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* For beginners: Basics for Macintosh and Windows
* For intermediate and advanced users: Anywhere for Macintosh and Windows
* For professionals: Photoshop CS5 For Mac and Windows

Desktop image editors include Apple’s QuickDraw GX and Core Graphics, which are available on the Mac with OS X or the Windows desktop, and Microsoft’s Windows Imaging Component (WIC) and Windows Imaging Foundation (WIF) technology, which are supported by newer versions of Windows. Both the MAC and Windows interfaces work with both raster and vector graphics.

As mentioned previously, Photoshop is focused on its layer-based editing system. The foundation for layer-based editing is a special type of file called a layer. Layers are like separate compartments, each of which may contain an array of objects called layers. Layers provide a clear point of view on the image. You can add, move, change, or delete any of the layers, or the entire image, without affecting the other layers.

You also can rotate a layer, make it transparent or opaque, or change its color, size, or style. An individual layer has a layer mask that enables you to selectively show or hide specific portions of the layer’s contents. Layer masks are a feature of Adobe Photoshop 5.0 and later, and they also provide a variety of special masking effects. They are an absolute prerequisite for using Photoshop for image creation and manipulation.

Photoshop provides tools for creating new layers—called the Layer palette—and objects and editing elements. Layers that you create play an important role in the placement of objects on an image. This process is called layering.

Figure 2-1. In order to preserve the integrity of a layer and preserve the layers on the other side, be sure to anchor and lock both the original layer and the copied layer.

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1. Free and paid versions of Photoshop

To create an amazing art and design, Photoshop is widely used. Each member needs it to create a variety of artistic files, such as logos, illustrations, photos, posters, and web design elements.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most widely used and popular artistic apps available for PC. It costs a hefty price to buy the software and it is not free of charge, which makes it one of the most expensive apps.

However, if you do not mind spending a lot of cash to buy the software, then this tool is for you.


There are a number of pros that make Adobe Photoshop so popular, such as its powerful, wide-ranging design abilities. It offers all the necessary tools to create a variety of designs.


This tool is widely used in the design and development world. It is the best way to create the most impressive artwork.


In colleges and universities, there is no doubt that Photoshop is the best tool to use. Students have it in their class rooms and they know everything about it.


Do you know the cons of Photoshop? They are its massive size and the price tag. It is a huge app. If you are thinking to buy Photoshop, look at the available versions before purchasing.

Essential: Free version of Photoshop

It is the free version of Adobe Photoshop. It has not all the features that the paid version has.

It is a good way to familiarize yourself with the graphics editing tool. It also makes an excellent alternative app.

The free version of Photoshop comes with numerous features, including adjustment layers, color space options, and much more.


The free version of Photoshop is available at the Adobe website. It is powerful enough to create high-quality images.

Video Editing

It provides you with various video editing tools to create videos and videos of different quality.

The software allows the users to add effects and create the video in the manner they want.


There are a few issues with the free version. Some of them are listed below:

The videos are not very attractive. You cannot add a filter to the videos.

It does not allow you to save your files online.

Downloading the software from the website is quite a complex process.

Cameraman: Online editor for Photoshop

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AngularJS : using ngModel to be notified of changes

I am using ngModel to take entered user input and put it into an API. If the API returns success, I am binding the result to another DOM element using ngRepeat.
I want to do something like,
if (userInput == ‘test’) then {
set $scope.userInput = userInput + ”;

However, I am getting the below error:
Error: [$parse:syntax] Syntax Error: Token ‘{‘ is an unexpected token at column 1 of the expression [if (userInput == ‘test’) then { set $scope.userInput = userInput + ”; }] starting at [{ set $scope.userInput = userInput + ”;}].

How can I do this correctly?


You can create a function in your controller that does what you want to do and call it from the view,
see this working plunker
$scope.dostuff = function(input){
if (input == ‘test’) {
$scope.userInput = input + ”;

in the view

in the html it can be


That’s it, I think it will do the job.


Check if filetype exists in vim based on file extension without globbing

I would like to know if the filetype of a file I am editing, based on the file extension, exists.
For instance, I want to know if the file I am editing has the filetype txt, tcl or sh.
I know I can use the following to know whether the filetype of a file exists:
:set bt=nofiletype

Is there a function or line I can use inside vim to get the filetype of the file in question?


This is a fairly standard use case.
:e $VIMRUNTIME/ftplugin/.vim

(If you’re using a Mac, you’d run it with /usr/local/

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-particle correlation function $\langle \mathcal{A}_{\hat{x}\hat{y}} (\mathbf{r}, \tau)\rangle$ $$\label{eq:Axy_av}
\langle\mathcal{A}_{\hat{x}\hat{y}} (\mathbf{r}, \tau)\rangle = \frac{\sum\limits_{n} p_{n}\, \mathcal{A}^{\text{dir}}_{\hat{x}\hat{y}}(\mathbf{r}, \tau-\tau_{\text{dir}}^{n})}{\sum\limits_{n} p_{n}} \;.$$ Depending on the experimental setup used, the direct amplitude $\mathcal{A}_{\hat{x}\hat{y}}^{\text{dir}}(\mathbf{r}, \tau)$ can either be measured using either a Hanbury-Brown-Twiss interferometer or using a Hanbury-Brown-Twiss ensemble. The other two amplitudes are inferred from these: $\mathcal{A}_{\hat{x}\hat{y}}^{\text{cont.}}(\mathbf{r}, \tau) = \mathcal{A}_{\hat{x}\hat{y}}(\mathbf{r}, \tau) – \mathcal{A}_{\hat{x}\hat{y}}^{\text{dir}}(\mathbf{r}, \tau)$ (and similarly for the other amplitudes) measures the correlation between the direct and the continuous amplitudes, and $\mathcal{A}_{\hat{x}\hat{y}}^{\text{vis}}(\mathbf{r}, \tau) = \mathcal{A}_{\hat{x}\hat{y}}^{\text{dir}}(\mathbf{r}, \tau) – \mathcal{A}_{\hat{x}\hat{y}}^{\text{cont.}}(\mathbf{r}, \tau)$ compares the direct with the visibilities observed in the experiments.

[^1]: E-mail: s.penroser@lpt.univ-tours.fr

[^2]: E-mail: ph.coullet@lpt

System Requirements:

To play DASH ISLAND, your PC must have a GeForce GTX 460 or Radeon HD 4870 video card.
DASH ISLAND needs at least 1GB of memory.
Your PC’s hard disk must have at least 9.7 GB free space.
DASH ISLAND can run on Windows 7 or Windows 8.
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