Mission
      – Free missions where you can level-up to unlock more powerful weapons

      The story mission starts you in a desert with many obstacles.

      In the second mission which starts in a big city, you will have to defend a convoy at the front line.

      The final mission is a very difficult one where you have to survive long enough to finish the mission and use a special weapon to defeat the last boss enemy.

      6. Stunning Locations

      Gonne Wrong has 9 locations. They are in different parts of the world.

      1.San Francisco California

      2.Mumbai India

      3.New York City

      4.Moscow Russia

      5.Shanghai China

      6.Rio De Janeiro Brazil

      7.Austin Texas

      8.Orange County California

      9.Alaska USA

      10.Ladakh India


      1.Use of Weapons

      The game uses melee weapons, ranged weapons and equipment. You will have different melee weapons like pipes,


      Gonne Wrong

      1.Battle Mode:
      You can play the game in single player and multiplayer modes. When playing the game in multiplayer, you will fight other players through network or internet. You can also team up with your friends and fight other teams in the Single Player mode.






      Awesome Zombie Shooter

      HardcoreGamer20 September 2015

      Even though its quite a short game you will most likely download this if you like zombie games. I thought the game was fun but the controls were a little bit off balance at the start. After that though its just a blast to play, great graphics and an awesome soundtrack.


      Survival Games

      DeathAttackXI Aug 2015

      This game made me wanna crawl in a hole and die with it. The half-baked gameplay left me struggling for the control stick. If I were a developer, I’d either change some of the controls or make them tighter to avoid users with only a Wii Remote from getting this title. But… I digress.

      Gone Wrong

      Gunner21 May 2015

      I started this game with high hopes, but I was really let down by the controls on the first playthrough. It kept making me spam my right thumb for the shooting motion, and the wrong thumb for the jump button, and the shooting button. I had to play the game three times to get the controls down, and even then the only game I ended up losing was the first.



      BPS31 Mar 2015

      Simply put, this is a very well made game. Your probably going to hate it at first, the controls are pretty messed up. Some weapons make the player invincible for a short time but im not going to list them out, keep trying and you’ll figure them out. The first few missions are very difficult, as in, they will put a bullet through you so fast and with such ease your going to die most likely. After that you’ll get a feel for this game and things will become easy (for the uninitiated). Graphics are very high quality, the sound is also very strong. This game brings some nice ideas into place, but sadly it is not as polished and difficult as it should be. To those of you interested: The objective of this game is to make it as far as possible without dying


      What’s new in Gonne Wrong:

      , Good

      The Case for Libraries (by Jon Roemer) (AER 35.21)

      “Gonne Wrong, Good” is a short text in which Jon Roemer argues for libraries.

      Synopsis (from Amazon.com)

      Libraries have been repeatedly demonized by politicians, administrators, and the media. Why has there been such antagonism? … This is a book that either helps or not to help libraries move over the next four years from being understood in such a way that they are widely viewed as central to any vision of the future of our communities and society, or a book that makes a case for them even worse.

      In this book, Jon Roemer argues that, at a time when everyone is trying to cut back on services, there is more for libraries to do than ever before.

      From the Foreword (by Roemer, posted 5/10/06):

      For several years, I have grappled with some difficult questions about libraries: questions that are not always well addressed in the usual pro- or anti-libraries diatribes. They include: What is the role of libraries in the 21st century? How do we get there? What should we call them? The obvious and most-often-asked-about answer to the first question is, the role of libraries is to help people find information, online or in print, and other resources to enable them to do their work. The most obvious answer to the second question is, libraries are a public utility, and that means that they ought to be accessible to all. The most common answer to the third question is, libraries are crucial in helping people learn. Some of us had a richer experience in the days before computers, but for most contemporary library patrons, the computer offers a truly transformational experience, enabling them to access information and resources about all the important things they care about, and to engage in collaboration in ways we could not imagine ten years ago.

      Any answer to these questions carries with it the possibility that there will be opposition. For example, in a free and easy world, there might be a world in which anyone who needs information would have instant access to it. In such a world, libraries might begin to look like outdated places, offering only things we take for granted in the Information Age, while helping people access information from any place, any time, on any of their devices, as easily as we would use the interactive features of a web browser.



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    System Requirements:

    Origin © 2014 Need for Speed™
    All PC systems must have DirectX 11 installed.
    Windows 7, 8, 8.1
    Mac OS X 10.9.0 or higher
    Ubuntu 12.04 or higher
    Kali Linux
    Other Unix-like operating systems
    Pentium 4 3.0 GHz
    Gigabyte GeForce 9800 GT
    2 GB RAM
    1024 x 768 resolution
    0.0 GB free HD space
    All graphics





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